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Jaaaaaaaaaa(x infinity)ks is proud to present....



The misfits and extraneous houses that do not fit currently under any catagory.
- varied styles
 // see below

A collection of houses with the exterior buildings 'playing off' the idea of compact sqare rooms.
- Modern houses
- Square designs
// link

Contest Entries
the houses I've submitted to this forum's building contests.
- Varying styles
- each with specific components from challenge - varying capacities
// link


M i s c e l l a n e o u s


What catagorises under 'misc'?
These are the various houses that don't belong in any current collection. 

What style are these houses?
Very varied. I may stick to my usual modern decorating approach, or experiment with other styles (classic, victorian, etc) which are genuinely harder for me.


the misfits

i. Mountainous Retreat
pic coming soon
- a homey lodge meant to literally be placed randomly on top of a mountain.
- warm decor reminiscent of a cottage, inviting spaces
- four floors perfect for a family that wants to get away from a big city, yet be close enough to be a part of one.

ii. Pondside Mansion
Pic coming soon
- a large, four storey mansion that is sprawling, with a large kitchen and a nice open backyard space.
- perfect for more family, living, has a private study and optimal space for children
- large hometheatre, rooftop pool, and other goodies.
- not my best house, but definitely good grounds for where I started.

iii. Island Getaway
pic coming soon
-easily my favorite house to date; large celebrity home
- kids area and large decks with a pool (and indoor gallery)
- large open floorplan, big spaces for rest and enjoyment
- one of the double staircases on the second floor, leading to the third, is blocking the pathway to the bathroom. You should delete one of the staircases.

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Re: JakCollections
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K u b e


What is kube?
"kube" (play off the word 'cube') is a collection of houses and lofts with many squares and geometric shapes. Houses range from styles and inspirations, but are linked together under one collective title for easier access.

What started kube?
kube was inspired as a collection by habitat67, in Montreal. This piece of real architecture exemplifies beautiful structure and balance, as many portions of these apartments literally hang in mid air. It really is beautiful and inspired most of this collection.

How will kube be decorated?
All of kube, while I'm decorating, will have modern interiors.

May I decorate kube collections?
Of course! I will always upload the shell (with as little expansions as possible) with some stairs put in and in some cases, lighting.

May I request a type of building?
Of course; however I may not be able to create it right away. Sometimes I can build you a shell within a few hours, it could even take a few months. Please keep that in mind!


Pieces of the kube


-while not part of the collective 'kube' look, it still follows the block-inspired requirement to be part of this collection.
(shell available in that post)
- modeled and designed after a rubik's cube, interior decor utilizes the colours of the 'face'.


-the original kube building. First inspired by habitat67 and samoht's Modern Jigsaw shell.
- supposed to be a beach house, has an outdoor atrium in the middle and several rooms that disconnect outwards.

Shell can be found here.

iii.  HABITAT 67.501 - TOWNHOUSE

- Habitat 67.501 is the first and closest interpretation of the original Habitats. In this particular feature, it has 3 houses, but are connected by intricate buildings and hang out spots on the roof. Leads to the pool. Originally one of the 3 'apartments' in SV.


Placed over the pool that is shared between the townhouses. Just the pool to go with the new style/approach of these houses. Lots of squares and sporadic fencing, with spaces to sit and relax.



Started Thread

Added on new shell, which will be made into an apartment.

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Re: JakCollections
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c o n t e s t | e n t r i e s


the entries

2013-2 Eco Living; Eco Bungalow
pic coming soon
- one storey house with open floorplan for the most part, perfect for a small family
- Asian themed, open windows - all rooms have natural light
- deck area leading to land with ample space for gardening and relaxation
- built over water

2013-4 Extreme Minimalistic Starter; Simply Rustic
pic coming soon
- perfect starter home, lots of faded/worn leather touches
- fully equipped kitchen, otherwise very small minimalistic approach
- perfect for a bachelor(ette) or a senior ready to wind down