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How-to: Backup and Restore Store Content
« on: January 12, 2014, 06:48:49 PM »
*Updated: May 2020*

As time has gone on, MrsFlynn and I have accumulated a ton of content from The Sims 3 Store. Over time, we came up with some simple steps to backup and restore our store content without needing to re-download everything each time. Here's what you do:

How-to: Backup Store content

1. Create a new Sims 3 folder.
The easiest way to do this is to go into your C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Electronic Arts\ folder and rename your existing The Sims 3 folder to something like The Sims 3 (Current)

2. Open the Sims 3 Launcher. This will create a new The Sims 3 folder with no store content in it. Don't launch the game.

3. Downloading store content. You can do this one of two ways. - By logging into the Sims 3 Store, or or use the in-game Downloads Dashboard.

** Notes:
If logging into the Sims 3 Store - It will take you to the signin page, [] - This is okay. It will refer back to the store after signing in.)

If logging in via the Launcher to the Downloads Dashboard - it may take awhile for it to load, as the launcher is sometimes finicky.

More information on How to Download Store Items

Regardless of which way you download the store content, it's suggested to download it in groups, like worlds or sets or only handful of files at a time. This will download the files into your new The Sims 3 folder, into the Downloads folder.

Once everything is downloaded (this can take some time depending on the amount of stuff/Internet speed) close out of the launcher.

4. Backup your Sims 3 folder - (As this has all the store content downloaded to your Downloads folder.)
-- > Look in: \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads to find a list of .Sims3Pack files

    *Tip: Backup just the Downloads folder if you prefer.
    *Note:* The "Downloads" folder simply contains the Sims3Pack files *prior* to install. A good reason to back it up is so if it's needed again, you can pick and choose what store items you want to install. **

5. Install the Store Content - Open the launcher again, click the downloads tab in the launcher, click Select All and Install.
    *Optional* After all the store content is installed, make another backup of the folder. As not only does it have all the store content downloaded, it's installed ready to play!!

** Notes:
We suggest to zip the folders up for safe keeping. It takes up less space on the backup drive. How to do that: Right-click on the Sims 3 folder, and select Send To: (name of

Once the file is zipped, you can rename it to say and copy it to your backup media of choice and use it any time you want a fresh Sims 3 folder or need to restore your store content. *Smile*

How To: Restore Store Content

    -- Tip: Rename your current folder, if you have one to say Sims3-bkup1
1. To restore your new Sims 3 folder, with all store content installed, copy it to: \Documents\Electronic Arts folder.
2. Unzip the Sims 3 folder. - To Unzip: Right-click on the file and select Extract here.

   -- To Unzip: Right-click on the file and select Extract here.

How To: Zip and unzip files

*** Now, all your store content is back in a fresh The Sims 3 folder, ready to play!! *** Wha-hoo!!!

Let us know if you have any questions, and happy Simming!

Flynn & MrsFlynn
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