Author Topic: Create-a-Sim Contest 2013: 09 - Recruitment Drive - Contest Open - DigiReaper  (Read 922 times)

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Alias: DigiReaper
Name: Kali Senka
Age/Gender:  Young Adult Female
Life State:  Human
Eyes:  Black/Blue
Hair: Black/Red
Traits: Night Owl, Genius, Dislike Children, Evil, Computer Wiz
Favorites: Dark Wave, Tri-Tip Steak, Black
Lifetime Wish: The Emperor of Evil
Content: Seasons, Ambitions, Pets, Supernatural.

1'/\/\  |<|\|0\/\/|\|  4r0U|\|D  7|-|3  \/\/0rLD  b'/  /\/\'/  4L14$  d191R34P3r  bU7 d4'/ 

70  d4'/  1  90  b'/  |<4L1  53|\||<4  (|\|0  7|-|1$  1$  |\|07  /\/\'/  r34L 

|\|4/\/\3).  1  |-|4\/3  |-|4><0r3D  3\/3r'/  /\/\4j0r  1|\|73LL193|\|(3  493|\|('/  1|\|(LUD1|\|9

35(4R907  4|\|D  1  $33  j00r  1|\|  |\|33D  0Ph  $0/\/\3  |\|3\/\/  r3(rU17$.  L37$  pU7

17  7|-|1$  \/\/4'/  1  d0|\|'7  4UD1710|\|  $0  \/\/|-|@  j00Z  |-|4\/3  70  4$|<

j00r$3L\/3$  1$  \/\/0ULD  j00Z  r47|-|3r  |-|4\/3  /\/\3  0|\|  j00r  734/\/\  0r

4941|\|$7  j00Z.  '/0Ur  (4LL...

I'm known around the world by my alias DigiReaper but day to day I go by Kali Senka (no this is not my real name).

I have hacked every major intelligence agency including ESCARGOT and I see your in need of some new recruits.

Lets put it this way I don't audition so what you have to ask yourselves is would you rather have me on your team or against you.
Your Call...

If you couldn't tell I'm really into computers... I spend all my time hacking, overclocking, and scouring the internet for weak points. ESCARGOT has some that I could help patching up... if there is something in it for me of course

But I'm not just chained to my desk. If I need to get my hands dirty and do so good old fashion lurking I'm down for that too...

I could even be talked into recruiting my two guard dogs Ares and Cerberus and I can assure you their bite is much worse then their bark.

Hope to hear from you soon ... for your sake of course 8)