Author Topic: Building Contest 2013:22 The Metabolist Movement; Metabolist Shores Tower  (Read 1167 times)

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Metabolist Shores Tower
by saltpastillen

Lot Size : 30x30
Cost Furnished : 73,416
Cost Unfurnished : 43,396

Expansions Used : Into the Future, University, Ambitions, Generations, Showtime, Seasons, World Adventures, Late Night, Pets, Supernatural and Base Game
Stuff Packs Used : Master Suite, 70's, 80's & 90's, Movie Stuff, High-End Loft, Town Life, Outdoor Living
Free fro the Store : Seasons Decal Spring (registration reward for Seasons)

In true Metabolist fashion the Metabolist Shores Tower strives to be a working and organic organism of it's own, a mini eco-system if you wish. This  growing tower may seem drab on the outside, but inside there is color and life. These five stories of crisp design topped off with a rooftop garden will blow all visiting sims minds. Get ready for a new kind of family living.

1st floor: Kitchen. Dining room. Powder room. Back patio with bbq, playground equipment and seating.
2nd floor: Living room.
3rd floor: Boys single bedroom. Girls single bedroom. Full bathroom.
4th floor: Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom.
5th floor: A double bedroom with en-suite bath room. A small study.
Roof: Serene garden with amazing views, perfect for relaxing and escaping reality.