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The Taylor Random Town Jump

Hello and welcome to the Taylor Family Random Town Jump based on Random Town Jump challenge by judewright.

I will follow the rules pretty closely. However, I will choose Lifetime Wishes from the five alternatives the game gives after randomizing all traits. I try not to duplicate any Lifetime Wishes.

Let's see how this goes!


Chapter 1: Looking For Love
Chapter 2: Love Is In The Air
Chapter 3: I Got You Babe
Chapter 4: All Mama's Children
Chapter 5: If You're Happy and You Know it
Chapter 6: O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, brah!
Chapter 7: Sweet Little Sixteen
Chapter 8: Ballroom Blitz
Chapter 9: Smooth Criminal
Chapter 10: Smells Like Teen Spirit 
Chapter 11: Spread Your Wings
Chapter 12: From This Moment On
Chapter 13: Photographs And Memories
Chapter 14: The Night Chicago Died

Chapter 15: Seasons in the Sun(set Valley)
Chapter 16: I Will Survive
Chapter 17: Bad, bad Boy
Chapter 18: The Letter
Chapter 19: Changes
Chapter 20: Let It Snow
Chapter 21: Celluloid Heroes
Chapter 22: Girls on Film
Chapter 23: This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us

Chapter 24: Beautiful Day

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2013, 01:21:46 PM »
Chapter 1: Looking for love

I feel so blessed to be able to walk out my front door and see this! What a change from the dreary trailer park where I grew up.

Oh sorry - should have introduced myself first. Hi, I am Florence Taylor, a single young adult sim. A few weeks ago I moved from Simerica to this lovely sun-kissed place called Monte Vista. The close-up of me is after a trip to the local salon. They did my hair really nice!

My dear late godmother left me a nice sum of money in her will which enabled me to move abroad and buy this charming little cottage called Beautiful Barn. I think the name is sport on! The cottage is small but quite enough for me. And it has a large garden! I have quite a green thumb so the first thing I did was to start planting. Maybe eventually I'll have the vineyard I've always dreamed of. But for now I'm working as a lab tech at the Doctor Simano's Sanatorium to make a (meager) living.

From the inside, my little house is not so barn-like anymore. I tried to make everything as cozy and romantic as possible with lots of splashes of pink - my favourite colour. And now my inheritance is almost gone - I have only 4000 simoleans left on my account.  (watcher's note: I decided to pick the poorest household in Monte Vista for my starting family so I ended up with Florence. I like playing poor families.)

It's Sunday now and my day off from work. I like to spend my free time getting to know this lovely place. So, let's go to the Centro as they say it in the local dialect. The old center is up on a mountain across the river from my place. It takes quite a while to get there by bicycle, but it's the only means of transportation I could afford to buy (could not even get a Sloppy Jalopy). And I don't trust the taxi service of Monte Vista. I heard they drive very recklessly (watcher's note: as you'll see in later chapters).

Isn't the walled city magnificent!

And what do you know! The first person I see when I get to the Piazza Regalia is Giacomo Modena. He's my first friend here and I have developed a bit of a crush on him, I must confess. Yet I have heard some disturbing rumours about him being a criminal of some kind... and now I really don't know what to think about my new wooer. I am happy that he does not notice me.

So to be on a safe side and avoid Giacomo, I ring the bell of the closest door by the Regalia Court. And I cannot believe my luck! Two quite attractive brothers - Carlo and Camillo Mancini - live there! They introduce me to their friend Isabella Monty. And we all get along famously!

We spend the evening watching Romantic Rendezvous on TV. That's my favourite channel! Is there someone like-minded in the house!?

Well, if there is, it certainly is not the younger brother Camillo. I find out that he dislikes children. How can someone dislike those lovely little things! Who does that! Certainly not me! I want to have lots of kids - at least five of them! So Camillos's stories really bore me.

But the older brother, Carlo, is quite the opposite. He's so charming that I can hardly take my eyes off of him. It is so nice to be near an attractive sim! We even share the green thumb trait!

I want to enjoy the attractive company moodlet a little longer, so I invite the brothers to the public pizzeria.

I am glad that Camillo eats his pizza alone in the restaurant, so I can have Carlo all to myself. Carlo likes the outdoors so we take a table on the terrazza. Ooh, Carlo is so dreamy that I can hardly eat anything! He tells me that his father died a while ago, leaving him with many responsibilities, including the duty to ensure his brother's happiness. I say what a man! So strong and reliable! Quite unlike that Giacomo Modena whom I don't know if I can trust at all.

But all nice things have to come to an end and we all head off to our homes!

Next morning I call my boss Kaela Bianchi to take a couple of days off.  I'm super happy she approved my request! Now I can throw a party to all my new friends and naturally invite my boss along! Beside her my rather short guest list consists of Isabella Monty and her husband Patrizio and of course the Mancini brothers.

I also invite Giacomo Modena, since I want to find out if the rumours of him being a thief are true. Unfortunately I cannot talk to him because he is so fascinated by my new sprinklers that he does nothing else than plays in them during the party.

Apparently Carlo Mancini is some kind of a celebrity in Monte Vista since Isabella - a journalist - interviews him.

I serve pizza - what else - to my guests.

Someone bought a plate of hod dogs along. I take one to Carlo so he does not lose the magnificent muscles of his. I must say I was quite smart to choose swimsuit as the dress code ;)! I only wish the Monte Vistans (is that a word) would not wear sunglasses all the time!

After a successful party I wake up pretty late. I decide to ride up to the Restful Mausoleum to learn more of the history of Monte Vista. At the graveyard I meet two tourists, Jayden James and David Haynes. OMG they are handsome!

Jayden is so friendly and  we hit it off immediately. He tells me he is on vacation with his friend David. After a while he lets me in on their little secret: they are both male models from Simerica trying to travel incognito and enjoy a holiday in sunny Monte Vista. Funny that I don't remember seeing their pictures anywhere - just goes to show the kind of backwater I used to live in!

Jayden also reveals his sensitive side. To cry at a grave of stranger - what a wonderful, compassionate and deep guy he must be! Quite unlike that Giacomo Modena who takes pleasure from stealing from others.

The house the guys are renting is near the cemetery and we take a stroll there. Jayden is a bit worried that their house is a bit of a mess and rushes off to tidy up the place a little. What a guy! In my experience, men don't usually notice the mess they make.

David suggests I throw a little party so we can get to know each other and I immediately like the idea.

So I invite all the handsome single guys I know to Port-A-Party Warehouse. Since I'm the only woman present, I am the center of their attention.

The guys take turns with me on the dance floor: first Giacomo, then Carlo, Jayden etc. I got the sense that Giacomo is a bit taken aback by the situation. But I don't remember when I have danced so much. I am sure my feet will be sore tomorrow!

Things get a bit wild later. But needless to say - my party is a great success!

Now I'm very tired from all the partying and meeting so many attractive bachelors, so good night! I hope I'll dream of my future husband! Can you guess who it'll be?

Florence's traits: Handy, Natural Cook, Hopeless Romantic, Green Thumb, Easily Impressed
Zodiac sign: Gemini
LTW: Surrounded by Family
Favorites: indie music, Autumn Salad, pink

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The Taylor Random Town Jump
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2013, 04:13:46 PM »
Nice start! I like Carlo. Too bad he's so old. Bookmarked.

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2013, 08:06:16 PM »
I enjoyed reading your start, can't wait to see who she ends up with.  Love MV, it is so sunny there; I agree about the sunglasses! 

When my son gripes to me about cheating with the motherlode, I just tell him that my sims either won a lottery or had a relative die and leave some money. 

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump
« Reply #4 on: July 26, 2013, 12:38:26 PM »
Thanks for your nice comments, judewright and Janna. It's so encouraging that people are reading this.

Chapter 2: Love Is In The Air

Late to bed, early to rise - as the old saying goes, or does it... After the party I did not get nearly enough sleep. Of the few hours I had before the carpool came, I spent a large part tossing and turning and pondering what to do with Giacomo, Carlo, Jayden and the lot. I finally reached a decision.

But before I could put my plans into action I had work to do. This is Doctor Simano's Sanatorium where I work. In the lab, to be precise. Isn't it a handsome building!

During my break I had time to call Giacomo and arrange a date. I wanted to give him one more chance and let him answer the vicious rumours of him being a criminal. We were to meet at the Al Fresco Street Market at five o'clock. When I got there I ran into Jayden James. He had just taken a job as the consignment clerk. Apparently he had decided to make his holiday in Monte Vista a permanent one. (Watcher's note: I added both the consignment and elixir reisters to the Al Fresco Street Market.)

While I was chatting with Jayden, I got a call from Giacomo. He cancelled our date without any explanation, only a brief "something just came up." OMG, I was so angry! I could not believe he treated me this poorly. So, to give him a piece of my mind I went ahead and sent him an insulting text. And then, out of an impulse, I sent a secret admirer text to someone else. OH MY GOD, I can't believe that I did something so bold and flirty!

But I still needed to find out the truth about Giacomo. I knew I could not rest until I had the answer.  So I found myself behind Giacomo's front door in the middle of the night. When I rang the bell, to my surprise, Giacomo opened the door almost instantly still dressed in his formal wear. Where had he been, and with whom?

But the most pressing question in my mind was how did Giacomo make his living. And Giacomo gave me an honest answer: he works as a Safecracker and so is indeed a criminal. He is a kleptomaniac and therefore loves to steal random things around town. And when he met me, he decided to steal my heart, too.  Even if I did not like what I heard, I got to hand it to him, he's an honest thief.

But I knew that I could not live with a criminal, no matter how honest and charming he is. So I broke up with him immediately. Whoa, did Giacomo get mad! He shouted at me and showed me the door. I was really shaken, but also glad that I found out the truth before I committed myself to him.

But there was someone else, whom I wanted to commit myself to. Someone strong and reliable and honest. Sure, I had known him just for a couple of days, but I was certain I could trust Carlo Mancini. So I paid him a visit the next day.

"Oh Carlo, you are a masterpiece!"
"Mi amor Florence, you are molto fotogenica!"

Lot's of autonomous romantic interactions followed.

And then we shared our first kiss, and second, and third. And then I lost count.

Out of breath, I asked Carlo to go steady.

Carlo looked deep into my eyes and said"Si!"

Then passione took over.

Afterwards I realized I had found a way to make the Monte Vistans take off their precious sunglasses. :)

Carlo is quite a hunk!

(Watcher's note: To me, both Florence and Carlo are really boring looking. I like sims with character. Most simmers find my favourites ugly: the Bunches from Sunset Valley, Amy Bull, the Baylesses and the Couriouses from Twinbrook, Louis Swete from Hidden Springs etc. So you can understand that I find the sims in Monte Vista very bland.)

When I woke up the next morning, I found Carlo in the kitchen busy preparing waffles for breakfast. "What's wrong with this fresh looking autumn salad", I wondered and grabbed a plate, because I was starving after our nightly escapades.

It turns out that there probably was something wrong with the salad after all, since a bit later I found myself throwing up violently in the bathroom. Luckily I felt better afterwards and was able to go to work.

I had agreed to meet Carlo after work at the Mucho Espresso Cafe near the Sanatorium. I was so tired that I fell asleep on a bench while I waited for my boyfriend. A text message beeb woke me up. Carlo still had not turned up. There was only this older gentleman reading his text message.

"Ciao, mi amor! Unfortunately something urgent just came up at work and I am needed there. " said the old man in Carlo's voice as he ran away. OMG, it WAS Carlo who had had his elder birthday while I was at work. And once again I was stood up on a date! But this time I was not angry at all, just happy: Carlo was so responsible and took his job seriously!

I went home to catch some well needed sleep. But after just a couple of hours I was awaken by a peculiar feeling. I got up and heard a strange melody. I knew what it meant - I did not need a lab test to tell me that I was pregnant.

Next morning I rushed out to tell Carlo that he was going to be a father. In my haste I probably forgot to brush my teeth in the morning.

I proposed to Carlo and asked him to move in with me straight away. He answered "Si" to both of my questions.

After moving in, Carlo spent some time in front of the mirror. And hey presto, he looks almost like he did the first time I saw him.

(Carlo's traits:  Loves the Outdoors, Evil, Artistic, Charismatic and Green Thumb, Favourites: pop music, Fruit Parfait and the colour red)

That night there was once again an emergency at Carlo's work place and he had to rush off. He left me with a kiss and a soft smile, filling my heart with warmth. I don't know what time he came back home for I was fast a sleep dreaming sweet baby dreams.

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump
« Reply #5 on: July 26, 2013, 12:40:58 PM »
I can echo you on loving ugly/unique/odd sims, but I think that Florence has some unique charm of her own in her looks. Judging from your screenshots, since I don't have Monte Vista. :P

Anyways, your screenshots are really lovely, and I like your writing too. Keep up the good work!
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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 2 is up!)
« Reply #6 on: July 28, 2013, 08:34:45 AM »
Oh, thanks Trip! You can't imagine how happy it makes a non-English speaker to hear that you even like my writing  :). In the future I will mix 1st person narrative with commentary style. And if the screenshots are nice it's thanks to the lovely lighting in Monte Vista. I think it is somehow softer than in many other neighbourhoods.

And you are right about Florence, she is not as bland as many other townies in MV. She has nice full lips, which I hope will be passed on.

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 2 is up!)
« Reply #7 on: July 28, 2013, 08:42:11 AM »
Chapter 3: I Got You Babe

Oh, the day I have waited for all my life is finally here: My Wedding Day! Carlo and I said our vows in front of a bunch of our friends and one relative, my future brother-in-law Camillo.

Carlo looks stunning in his red tux. I regret that my attire is a bit lacking, since my growing belly did not fit into a proper wedding dress.

The wedding cake is so lovely and delicious...

... but it causes me some serious stomach cramps. As the pains get worse, I realize that the baby is coming.

This is the moment that Carlo once again announces that he is needed at work. When I protest, he suggests that I ask Camillo for help.

I try to summon Camillo but he is so immersed in his reading that he does not see or hear anything else.

So I decide to go to the hospital alone, but only get to our front yard before my babies are born. Apparently I cried out so loud towards the end of my labour, that it dragged even Camillo from his book. Oh, you read it right it's twins: Fiorella and Floriano. They are so lovely and perfect!

I spend the wedding night all alone in my bed. The party and child birth have really wore me out, so it is quite late when I wake up the next morning. To my astonishment, I find that Carlo has not slept in his bed at all. His This makes me a bit worried since he usually does not stay away all night.

The day goes by so quickly and I learn that taking care of two infants is hard work. But also very rewarding! I cannot even find the time to dress up but wander around in my pajamas with my hair in a mess.*)!  It is quite late in the afternoon, when Carlo finally comes home all sweaty and smelling. He really must have worked hard.

*) Watcher's note: this really happened to me with my first born during our first day at home.

I tell him how much I have worried for him and ask where he has been all night.

"Mi amor, Florence, no need to bother your pretty head with my work." says Carlo and adds a simple: " Ti amo!"

Then he sweeps me in his strong, loving arms and carries me upstairs.

There we have our belated wedding night.

What Carlo did not tell Florence was, that he got arrested at work.

He made a run for it and tried to escape, but the police officer caught him and locked him in a cell after taking his high school diploma. They did not want Carlo to try and escape again using the diploma as a weapon.

Our belated wedding night seems to have some repercussions.

The time flies by so fast and before I notice, it's Fiorella and Floriano's birthday.

Fiorella is an absent-minded loner. She loves dark wave music, cheesesteak and hot pink.

Floriano hates the outdoors and is light sleeper, which may be a bit problematic, since the house will be quite full soon. His favourites are country music, peanut butter and jelly and he shares his sister's favourite colour hot pink.

The household is so fertile that we even have baby chicks. :)

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 3/28.07.2013))
« Reply #8 on: July 30, 2013, 12:33:31 AM »
Chapter 4: All Mama's Children

In the previous chapter Fiorella and Floriano grew into toddlers. Florence likes to dress them identically which is easy because of their shared favourite colour.

And there's one more on the way...

... or make it two: meet Guiditta and Guido!

Mwhahahaaa - a girl!

Mwahahahaa - and another!

Carlo is all the time doing his evil cackle. I love his deep, resounding laughter.

The twins are learning new skills.

But their mother is displaying definite signs of stress:
"Mama needs to get some me-time to relax!"

"Bottle, potty, nappy, bottle, potty, nappy...."

Mwahahaaa.... My son can use the potty!

Carlo has a good reason to laugh: he is advancing on his career and become a bank robber. And his wife is still blissfully unaware of her husband's dealings.

The second set of twins have their birthday:

Guido is a slob and heavy sleeper. Favourites: Egyptian music, porcini risotto and Irish green.

Guiditta is insane and disciplined - a future dictator maybe. Favourites: Indie music, vegetarian grilled salmon, turquoise.

"Always remember to brush your teeth in the morning! You never know when you get to kiss someone."

Oh, did I forget to tell you that Florence was pregnant again.

Well, she is not anymore. This is Fulvio. Only one this time around.

"Mwahahaa to my new baby!"

Carlo wants to solidify his image as a hardened criminal so he got a bunch of tattoos (and I wanted him to live a little longer).

"Mwahaha, I'm 70 again!"

"Yay, ha ha!"

"And I became an adult!"

At the start of the game Florence has five days to becoming an adult. In my game she had her birthday during week three thanks to three pregnancies and a couple of life fruit.

Even the gnomes are procreating!

Quadruple skilling.

And one more screenshot of the toddlers: from the left Guido, Floriano, Guiditta and Fiorella. At this point I think Floriano seems to be a Carlo clone, but of the rest I can't tell which of the parents they take after.

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 4/30.07.2013))
« Reply #9 on: July 30, 2013, 10:14:14 AM »
Two sets of twins, she has my sympathy.  But my grandmother has her beat.  She had three sets of twins. 

I think it is so funny that she didn't want anything to do with Giacoma because he is a criminal yet she marries one. 

Wonder what she will do when she finds out. 

Wonder what she will do if one of the babies rolls the klepto trait.

Enjoying the story.  Your start with criminals gave me an idea of my own for another project story.  It will be ready in a couple of days to post.   

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 4/30.07.2013))
« Reply #10 on: July 30, 2013, 11:39:06 PM »
Thanks, Janna! I'm glad you like my story. Looking forward to what you have in store with your project story.

Carlo was really the only guy Florence seemed interested in. When they were together they did these autonomous romantic interactions and when they were apart, Florence wanted to talk to him, go on a date with him etc. So I had to get them together. And it was a nice twist for the story.

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 4/30.07.2013))
« Reply #11 on: August 02, 2013, 03:02:14 PM »
Chapter 5: If You're Happy and You Know it

We left the Taylor family with four toddlers and one baby in the latest chapter.

But soon the two eldest, Floriano and Fiorella, grew into children. Floriano's new trait is over-emotional (other traits: light sleeper, hates the outdoors) and Fiorella became mean spirited (other traits: absent-minded, loner).

"Ciao a tutti! It's me, Floriano Taylor. Now that I can write, I want to tell you all about our life here in Monte Vista.

My family has a little farm. Mom takes care of her plants, apples, lemons and grapes, and the like. It takes up almost all her time, so Fiorella and I must look after our chicken. We feed the chicks and harvest the eggs. You have to be very careful that you don't break any. And now that we have some baby chicken, we get to play with them. They are sooo soft and cute. I could almost cry, when I hold them and they peep to me.

Going to school for the first time was a bit scary. I was so nervous that I cried a bit against my pillow. But don't tell Fiorella - she would just tease me and call me stupid. Fiorella always calls everybody stupid.

She even calls the radio stupid, when they don't play the music she likes.

Wonder if she has ever called her friend Laurel Monty stupid? No, I don't think so, or they would not be friends, would they? They became friends already during our first day at school and Fiorella often goes to play with Laurel after school.

I have also made a friend at school, Hannah Rossi. So school was not so bad as I thought. Learning things like reading and writing is nice, too, but I like playing with my classmates the best. And Hannah is my bestest friend. She often comes home with me after school.

Hannah sometimes points and makes fun of me, I don't know why. That is so rude! I almost cried when she first did that. But other than that, I really like Hannah. We have promised to be friends forever. Even when we are old, like fifteen or something. So she is my bestest, bestest friend.

Mom made us wear our Sunday clothes when we had a party and a lot of guests.

It was Fulvio's birthday. I saw mom wipe a tear when she carried Fulvio to the cake. But birthdays are fun, so I asked mom, why she was crying. She said, she was not crying. She was just a bit blue, now that her last baby grows up. I don't understand: she is not blue, just pink, like we all are.

Mom took a photo of Fulvio and dad hung it on our living room wall.

(Fulvio is excitable and clumsy and his favourites are Latin music, spaghetti and spice brown.)

Mom invited the Rossis to the party, so Hannah came, too. That was nice. Hannah likes cake. She took a big slice. But when she saw the slice Pepe Moretti had on his plate, her big eyes almost popped out. Hannah has these really big eyes. Once Fiorella said she is bug-eyed. That was so rude, that I almost cried. I like Hannah's eyes.

But Hannah did not like that Pepe had more cake than her. She started shouting: "Why did Signor Moretti get a bigger cake slice that me! I want more!" I don't know how she can eat so much cake. She's still so little. I guess that she really, really likes cake.

On Sunday dad took us to the beach. He laughed and said he better take mom out, because she is stir crazy. I don't know what that means. But mom is not crazy, she is nice.

Giuditta had to stay home because she had been ill. I could tell that she did not like the babysitter. She looked scared when he played with her.

When we got to the beach, Fiorella ran straight to the toilets. Mom thought she needed to pee, but Fiorella later told me the truth. She booby-trapped the sink! She does that all the time. I don't know why she does that, it's mean to play pranks on others.

Mom taught Fulvio to walk, while Guido played in the sand.

Dad swam in the sea. A shark came really close to him, but dad was not afraid at all. Dad is brave, nothing scares him. Fathers are like that. And my dad it the bravest!

I played with Fiorella. We built sand castles, played tag and swam together. It was fun! But then Fiorella splashed water in my eyes. It burned and my eyes became all red. And Fiorella teased me for crying. But I was not crying! Really! The salt water just made my eyes hurt.

I did not want to play with Fiorella anymore. So I sat all on my own and did my homework. Mom said I was such a conscientious pupil and called me her good boy! While I was studying, Fiorella ran again to the toilet.

I know she booby-trapped even the other sink! I don't think mom would like that at all.

But I want to be mama's good boy. I want to help her, because she has so much work with three toddlers and her garden. So I clean the potty and the toilet all on my own and she (nor the watcher) does not even have tell me to do that. (Watcher's note: I'm sure Floriano has hidden neat trait.)

But once Fiorella had rigged our toilet so it exploded on my face and clothes. Why does she have to pull her pranks all the time!

I was all wet after that. But I was hungry and wanted to make a muffin for myself at once. I like muffins! Vanilla muffins are my favourites. The kitchen floor was all wet, but I mopped it clean and mom and dad did not notice anything.

I play alone a lot. My little brothers don't know how to play yet and Fiorella just mocks me and ruins everything. Sometimes I am the king of Dragon Valley, sometimes an astronaut who flies to Lunar Lakes. And when I take the bath, I am the captain of a submarine who fights the Kraken. Mom says I have quite the imagination!

Now mom says it's time to go to bed. So, good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 5/02.08.2013))
« Reply #12 on: August 02, 2013, 06:39:10 PM »
Awwww, he is so sweet.  I am enjoying the story learning more about the other kids. I will keep looking for an update.  Stir crazy, know that feeling. 

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 5/02.08.2013))
« Reply #13 on: August 04, 2013, 01:05:59 AM »
Thanks and an update you will get, Janna. :)


Chapter 6: O-bla-di, o-bla-da, life goes on, brah!

Carlo had barely made it home from his nocturnal pursuits...

... when this acrobat shows up at the Taylor's doorstep. Wonder what makes her think it is a good place to earn tips, since the house is located in a lonely place with no immediate neighbours around. Well, she did not earn any tips from the Taylors.

Florence uses a bowl for digging around in her garden. It's more spacious than a trowel, so I kind of understand her using it...

... but when she uses the same bowl as a spoon - yuck!

Still the same bowl stuck in her hand, she goes out and starts to cook.

"Hmm, still not ready to eat. The chicken is still moving..."

I attribute this strange behaviour to the mid-life crisis she is having. Being middle-aged does not suit our poor Florence.

Fiorella and Florian seem to get along for a change.

Guido and Giuditta have grown into children:
Guido gained the athletic trait in addition to being a slob and a heavy sleeper.
Giuditta is lucky now as well as insane and disciplined.

Did not remember that slobs can lick the plates clean, yuck!

Lots of birthdays in this family when the kids were born so close to each other. Now it's time for Fiorella and Floriano to grow up.

Florence and Carlo's genes seem to mix well! Fiorella has Carlo's eyes, but the rest seems to come from Florence, while Floriano is almost a clone of his daddy apart from the eyebrows. Wonder where those came from!

Fiorella gained the heavy sleeper trait (she already is absent-minded, loner and mean spirited)

Floriano became a loser to complement his other traits: hates the outdoors, light sleeper and over-emotional. Some "wonderful" traits these two have!

And the last born - Fulvio - becomes a child and a slob. He already is excitable and clumsy.

For once, daddy is at home in the evening to read a bedtime story to Fulvio.

It's time for a little holiday in Champ Les Sims!

Fiorella and Floriano are left at home to take care of little Fulvio, while the two middle children get to travel with mommy and daddy. Our insane little girl traveled in her jammies and her mother never goes anywhere without her precious gardening gloves!

The purpose of this holiday is to learn nectar making and buy the equipment, so Florence can start her own nectary in Monte Vista.

While mommy is busy learning her new skill and daddy exploring, Giuditta and Guido make new friends. They become besties with Henri and Eveline Fouchier.

Upon arriving back home the taxi driver fails to break in time and crashes straight through the gate. I mentioned in the first chapter that the Monte Vistans are reckless drivers. This is what I meant cause THIS happens all the time!

Floriano learns nectar making...

... and helps mother stomping grapes in their nectar cellar they built under the garden shed.

By the way, this is the only remodeling I have done to the house apart from adding the kid's bedroom above the living room, which originally had a raised ceiling. So the house looks the same from the outside it does when you start the game. It's a bit cramped for seven sims, but it makes it easy to keep track of what they are up to.

Carlo adds some more ink to his body...

... and is so rejuvenated that he finally gains a promotion to cat burglar. And Florence still has not caught what is going on.

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 6/04.08.2013))
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There is going to come a time when that cat is let out of the bag and I can't wait to see the fur flying then. 

I really do like her, she has such a sweet nature, and the kids are so cute.  I have an insane child for the first time and it is something to play one.  Very interesting.