Author Topic: Building Contest 2013-15: Drifting Tower (Mini-Adventure Houseboat)  (Read 1197 times)

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Drifting Tower
Lot Size: 17x22 (large barge houseboat), 20x25 (land)
Lot Value: 191,899
Content Used: All Expansions, a flower arrangement from the 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Pack, possible accidental use of other Stuff Packs
Number of Bed Spaces: 2 + 1 (1 double bed, 1 sleeping bag)
Number of Bedrooms: 1
Number of Bathrooms: 1-ish (2 toilets in the privy, 1 bathtub in the bedroom, 1 sink in the kitchen)
Moat and Drawbridge? Gangway and the sea!
Description:  What terrible curse broke this tower away from the land, casting it to drift aimlessly across the seas? 

Tropical plants grow wild in front of the gates, but nothing lives in the courtyard under the shadow of a long dead tree.  Where did the inhabitants go, and why are there so many misshapen rocks in the courtyard?

A grim tableau in the rooftop garden depicts Thoggus, Dark Emperor of the Seas, standing angrily in judgment over a grieving fairy.  A coldly indifferent mermaid looks away.

The great hall boasts seats to hold a mighty feast, but no bodies warm the chairs.

The well stocked kitchen sits dark and disused.

Minstrel's instruments rest silently in the corner of the great chamber.  In the opposite corner a pile of rubble buries part of the room, fallen from a hole in the floor above.

The luxurious bower room lies dormant, the mirror reflecting no movement, the wardrobe holding no clothes.  A hole in the floor opens to the great chamber below.

The halls of the thick tower walls go unpatrolled and the privy untended.

The oubliette is forgotten, the nectar racks are empty, and the nectar press has long gone dry.  (The blue glow on some objects seems to be caused by the water colour in Isla Paradiso.)

Mini-Adventure Spoilers and Screenshots
There's one hidden grave, two hidden rooms, three hidden doors, and four hidden treasure chests in the tower!  Here's where everything can be found - don't click if you want to try discovering everything on your own first. (Yes, finding the helm itself is part of the puzzle of the tower) ;)
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

-To quickly convert the tower from its "adventure" state to a more conventional home style simply delete the rubble piles, replace the secret doors with archways or regular doors, remove the two tomb markers in the secret rooms, and use the eyedropper tool on the bedroom floor to fill in the 'hole'.
-The rubble pile needs to be cleared and the statue moved before sims are able to use the sculpting station in the great chamber
-There are buydebug-enabled only objects on the property.  Rodent, spider, and cockroach spawners are located in the basement.  Butterfly and bird spawners are up on the rooftop garden.  Tomb markers (silver balls) mark the secret rooms.  A scorch mark (white ball) is in the basement.
-The oubliette isn't very effective, thankfully.  Sims can climb back up the pole easily, especially when they're on their way to some other part of the tower.
-If the lot is placed on land there's a chance the default wood floor cover of a new houseboat will show up on the lawn (easily deleted).  The trashcan in the kitchen and the helm will be removed, since they're houseboat objects.  Other than those changes the tower isn't altered and can easily by lived in and played on land.