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Jorge Meyer - YA, Male
« on: December 15, 2013, 06:11:21 AM »
Jorge Meyer

*Apologises for no face shot*

Age: YA
Traits: Party Animal, Absent-minded, Clumsy, Dog Person and Family-oriented (added by me)
LTW: Renaissance Sim
Favourites: Ratatouille, Roots, White
Star Sign: Aquarius
Content: Seasons (everyday trainers), Master Suite (Sleepwear), World Adventures (Athletic), Late Night (Outerwear top), Generations (Formal pants), Supernatural (Hair), Cuffed Up Jean (Aurora Skies, Everyday)

Jorge Meyer is Bellatrix Newman's teenage and adulthood boyfriend. He is part of a family that moved to Aurora Skies after the game began. He has a son (with Bella) that he has never met that lives in Appaloosa Plains named George.







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