Author Topic: Building Contest 2013-9 A Gem of a Victorian: Magnolia Cottage  (Read 969 times)

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Magnolia Cottage
Lot Size: 20x15
Lot Value: 34,993
Content Used: All Expansions & Stuff Packs
Number of Bed Spaces: 2
Description:  This Victorian Gingerbread cottage is loaded with antique charm.  The original beadboard walls and wood trim make this a truly unique gem. 

There's so many ways to keep busy, from tending the exotic cutting garden to fishing in the goldfish pond.  With a treadmill for athletes, an easel on the balcony for the artistic types, a computer for aspiring writers, and a cozy galley kitchen for the budding chef this house can accomodate everyone's tastes.  At the end of the day enjoy watching the sunset on the verandah or cozy up with a book by the antique marble fireplace.  This all season cottage is a delight any time of year!

-As usual with fireplaces a handy sim or fireproof LTR will help prevent spontaneous combustion of nearby furniture and/or sims
-The flower garden is fenced off and can be locked to keep out zombies in search of grains