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Concrete Wonder
« on: June 28, 2013, 11:05:38 AM »
Requested by kimdacutie
Name: Concrete Wonder
Lot Size: 40 x 30 [When you start the game, there is a house on the lot, so you have to delete it. It’s the little log cabin looking house on 120 Wright’s Way]
Bedrooms: 7 [1 nooboo, 1 toddler, 2 kids, 2 teens,  and 1 master]
Bathrooms: 6
Cost furnished: 489,760
Cost unfurnished: 160,878
All EPs Used plus High end loft stuff
Store: None
No CC or mods used

This seven bedroom, five bathroom, seems very understated and unassuming from the street. But come around the corner, and you’ll be greeted by almost complete floor to ceiling glass, and loads of outdoor living spaces. The first floor has a cheery, modern, yellow kitchen and a large dining table that seats eight. Next, you'll be faced with the decision to either go up or down. If you choose to go up, you'll walk into the loft living room. Ideal for entertaining, you can converse with your guest up on the loft, and they can watch their host or hostess downstairs. Off the living room, there is a small deck with exercise equipment. Up the stairs once more, and you are on the nooboo floor. The room on the right is for your younger, infant sims, can sleep in a soft lilac room with gentle yellow highlights. Through an archway, you enter the toddler room. The green-blue walls leave a soothing touch on your toddlers as they run around the room in glee! Plenty of toys are around the room to keep them busy for a long as you need! The toddler potty has it's own little set of walls so they can have some privacy. Beyond that, the cribs are placed separately from the toy section so your kids won't feel left out when you put them down for a nap. There's a small, colorful bathroom that's accessible from the hallway. If you go up one more time, welcome to the attic! This master bedroom is your own, amazing space. Very minimalistic in furniture, it's still manages to be very comfy and warm. Behind the wall the bed is against, lies the master bathroom. Through a door, you can enter the deck off of the bedroom. An outdoor tub sits in one corner. Along the fence is a single swim lap lane, with glass all around the pool, it allows you to see out to the beach and beyond.
         Back on the main floor, if you went downstairs, you would find yourself in art central! There's a easel painting area, with a table set out to put your art supplies on. There's a writing desk for those budding authors. A sketching table set in the corner gives much inspiration for future drawings and sketches. A small but functional bathroom is accessible from both the outside art deck and the inside. A staircase from the art deck leads to a smaller deck with a Telescope. From there, there is a platform with a hot tub. Back in the art room, down a slim hallway perfect for your child sims, are two doorways. The farthest one is a little girl bedroom. Sky blue walls, white furniture, nautical stripes and pops of red, gives the room a very beach-like feel to it. Through a doorway, there is a jack-and-jill bathroom, leading to a little boys room[or vice-versa for your little tom-boy sims.]
The boys room is very colorful, filled only with a few modest toys, because he's a big boy now!
       Down below this floor, lies the basement. But there's nothing creepy about this basement! There's a movie theater screen with big, comfy chairs. A stage with a karaoke machine sit in the one corner, with varied instruments around. Through a door, you can enter the recording studio, perfect for your virtuoso sims. In the very back of the room, there is a hidden doorway. Through the door, there's a mechanics bench and a physical table, along with a shower for those lab accidents and a music player. You can play those geek-rock songs as loud as you want because of the sound proofing! So let your hair down and rock out! Or don't, because that's a fire hazard. There's a laundry room on the other side, with a door to an outdoor staircase that leads to deck where you can air-dry your clothes. But in the colder months, there's a dryer. On the right side of the basement, there's a teen girl bedroom. With soft pink walls, and a green polka dot bedspread, the room has a sort of vintage, cozy feel to it, but still hip enough to make your sims popular. There's a desk area with your sims own laptop and next to a small dressing area. The bedroom has it's own retro bathroom. On the left side, is your teen sims geek paradise! Dark blue walls, and dark furniture followed by the bright glow of a computer screen all adds together nicely. You have your own personally tv with almost every game system, and a great desk to figure out the meaning of life. This room also has it's own bathroom, all you need is a mini fridge and you're set for life!
      This home can fit almost al your needs! Please download today!

The view from the side

This is the gourmet kitchen;

More of the Kitchen

A big, bright dining room.

The loft Style Living room
You can see pictures of the bedrooms, bathrooms, extensive basement and other parts of the home here;

This is my first build, so any constructive criticism is welcome. I see this as kind of as a learning experience, so I would love to hear advice for my future builds. Please do not use this build without permission in a story or claim it as your own.

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Re: Concrete Wonder
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2013, 12:53:34 PM »
Thanks so much. It looks great :) Love it already! For a first build it looks great! Thanks again!

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Re: Concrete Wonder
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2013, 10:00:35 PM »
Thanks so much. It looks great :) Love it already! For a first build it looks great! Thanks again!
Your welcome  :) Thank you so much! Glad you like it!