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Lexan-2 Elders, 2 YAs
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Household Name: Lexan
Number of Sims: 4

Total EPs and SPs: Ambitions, Late Night, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life

After 30 long years of marriage, Anna and Harold are still very much in love, even with very conflicting personalities. After living in an apartment for one year, their daughter, Sarah, and her new boyfriend, Joe, have returned to Anna and Harold’s home to live while they save up enough money to buy a house of their own. But will Sarah returning home be enough for Harold to realise how much he hates children, even if they are over 20! And will both of her parents approve of the new boyfriend?

*If you download a sim alone, they won’t have any skills, a career or inventory.*
*Note that all cameras have not been deleted from inventories*

Sim Name: Harold Lexan
Age: Elder
Occult: Human
Traits: Bookworm, Dislikes Children, Hot-Headed, Perfectionist, Workaholic
Lifetime Wish: Star News Anchor
Favourites: Cheesesteak, Soul, Spice Brown
EP and SP: Supernatural, (Formal Jacket) Seasons, (Everyday Jacket, Athletic Jumper, Outerwear Jacket, Outerwear Boots) University Life (Hair, Beard, Everyday/Formal Pants, Everyday/Formal Shoes)
Skills: Level 9 Writing
Career: Editor in Chief (Level 9 Journalism)
Harold Lexan has always been a very serious man who takes pride in everything he does, which caused quite a surprise when he proposed to the party lover Anna Hagan. He reluctantly had a child with Anna and sometimes wakes up regretting his decision. Will this man finally let a little fun into his life, or is it too late?

Sim Name: Anna Lexan
Age: Elder
Occult: Human
Traits: Party Animal, Loves the Cold, Neat, Natural Cook, Over Emotional
Lifetime Wish: The Culinary Librarian
Favourites:  Autumn Salad, Soul, Hot Pink
EP and SP: Late Night, (Hair) Pets, (Athletic Jumper) Showtime, (Everyday Dress, Everyday Boots, Formal Heels) Seasons (Trait, Outerwear)
Skills:Level 7 Cooking, Level 1 Athletic
Career: Unemployed
Anna Lexan has loved two things since she was a little girl, hot pink and having a good time. She has lost count of the number of clubs she has been to, since she turned into an elder! While her husband may not agree with her partying ways, Anna is going to continue having fun until she dies!

Sim Name: Sarah Lexan
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Family-Orientated, Night Owl, Gatherer, Vegetarian, Green Thumb
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by Family
Favourites: Autumn Salad, Indie, Green
EP and SP: Generations, (Everyday Jeans, Everyday Top, Sleepwear) Showtime, (Formal Dress, Formal Heels) Seasons, (Outerwear) University Life (Hairstyle, Athletic Top, Plants in Inventory)
Skills: Level 5 Gardening, Level 4 Guitar
Career: Blue Light Special Designator (Level 2 Supermarket Part Time Job)
Sarah Lexan is the biggest greenie around. She has an forever growing garden, clothes that each have some eco pattern on them and she refuses to even look at meat! But while most can’t see it, all she really wants is to have a large family. Will her newest boyfriend be willing or will she have to find another soulmate?

Sim Name: Joe King
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Good Sense of Humour, Dramatic, Good, Light Sleeper, Athletic
Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy
Favourites: Cobbler, Electronica, Orange
EP and SP: Ambitions, (Trait) Late Night, (Beard) Pets, (Formal Top, Boots) Showtime, (Everyday Top, Hairstyle, Formal Shoes) Supernatural, (Formal Jeans) Seasons, (Outerwear) University Life (Everyday Jeans)
Skills: Level 6 Athletic, Level 3 Charisma
Career: Vice Squad (Level 6 Law Enforcement, Special Agent Branch)
Joe King is not just the coolest of the cool, but he is also the funniest of the cool. Being a policeman, he has grown a way to make people more comfortable around him, even if they are in the back of his car on the way to jail! But is Joe really willing to settle down with Sarah?

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