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The Key 2 Knowledge Dormitory Complex

Lot Size : 40x40
Lot Type : Dormitory
Price Furnished : § 149,442 (when placed on 531 S Bend Ave)
Price Unfurnished : § 74,761

Expansions Used : Supernatural, Pets, Late Night, World Adventures, Seasons, Showtime, Generations, Ambitions, University Life
Stuff Packs Used : Katy Perry Sweet Treats, 70's 80's 90's, Town Life, Outdoor Living

Free Stuff from The Store (can be found here):
Plants vs. Zombie Poster
Bookshelf of the East from South Sea Imports
Sippin Succulents
Love in Darkness

Welcome fresh faced University hopefuls!

We are pleased you decided to stay at the Key 2 Knowledge Dormitory Complex, where we offer you the chance to assert your new found independence by acquiring an us vs. them mentality by joining one of our two houses. Let me show you around...

Let's start our tour at the main quad where you can work out to our superior sound system, drink all the juice you'll never need and build roaring bonfires. If you get sleepy why don't snuggle up in one of the sleeping bags?

Key Hall
The building where our two houses can meet across party lines.

Ground floor

In the entryway/stairway the prizes won by our previous alumni is displayed and a large notice board helps you keep updated about current activities in the house.

The kitchen/dining room has assigned seating for each house, with a neutral outdoor seating area for "mixed" company. The large herb and coffee garden adjacent to the kitchen provides you with everything you could need. 

There is also a TV/Arcade room where you can relax, play video games, get a sugary treat or even smack some gnomes! If you fancy something more athletic step outside for some soccer or a game of catch.

Second floor

Shuffleboard, chess or darts - the upstairs lounge is the place to be if games of chance and skill interest you. This is also where our famous debate team practice and where former alumni come to inspire you with their life stories.

The library is well equipped with bookshelves and computers. Each house has their own designated computer easily recognized by color. There are also 2 semi-private study areas with Key Hall computers you can book on the downstairs notice board. If reading is your cup of tea, cozy up in the beanbag chairs or enjoy fresh air on the balcony.


Key 2 Knowledge Dormitories have decided to forgo the house rule when it comes to bathroom facilities in favor of the more conventional males with males and females with females. Each of the 2 bathrooms have 3 showers and 3 toilets to share. There are also dressers if you need a change of wardrobe.

Are you of a more supernatural persuasion? Does sunlight burn your skin or force you to resort to sparkling skincare? If so Key Hall offers special housing in the crypt. There is also a sarcophagus where you sleep like a king. (If you are of the fairy variety there is a lovely cottage by the herb garden.)

Do you wish your room was larger? Did the former resident leave a ton of junk you want to get rid of? Do you need somewhere to build your Secret Laboratory or Bat Cave? Do not fear, each house has a large room in the basement that you can rent or "acquire". You will have all the space you need.


What would University life be without rooftop parties? Dance all night long, mix some great drinks or play your music to your adoring fans. The possibilities are endless.

Go Pterodactyls! Go Marsupials!

Situated on either side of the main quad the Dino Annex and Kangaroo Row each feature 4 individually designed rooms in tune with their house's theme.

Those more artistically inclined are encouraged to stay at the Dino Annex while those rooting for hard science or even harder muscles should check out Kangaroo Row. Each house has a designated skilling/recreation area on the rooftop as well as an attached bicycle garage.

I hope you will enjoy your time here at the Key 2 Knowledge Dormitory Complex. Go forth and study, learn and be inspired. But don't forget the extra curricular activities.

Now, lets paaarty!