Author Topic: Building Contest 2013: 15 - Towers and Palaces - Aquatic "Palace"  (Read 1091 times)

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Aquatic "Palace"

Size: 20x20
Cost: 26,479
Content: Island Paradise

Your son used to be levelheaded, regal, and ready to rule. Until he met that ninny in a coconut bra. She used your silverware to style her hair.
You decided, "Nothing but luxury for my son!" he decided that his new style was rustic and aquatic. You had to convince him that, yeah, you really do need a refrigerator. He now prefers parrots over dragons. You may not be happy with his "Palace" but at least neither will he. And it has a moat... kind of.

He will simply adore his pool. So long as he is happy. Right?

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