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Julia Aurora, YA, Human, Female
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Julia is the daughter of Frida Aurora and Arnulfo a townie and friend of the family.

After a bit of friendly stalking she married her crush Stuart, the boy next door. She always had a refined palate and amassed an impressive nectar collection over the years. She succeed in the business career and relaxed by poking in the garden. Learn more about her life here.

In her new life she would love to visit France, since it's the home of nectar.

Please don't use in stories without permission.

Name: Julia Aurora
Age: YA
Traits: Green Thumb, Heavy Sleeper, Loves the Outdoors, Party Animal, Snob.
Lifetime Wish: Bottomless Nectar Cellar
Gender: Female

Likes: Aloo Masala Curry, Black and Country.

Star sign: Cancer

Julia has been declared for CC free travel, even if she is smuggling some clothing articles from the store. Her hair for Everyday, Formal and Outwear is the Cloche and Curl. For Athletic, Sleep and Swim she has the The Sitcom Style.

EP's: Base game, (Late Night, Supernatural and Seasons for Outerwear only).
SP's: Master Suite
Store Content: For Everyday the top from the Generations registration gifts, the Ballyhoo! and the Puttin' On The Glitz. For Formal the Dress with Open Back and the Bow Toe. For Swimwear the Silky Sarong.