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CAS contest 10: Movie Night- Adam Shelley
« on: September 16, 2013, 01:27:11 PM »
Adam Shelley
by betabee

Age and gender: Adult Male
Life state: Human
Traits:Brooding, Dramatic, Evil, Natural performer, Proper
Lifetime wish:Superstar actor
Favourites: Sushi, Classical, Black
Content: free store set 'More Holiday Presents', High-end loft stuff, ambitions, late night, pets and supernatural.

Full face:


Three-quarter view:

"Good day, distinguished casting directors of simmywood! My name is Adam Shelley, and I specialise in Horror and Sci-fi films. My expertise in the area is vast, and I come prepared with some of the costumes and mannerisms of my previous productions. I wish to continue acting for as long as I can, but be warned- I don't act heroes, but prefer more interesting protagonists.

I use this outfit from the set of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for my everyday wear these days- it is a remarkable comfortable and convenient getup (though I don't always use the apron).

Ah. . . I remember playing Dracula. The whole cast had such fun, and I was allowed to keep a couple of outfits- Dracula's sleepwear is still in my wardrobe . . .

. . . and so is his formalwear (though it is quite warm- I use it for outerwear these days).

My role as Frankenstein's monster went down very well with the critics, though the long wig I had to wear at the time itched most annoyingly. I occasionally use this when exercising. I remember using it a lot while getting in shape for my role in The Hulk.

Speaking of The Hulk, here's my outfit from the movie. It looks remarkably like my swimwear, actually. . .
I hope you will consider me well for the next role(s) you have in mind.

Incidentally, if any theatre casting directors are watching, I was reviewed excellently in The Scottish play as the title character, and I enjoy playing in any and all of Shakespeare's works. (though the outfit I had in the previous production was a bit formal and stuffy)."

(To clarify: the order of the clothing shots is as follows: everyday, sleepwear, outerwear, athletic, swimwear and formalwear.)(And no, the horse is not included.)
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