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CAS Contest 2013: 16 - Senior Chic
« on: November 21, 2013, 11:30:14 PM »
Senior Chic is a stylish line of clothing aimed exclusively at elderly citizens.

Clever zip pulls, side zips, snaps and easy to grasp buttons facilitate the dressing process.
Commodious waistbands, cuffs and necklines provide appropriate support and improve posture.
All fabrics are comfortable to mature skin and machine washable with no need for ironing.
Every elder can feel and look like a model without breaking the bank.

The entire Senior Chic Collection will be revealed during Fashion Week in Monte Vista next month.
But, retired actor Rodney More, best known for his Jamie Bond action movies, agreed to model for an exclusive preview photo shoot.

Senior Country Chic: Suitable for everyday chores and pastimes.

Honey coloured waistcoat with chestnut accents worn over a cream and maroon polka dot shirt. (Isle Paradise)
Slim-line trousers with a maroon, chestnut and honey pinstripe. Chestnut flat cap in suede. (Base Game)

Senior Diplomatic Chic: Suitable for any party, fine dining and... dating!

Chestnut  tweed jacket worn over a cream and maroon polka dot shirt with trousers in a maroon, chestnut and honey pinstripe. (Base Game)
Matching Bowler hat. (Late Night)

Senior Beach Chic: Recommended for swimming, snorkeling and boating.

Corseting honey coloured life-jacket with details in a maroon, chestnut and honey pinstripe. (Isle Paradise)
Indulge nostalgia with matching pinstriped Speedo trunks. (Base Game)

Senior Jungle Chic: Recommended for athletic pursuits.

A strategic combination of textured leopard prints and fabric shreds in a maroon, honey and chestnut pinstripe. Includes natural abdomen enhancement based on advanced Plant-Sim technology (University Life)

Senior Dream Chic:

Cream romper suit covered with maroon, chestnut and honey coloured hearts. (Requires Showtime)
This cosy all-in-one pyjama is designed to ease the mind and restore energy.