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smilesdude98's Realty Studio
« on: September 08, 2013, 05:08:09 PM »
Welcome to smilesdude98's realty studio! This is the master list of all of the uploads I make to the exchange. I offer a variety of buildings: both residential and community lots. I will update this list after every upload, so check back to see my latest work! :)

Below is a small sample of the buildings I have uploaded:


The Compound - 60x60, $1,000,000+,14418.0.html
Cliff-side Escape - 40x30, $99,711,17065.0.html
McGuiness Ranch - 64x64, $89,372,18205.0.html

Community Buildings

Sunset Valley:

Hogan's Activity Center - 30x40,16563.0.html

Starlight Shores:

Starlight Shores Fire Dept. - 30x20,16083.0.html
Starlight Shores Salon - 21x30,16083.0.html
Starlight Shores Consignment - 36x30,16083.0.html


TailorMade Exclusive Lounge - 30x40,16185.0.html

Constructive criticism is always welcome! I am always looking to improve :)