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CAS Contests 2013: 00 - Sample Entry
« on: March 30, 2013, 01:33:03 PM »

Create-A-Sim Contests: Sample Entry

This thread is to show you how to compose your entry for the CAS Contests.  Unless otherwise noted in the specific contest, your screenshots should include the following:

A.  Required Screenshots:
  • Full Face (model facing directly into the camera) - to be taken in CAS
  • Profile (face turned at a 90-degree angle to the camera) - to be taken in CAS
  • Pictures of the subject's outfits, including Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Sleepwear, and SwimwearOutdoor outfits are optional.  It is recommended that screenshots of the subject's outfits be taken in a naturalistic setting (in-game) rather than in CAS, as this will add to the interest of your presentation.

B.  Optional Screenshots:

You may include additional screenshots up to the maximum of 10, for example: A three-quarter view, with the subject turned slightly away from the camera, is good for showing the contours of the face.  See example below taken in CAS.  Moviemaker cheats may also be used to show different expressions and poses.

If you have any questions please send your queries to Schipperke or post your question in the Rules and Instructions thread.
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