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School Yard Styles from the Snuffles Clothing Company

Designer's Notes

Hello. I am here to present the latest clothing collection for kids from the Snuffles Clothing Co. We wanted to create clothing that would get your kids back in the mood for school with bright patterns and cool styles. We also have designed some uniform pieces that can be recoloured to match the school colours of your child's school.

First off, we have our casual, everyday clothes.

The T-Shirts

  • For our T-Shirts, we used patterns that match the interests of children. For the girls, we used a cute puppy and kitten design in a light, bright yellow. For the boys, we went with black and white checks.

The Shorts

  • Our 'Play-Proof' shorts come with the Snuffles Clothing Co's signature patterned pockets. The light blue denim shorts for girls have a paw print pattern while the neon green shorts for boys are decorated with skulls.

Next up, we have our school uniform. All uniform can be ordered in a number of different colours to suit the requirements of your child's school. All our school uniform is made from super-soft material that is easy-to-iron and is certainly school-proof.

The Dress

  • Our beautiful school dress is designed to be comfortable and smart so that your girl is ready to learn! It is easy to wash and the material uses anti-fading technology to keep the colour looking bright and fresh.

The Tank Top + Shirt

  • This woollen tank top and long-sleeved shirt combo is fantastic for starting school. The tank top can be ordered in a number of colours and is made from our softest wool that is also highly resistant and maintains it's softness even after dozens of washes.

The Trousers

  • These super-resistant trousers are perfect for the active life of your boy. Whether he's part of the school football (soccer) team or the chess club, these trousers will make sure he can excel at whatever he does.

And finally, we have designed some clothes that will be perfect for any formal occasion, whether that be the Christmas Dance or a birthday party.

The Dress + Jacket

  • This fabulous deep red glittery dress is perfect for any formal occasion that your little girl might attend. Our special stitching prevents any small pieces of glitter from falling off (especially in the wash) therefore it keeps it's great look for longer.
  • The little red velvet jacket completes this outfit.

The Shirt, Tie and Trousers

  • At first, your boy may be rather reluctant to wear this smart outfit, but he'll love his tie! The tie features a skull pattern and is a clip-on, so he'll have no problem putting it on.
  • The shirt and trousers are made from our super-soft material and are perfect for parties because of their stain-resistant material.

We hope you are satisfied with your new clothes and we hope you choose to shop with us in the future.

Snufflesxx, Founder of The Snuffles Clothing Company
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