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Re: Chronicles of The Narnians 2.0 - The House Tour
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Susan's room does seem to have a lot more in it. Not only the Science Station (thanks to her last minute change of SuperMax), but also a computer, desk and chair, and dresser. I love the Supernatural dressers, with the added mirror - saves so much time.

Across from Digory's room, we find the kitchen. Or Edmund's domain. I haven't locked it off, as I haven't needed to. There's a pizza oven that I threw in there. There's also a food replicator, filled with Baked Angel Cake. That's my favorite food to feed sims, due to the moodlets. Edmund's making some right now.

The dining table, which is really just two tables stuck side by side. In the background, the broom flying arena. I got that, as Jill was close to best friends with her broom (and vehicles count). I thought it would improve the relationship. It might, but joyride doesn't.

Digory and Taylor play videos games in the living room. It was converted for a gift giving party. The jukebox gets turned on during wet parties - if it's dry I hold them outside as there's more room.

This room has been used for other things in the past. Mostly as a place for the babies and toddlers to be where everyone can access them and help with their needs. But now it's a laundry with a computer and desk.

Edmund's room is opposite Digory's. I decided to use the Contemporary Bedroom set here, just to be different.

And finally, Lucy and Taylor's room. Just a bed and an easel at the moment. Jill's room was the same, but I changed it, so there'll be a pic of that next time, as well as the Ambrosia room.

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Re: Chronicles of The Narnians 2.0 - A Baby Maybe?
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A Baby Maybe?

As promised, the room of replicators, mostly full of ambrosia. Edmund can make it fresh, but it's quicker when dealing with more than one Immortal.

Jill spends her time writing. Currently she has the specialization left to do to SuperMax writing. The computer is from the store, not sure which set.

On day 90, Taylor got out of bed and I thought he was about to die. He was just waking up.

Four days later the real thing happened. Taylor was doing the washing when it occurred. Everyone came running.

Everyone has stone hearted. But Jill was still effected by the death.

The tombstones of the Mortals. As you can see, most of them are large, so they lived happy lives. Sure they were painting and sculpting slaves (and a few other things), but they were appreciated and loved. The Narnians couldn't have got this far without them.

Taylor's death left a space in the family. Jill seemed to be attracted to a girl from high school, but sadly, she needed a male. There was one and, after a few false starts, she managed to get herself a boyfriend, and have a bit of fun in the shower together. Were there chimes? Find out next time!

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Re: Chronicles of The Narnians 2.0 - The Final Narnian is born!
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The Final Narnian is born

For those of you playing at home, the answer is yes. Jill's having a baby! Here's the customary toilet shot.

I sent Jill to the Library to work on her first Masterpiece -  The Narnians: Digory. She stood up for the pregnant spin, and I noticed she got the cross-eyed look of aging up.

I directed Jill to go home and ask Susan the gender of the child. Eating the apples worked, it's a boy.

3 days later and the labor pains began. The Immortals were either sleeping or painting, so she went to the hospital alone.

Present the Final Narnian. Eustace Narnian is Eccentric and Good.

And here is Eustace's father. This is Vaughn Colby, a friend of Jill's from high school. He's evil, which conflicted a bit with Jill's Good trait, but I guess she has a thing for bad boys.

Leisure Day was a day after Eustace was born, so I sent everyone to the festival lot for a photo. After the pic, Edmund got a wish to light a firework. I let him do it, just so I could get this shot. The Immortals went skating, while Jill took Eustace home.

I put Jill's copy of the photo beside her computer. I couldn't get it to turn at a good angle. To be honest, it's not the best family photo, given that Susan is hidden by Jill and Eustace but, whatever.

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Re: Chronicles of The Narnians 2.0 - The Final Narnian is born!
« Reply #53 on: August 11, 2013, 04:12:21 PM »
Congrats on generation eight! It's sad that Eustace isn't red, but that color had a good run.
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Re: Chronicles of The Narnians 2.0 - The Final Narnian is born!
« Reply #54 on: August 15, 2013, 02:40:07 AM »
Congrats on gen 8!

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Re: Chronicles of The Narnians 2.0 - All about Eustace!
« Reply #55 on: August 15, 2013, 05:42:12 AM »
All about Eustace

The classic cross eye face as Jill ages up into an adult.

The sparkles arrive for Eustace!

And he's a blonde like Grandma. The disappointing thing is, the only folks related to original Union Cove townies are the ones I made. No green, red or blue skin, no unusual hair. Not even the surnames are around - the town dies out and new townies move in. So sad.

After the usual period of potty training and learning how to talk and walk, it's time for cake again. Polly takes him to the cake.

Doing the little sparkle dance. I was recently made aware that children could use the inventing table, so that was his birthday present.

Jill had written enough books to write Masterpieces, so she was writing five of them for her Supermax. The Narnians series consists of a book about each Immortal. Here she is finishing her fifth in the series about her grandfather, Edmund, at the library.

And a photo just for fun. On Spooky Day, Lucy was invited to the Tudor house for a costume party. She's a cheerleader.

Next time: Eustace becomes an explosive teen!