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CAS Contest 2013:15- Story Progression SOS- Gupta's family
« on: November 10, 2013, 11:00:27 AM »
Gupta’s family
By chetanhaobijam
Content Used: Base Game Only.
Family members:
Anil Gupta

Age: Young Adult, Male.
Traits: Great Kisser, Workaholic, Lucky, Ambitious, Genius.
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim.
Favourites: Mac & Cheese, Indie, Turquoise.

Katie Gupta

Age: Young Adult, Female.
Traits: Bookworm, Excitable, Family Oriented, Flirty, Unlucky.
Lifetime Wish: Surrounded by family.
Favourites: Cookies, Electronica, Irish Green.

Rahul Gupta

Age: Teen, Male.
Traits: Good Sense of Humor, Flirty, Loves the Outdoors, Virtuoso.
Favourites: Grilled Salmon, Latin, Red.

Emily Gupta

Age: Child, Female.
Traits: Artistic, Party Animal, Neat.
Favourites: Pancakes, Indie, Hot Pink.

Raju Gupta

Age: Toddler, Male.
Traits: Friendly, Genius.
Favourites: Key Lime Pie, Kids, Pink.

The story starts when one Indian student named Anil Gupta came to Sunset Valley to study high school. There he met a beautiful American girl named Katie Watson. They fall in love and despite having huge differences between them and big disagree by their parents, they decided to marry and lived on a good house peacefully. After sometime they got their childrens; a strong teenage boy, a lovely daughter and a cuddly toddler.

 They were enjoying the evening that day. Katie was cooking and the others were playing video games.

Suddenly the oven caught fire. A huge fire erupted from the oven and engulf all the kitchen appliances.

 And while they were in panic from the fire, another fire erupted from the furnace.

 The neighbors came to check on the fire, but couldn’t help the family. The firefighters came late as usual and before they could extinguished the flames, the fire had already burn the whole house. The family cried from seeing the condition of the house. The house was of no use. So, they decided to buy a plot and live on it. Generous of the neighbors, they help the family built a small home and bought some cheap furnitures as donations. But the house was very small and not fit for all the family in live in it.

Anil is only capable of paying bills, not upgrading the house. So, they have now great need of a perfect home where they can live peacefully and enjoy every day without any disaster. They are now hoping to see the day when they get to live in a nice house.

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Re: CAS Contest 2013:15- Story Progression SOS- Gupta's family
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Yay Indian simmies :D

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