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Agnes Cecilia "Cia" Aurora, YA, Human, Female
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Agnes Cecilia, or Cia as she prefers to call herself, is the daughter of Selma Aurora and Richard Crumplebotton (son of Agnes and Christopher Steel).

She was a rebellious teen, with a problematic love life. She eventually married her good friend Donell, had a daughter and became a rock star. In her new life she would love starting a band and rocking out with friends. Find out more about her life here.

Please don't use in stories without permission.

Name: Agnes Cecilia "Cia" Aurora
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Brooding, Great Kisser, Loves the outdoors, Virtuoso, Rebellious
Lifetime Wish: Rock Star
Gender: Female

Likes: Porchini Risotto, Blue and Roots.

Star sign: Capricorn

Cia has been declared for CC free travel, even if she is smuggling some clothing articles from the store. Her hair is from Ambitions.

EPs: Base game, Late Night, Showtime, Supernatural (Seasons only for outerwear).
SPs: Master Suite, Town Life
Store Content: For Everyday the Cowl Necked. For Formal the Show Stopping Style- Fur Faux-Sho' Outfit.