Author Topic: Building Contest 2013-7 Market Mayhem: Icicle Market Square  (Read 816 times)

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Building Contest 2013-7 Market Mayhem: Icicle Market Square
« on: April 20, 2013, 04:14:52 PM »
Icicle Market Square (Visitors Allowed)
Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Value: 24,964
Content Used: All Expansions
Description:  The Steeluminum Roofing Association built the bandshell and market square in an effort to showcase the "beauty and versatility of the most modern roofing option available to simkind."  Whether their roofing product makes it off of the barn and onto the home remains to be seen, but they did create a vibrant open air market for the whole family to enjoy.

Shoppers will love browsing for treasure amongst the many stalls.  The book nook has everything from vintage mint edition comics to the latest bestsellers.  Consignment central offers a great chance for bargains from the elixir vendor and used goods reseller.  Ancient artifacts and relics from around the globe can be discovered at the antique dealer's booth - no tomb raiding required!

The open air food court can refuel even the savviest shopper, and if that's not enough the artisan food fair has a dedicated nectar vendor, a specialty food register, and a bake sale stand ready to satisfy any sweet tooth.  Take a break from the bargains and watch the live musicians on the main stage.  Kids will love the play area's bouncy riders and large sandbox.  Parents will appreciate the Sunflower Snooze area where they can put their little ones down for a refreshing nap. 

In any season for any reason, be sure to visit the Icicle Market Square!

Note:  Holiday house light options can be set by clicking on the bathroom doors.  Be sure to play around with them - they're a lot of fun on all of these roof lines!