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Some people want to escape the islands, others plan their escape to the islands.

For years the resorts of Isla Paradiso has been a popular destination to couples who want to avoid huge weddings and parties with guests chosen by their parents in favor for a more intimate ceremony with each other. A wedding and honeymoon in one if you will. But like all weddings even a small one like this brings worries and questions, one of which is what do we wear?. Now young couples don't have to wonder any more, because the Island Wedding Collection is here!

To promote this great way to experience Isla Paradiso the tourism board hosted a lottery an one lucky couple won both a full set of the Island Wedding Collection and an all expenses paid trip to their resort of choice! This is how their trip went...

Meet the lucky couple!

Love is in the air as Ulla and Keiski tour the islands taking in the beautiful scenery.
Ulla is wearing a hot pink patterned top (woman #1#1) from Island Paradise, linen shorts (woman #1#2) form Late Night and shoes (woman#1#3) from Island Paradise.

They make sure to share plenty of pictures of their adventures.
Keiski looks right at home in the tropical setting with his shirt (man #1#1) from Showtime, his shorts (man #1#2) from Deisel and his shoes (man #1#3) from the Base game.

They become man and wife in a sunset wedding ceremony overlooking the islands.
Keiski looks sharp in a casual Late Night jacket (man #2#1), Supernatural pants (man #2#2) and shoes (man #2#3) from University.

Danicing the night away is a great way to celebrate their union.
Ulla shines like the stars in her dress (woman #2#1) from Island Paradise and shoes (woman #2#2) from Late Night

This could be you if you chose to have your wedding in Isla Paradiso!

No wedding is complete without a wedding night! How you choose to spend it is completely up to you...

Keiski loves cuddling with his wife in his robe and boxer outfit (man #3#1) from Master Suite.

Ulla feels confident and in charge i her flirty robe (woman #3#1) from Master Suite.

Will their marrige last a lifetime of crash and burn? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain - they will never regret getting married in the Island Wedding Collection!