Author Topic: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try - 7th heir done - almost moving time again  (Read 1127 times)

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Right, after the failure due to thechnical issues and the file disappearing on me, time for a new town and a new founding couple, same last name however.

Meet Athanasia and Anakletos Floros and welcome to Monte Vista as well.
Here is to hoping Monte Vista will behave. :D

Name: Athanasia Floros
Lifestate: Witch
Traits: ambitious, great sense of humour, family oriented, lucky, overemotional
LTW: Living in the lap of luxury

Name: Anakletos Floros
Lifestate: Witch
Traits: Family oriented, lucky, ambitious, overemotional, loves the outdoors
LTW: Swiming in cash

Same beginning as before, except no seasons so no weather.
No dog as well since I don't really need one, money is earned fast enough without one either way.
A slot machine in the house and money earned towards building a small house with that one.

Heir conceived again on week 1, day 2.

You'll meet her in my next post. That will be sometime later this week.

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try
« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2013, 10:45:36 AM »
First heir:
Name: Eutropia Floros
Lifestate: Witch
Traits: Neurotic, friendly, bookworm, ambitious, loner, nurturing,
LTW: Professional author
Spouse: Orlando Romano

Unique career maxed: Writer
Two unique best friends: Ari Bianchi and Beppe Bianchi
3 unique skill challenges completed: Writing - Specialist writer
Writing - Speed writer
Writing - Proficient writer
4 unique opportunities completed: Lovande författare (writing skill)
Leverera en bok till Egypten (writing skill)
Utforska det okända (writing skill)
Rädda herdarna (Celebrity opportunity)

Both Athanasia and Anakletos had a wish for another child, so I had them adopt a little baby boy.

Adopted spare:
Name: Alexius Floros
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: Excitable, evil, mooch, socially awkward, gatherer
LTW: Alchemy artisan

Ah, finally Eutropia is a teen so that I can really start working on her requirements.

No prom for Eutropia since they decided to hold it on the day after she ages up to young adult.
Her brother will be able to attend though.

Oh god, there is a cat in the game named Farfar Katt, translated into english it would be Grandfather Cat.

Name: Orlando Romano
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: Socially awkward, loves the outdoors, family oriented, dare devil, atlethic
LTW: The perfect garden

Hmm, travel opportunity to deliver a book to Egypt, better take it and get a vacation home while their.
Little mister Evil went adventuring, his family stayed at base camp and proceeded to wreck their reputations and relationships with their own family due to love spells.

But either way, time to return home and keep working on those requirements, only maxing career, the friends and 2 more opportunities needed.

Hmm, 46 books writen, 35 of them best sellers, writing career maxed, skill still not maxed. I didn't expect that.

Last opportunity done, time to have a baby!

And just like the last try a papparazzi dies on the front lawn again.
At least it was from old age and not from being set on fire due to it being summer.

Welcome to the family Lysimachus, a green baby boy.

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try
« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2013, 11:03:17 AM »
The Floros family sounds exciting :) Good luck with the next heir.

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try
« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2013, 08:36:19 AM »
Lysimachus was a lot of fun to play, the acrobat career was very, very amusing.

Second heir:
Name: Lysimachus Floros
Lifestate: Witch
Traits: Athletic, friendly, ambitious, disciplined, family oriented,
LTW: Physical perfection
Spouse: Erika Lin

Unique career maxed: Acrobat
Two unique best friends: Huojin Oy Ping and Quing Louie
3 unique skill challenges completed: Martial arts - Grand master
Martial arts - Sim Fu king
Martial arts - Timber terminator
4 unique opportunities completed: Svettfritt! (athletic skill)
Affärsmodel (celebrity opportunity)
Kändiskropp (celebrity opportunity)
Tävling för utställningschampions (general pet opportunity)

Ah yes, a time machine, heir is born and all requirements completed.
Amusingly the first trip changed Eutropias career to art appraiser.
Oh well I wasn't planing to use it as an exclusive one so she can keep it.

Since Lysimachus wasn't born a supernatural, I had him down a witches brew when he was a teen.

Lysimachus is finally a young adult and can thus start working on his requirements and career.

I invited a couple of original townies to see if Lysimachus liked any of them, he was very attracted to Erika Lin. She is a vampire however so we need to acquire a potent cure elixir before she can be moved in.

Huh, seems like Erika got a cat, oh well we have room for him.

Lysimachus' spouse:
Name: Erika Floros
Lifestate: Normal sim (former vampire)
Traits: Loves the outdoors, bookworm, genius, athletic, green thumb
LTW: World-reknowned surgeon

Sweet, Lysimachus got almost 4k for his first show, he did overall a very good job with it.

Anakletos passed away at 57 days old, I missed to take a picture of it.

Career is maxed - time to take a trip to China to work on the skill challenges.

Oh come on game, one more opportunity is all that is needed...
Wait, there is general opportunity at the arena. Time to pick up Mango and hope he can still make it in time for his show...

Nope, he missed his show, but so worth it to finish his requirements.

And thus 4 days before he turns into an adult he has completed all his requirements.
Fastest sim so far...

Oh well it is time to have a baby!

Welcome to the family Aspasia, a musical purple girl.

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try
« Reply #6 on: December 14, 2013, 10:42:51 AM »
I uninstalled Seasons before my 4x4, too. It just causes too many problems in my game for any kind of dynasty. It surprises me when a paparazzi dies anywhere other than my front yard!

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try
« Reply #7 on: December 22, 2013, 01:57:58 PM »
This so far has been my slowest heir ever to complete their requirements due some really bad luck with opportunities.

Third heir:
Name: Aspasia Floros
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: Friendly, virtouso, ambitious, avant garde, workaholic, great sense of humour
LTW: Renaissance sim
Spouse: Cid Serverus

Unique maxed career: Music career - Symphonic branch
Two unique best friends: Eddy Mullis and Alvin Ejeler
3 unique skill challenges completed: Logic - Celestial explorer
Guitar - Money maker
Guitar - Master guitarist
4 unique opportunities completed: Stanna kvar för musiken (music career opportunity)
Beställd gatukonst (street art skill)
Ljudstudier (music career opportunity)
Bästa maten i stan (celebrity opportunity)

She got Orlando's hair colour, I think, but I like it on her.

At 59 days old Athanasia passed away. She will be missed.

Orlando has passed away now, I forgot to check how old he was but old enough to die apparently.

Next to die will be Eutropia and then there will no deaths for a while since the second oldest is still 9 days away from being an elder.

Umm Alexius did you forget about those waffles in the oven?

Nope the next person to die on the lot was another paparazzi.

Ah yes finally Aspasia is an adult and can thus really start working on her requirements.
Also time for university since it will help her in her chosen career and maybe even find a husband.

Apparently she took a real liking to Cid Serverus, oh well works for me.
He is a vampire, just like her mother used to be so I need to check that we have another potent cure before he is moved in.

Name: Cid Floros
Lifestate: Normal sim (former vampire)
Traits: Loner, avant garde, hotheaded, handy, artistic
LTW: Professional author

Eutropia passed away tonight at 60 days old, she will be missed.

4 days left until Aspasia turns into an adult and I need to get 2 more promotions, 1 more skill challenge and 3 more opportunities. I think the opportunities will be the real delaying factor since most opportunities gotten so far requires traveling which I'm not willing to do again, I hope to save one trip for her son/daughter, forget that unless it is to the right location I have to have a trip free.

Come on game just one more opportunity and all requirements are done...

And there one of the best friends died, let's see if we have a back up...

Hallelujah 5 days before she turns into an elder the final opportunity pops up.
Which means she can finally have a kid and get married as well.

And a few hours before the baby is born another best friend dies, luckily I still have back ups...

Welcome little Nereus! A sweet little dark pink boy.
Aspasia is 1 day away from being an elder when was born talk about almost last minute conception.

Unless Nereus is very, very fast in completing his requirements, unlike his mother, and thus manage to get them done before I leave for visiting my grandmother for new years there will be no posts until next year.

So merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone and thank you for reading as always!

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try
« Reply #8 on: December 22, 2013, 02:42:05 PM »
That was cutting it close!

I'm interested: do you have ITF yet/installed? I wonder because of your problems with opportunities and the problems I'm having myself.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try
« Reply #9 on: December 22, 2013, 03:19:30 PM »
That was cutting it close!

I'm interested: do you have ITF yet/installed? I wonder because of your problems with opportunities and the problems I'm having myself.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)
Nope, no ITF in my game, in fact I'm not planing on buying that expansion until either a fix patch for that bug comes or I'm done with all my dynasties - whichever comes first.
Just really bad luck with either getting ops needing travel or in accidentally gained skills that are not going to be used for that heir. Just plain bad luck...

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try
« Reply #10 on: December 25, 2013, 08:29:25 AM »
I got lucky and planed Nereus out well, he speed through his requirements.
Thus this will be the last post for this year since I want to set the family up really well
in the next town.

Fourth heir:
Name: Nereus Floros
Lifestate: Witch
Traits: Loves the outdoors, friendly, ambitious, lucky, schmoozer, hopeless romantic
LTW: Lifestyle of the rich and famous
Spouse: Lihua Chou

Unique maxed career: Vintner
Two unique best friends: Lowe Öhrstedt and Julian Hultgrehn
3 unique skill challenges completed: Nectar making - Mix master
Nectar making - Flavorful feet
Nectar making - Master of nectar making
4 unique opportunities completed: Sidojobb: muralmålning (art appraiser opportunity)
Sidojobb: leverans (art appraiser opportunity)
Sidojobb: tavla (art appraiser opportunity)
Proffsligan (athletic skill opportunity)

Same hair colour as his mother, maybe I'll keep it.

At 60 days old Erika passed away. She will be missed.

Time for the final trip to get the nectar machines and start making nectar while there.
Oh boy, this trip can best be described as how to entirely wreck your marriage with love spells and also how to kiss two of your relatives, not to mention the father in law kissing his daughters husband, all of that happening withing 36 hours of arriving in France.
I really should have just sent Nereus alone but I wanted extra days, at least it was an interesting trip, I wonder what the fallout will be...

Oh well Aspasia and Cid divorced, oh well both are elders and will hopefully die soon or be  move out when it is time to skip town.

Spouse of the fourth heir:
Name: Lihua Floros
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: Flirty, loves the outdoors, photographic eye, excitable, childish,
LTW: needs to be changed

Lihua is cute, but she originally had that awful greenish brown hair so I gave her a new color.

At 56 days old Lysimachus dies and thus the tombstone requirement is completed.

Oh my, he is very, very fast with his requirements.

All requirements are finished at week 13, day 7. He and his wife will move the next day since I need to tie up the house and inventory to see what stays and what comes along with them. Besides I got 3 sims I need to move out as well.

Right, everything is completed, it is 2 in the morning the next sim day and we are ready to skip town!

Monte Vista moving requirements:

4 collections worth at least 16k: 4 books worth 953 (Eutropia)
4 gems worth 49 988 (Lysimachus, Eutropia, Aspasia)
4 meteors worth 299 (Eutropia, Aspasia)
4 butterflies worth 137 (Aspasia)
Total worth of collections: 51 377
Owns all real estate: yes

4 unique career rewards received: Writing career throphy (Eutropia)
Writing skill certificate (Eutropia)
Guitar skill certificate (Aspasia)
Nectar making skill certificate (Nereus)

4 Large tombstones attained: Anakletos Floros (male founder)
Athanasia Floros (Female founder)
Eutropia Floros (First heir)
Lysimachus Floros (Second heir)
Traveling done in this town:
Egypt 10 days
China - 9 days
Univesity - 2 terms
France - 8 days

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try - arrival at second town
« Reply #11 on: January 04, 2014, 12:25:35 PM »
Thank you Metro for allowing us to use the game selector mod to remove and add ITF as needed as long as the bug persists.

Ah, Lucky Palms, you and I are going to have fun once more.

Alright, while Lihua goes off to potentially get the mother of the fifth heir's spouse, Nereus buys a genie lamp and wishes for money so that I can build the house we will need for this town plus maybe start buying real estate.

Welcome to the household Lola Lancaster and her unborn child, if her child is the wrong gender I will simply have her have another.

Name: Lola Lancaster
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: Flirty, great kisser, schmoozer, heavy sleeper, kleptomaniac,
LTW: Gold digger (so not keeping that one)

Welcome to the house little Magda!

Welcome to the family to Kyros, a normal color baby boy!
I hope I can get the color back with one of his siblings...

He was born on week 18, day 4 - precisly 3 days and a few hours after they arrived in town.

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try - arrival at second town
« Reply #13 on: January 13, 2014, 03:41:58 PM »
Good luck in Lucky Palms :)
Lucky Palms is as always wonderful and although this town will be slower since the heirs will be spending more time as children and teens everything is pretty much running along as planed.

Fifth heir:
Name: Kyros Floros
Traits: Loves the outdoors, good, ambitious, green thumb, family oriented
LTW: The perfect garden
Spouse: Yuna Tanner

Unique career maxed: Gardener
Two unique best friends: Marisol Loera and Ajeet Chopra
Three unique skill challenges completed: Gardening - Master planter
Gardening - Botanical boss
Gardening - Master farmer
Four unique opportunities completed: Dags för gåtor (logic skill opportunity)
Logik på tu man hand (logic skill opportunity)
Färskpotatis (gardening skill opportunity)
Snälla, lär mig (logic skill opportunity)

Huh, black hair, none of his relatives had it in any of the towns.
His mother hair is red with black roots, strips and tips. But his is jet black.

Name: Magda Lancaster
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: loner, friendly, bookworm, No sense of humour, eco friedly
LTW: alchemy artisan

4 expecting mothers outside of the household at the start of the town, results are: the Tanners had a girl called Jaclyn, Line Lancaster had a boy called Jason, Yolanda Shaw had a girl called Beverly, the Hudsons got a little girl called Savannah.
So in total 4 girl and 1 boy born in Lucky Palms.

And of course the second son - Apollodoros is both rainboo and a witch as well, I wish he and his brother could trade places.
His twin - Achaikos is a normal color sim, but unlike his older sibling is a witch.

Name: Apollodoros Floros
Lifestate: Witch
Traits: Disciplined, excentric, shy, proper, equestrian,
LTW: The jockey

Name: Achaikos Floros
Lifestate: Witch
Traits: Heavy sleeper, athletic, good, dramatic, workaholic
LTW: Don't remember

Time to age up Kyros into an young adult, it is a few days early, but should pose no trouble.

Due to there being no attraction what so ever between Magda and Kyros I had to look elsewhere for a spouse for him, he took a liking to Yuna Tanner while in school though, she is an  original townie so that works for me.

Name: Yuna Floros
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: Neurotic, good, ambitious, green thumb,
LTW: The perfect garden

Woa, talk about a matched pair...
House is full now, I need someone to move out once it is time to have kids.
That will still take at least a few days so all stays in the house for now...

Things are going well for Kyros, the only things he are missing to have the child he wants is 2 more opportunities and the two best friends, I'll probably pick up the best friends last.

Ah, with merely 4 days left until he is an adult Kyros completed his requirements by tutoring Savannah Hudson.
Looks like that accidental logic skill point gain was a blessing in disguise. :)
All that is left is to wait for Yuna to return from her spa tripand to age up Achakios and move him and Lola out.

Welcome to the family little Anastasia! Welcome as well to little Roxana!
Twin girls, this will be trouble...

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try - 5th heir done
« Reply #14 on: January 28, 2014, 10:06:27 AM »
Sixth heir:
Name: Anastasia Floros
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: Friendly, artistic, ambitious, heavy sleeper, family oriented
LTW: Lifestyle of the rich and famous
Spouse: Darren Dreamer

Unique maxed career: Painter
Two unique best friends: Jason Lancaster and Clark Bellamore
Three unique skill challenges completed: Painting - Proficient painter
Painting - Brush master
Painting - Master painter
Four unique opportunities completed: Broadwaycameo (celebrity opportunity)
Auktoriserad biografi (celebrity opportunity)
Utflykt (education career)
Håll koll på dansen (education career)

Name: Roxana Floros
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: Atlethic, loves the outdoors, easily impressed, excentric,
LTW: Lifestyle of the rich and famous

Hmm, looks like if I want to add Magda to the bloodline I'll have to make the 7th or 8th heir male, oh well I can do that easily.

Meh, black hair on Anastasia, time to bring out the dyes...

Such a shame that Lihua is so slow on getting happiness points since I want her tombstone for this town. Her husband is already an elder while I've kept her as an adult so she can get more points without needlessly courting death.

Oh boy, less than a week outside the household and Achaikos has decided to go steady with a vampirized Lina Lancaster.

I really can't wait for Nereus to finally die, he is upsetting the entire household by flirting  constantly with Magda...

Ah finally the twins young adult birthday! Hmm, Anastasia looked so-so as a teen, but quite pretty when fully grown up! Roxana also grew up into a beatiful woman, but then I always thought she was very pretty.
Time to see if the selected husband is still single and hopefully without kids...

Time for Roxana to move out on her own, best of luck to you dear girl!

Nope, the selected spouse got a toddler in the house, looks like I'll have to look elsewhere then...

Welcome Darren Dreamer to the family!

Name: Darren Floros
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: Hates the outdoors, great kisser, natural cook, bookworm, artistic
LTW: Illustrious author

And of course the next person to die on the lot is an elderly paparazzi and not Nereis who is 61 days old...

Opportunities are so far proving to be a major problem, 6 days until she is an adult and none so far, better get a job to hopefully get some. Education looks good for that. Apollodoros has been in it for a while due to a wish of his so she should be able to get most
of the one she needs from that career.

Nereus finally died at 66 days old, he's the oldest sim to die so far in this dynasty.
I was getting a bit woried I might need to move someone out again to have room for a baby!

I admit I'm not worried yet but the masterpieces she needs for the skill challenge is coming in
really slowly, but she still has a long time to go before I can start panicking about it.

Kyros passed away one day after Nereus died at 53 days old, neither of those two had their
life extended in this town at all, so that is an indicator of just how long Nereus lived...

2 days, 3 deaths - Yuna passed away later on the same day her husband died.
Medium life stage, plenty of deaths happening. And here I was worried that I might not have room for a child, now I got room enough for the rest of this town.

And now we are up to 3 days 4 deaths since an old paparazzi passed away on the front door once again.

Wee, got the last opportunity and thus Anastacia can finally have her baby!

Welcome to the family little Cyrus, darling boy!

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try - 6th heir done - 3 days, 4 deaths
« Reply #15 on: March 19, 2014, 03:11:59 AM »
It has been a while since I last played, but I'm back and I intend to finish with Lucky Palms at least before my next break.
I will be back with the file as soon as the launcher finishes it's update.
Everything is going well, if a bit slowly since Cyrus will have lots to do in his childhood and teen days since he's main career and skill challenges will come from photography, extra career in his young adulthood will be taken on to ensure opportunities.

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Re: The Floros 4x4 dynasty - second try - 6th heir done - 3 days, 4 deaths
« Reply #16 on: March 31, 2014, 12:05:21 PM »
Seventh heir:
Name: Cyrus Floros
Lifestate: Normal sim
Traits: Artistic, loves the outdoors, photographical eye, gatherer, ambitious,
LTW: Renaissance sim

Unique career maxed: Photographer
Two unique best friends: Gillian Irstav and Maya Åskull
3 unique skill challenges completed: Photography - Architectural eye
Photography - Photog
Drums - Money maker
4 unique opportunities completed: Sfinxen (photography skill opportunity)
Fototävling (photography skill opportunity)
Dåliga sjukhuskompisar (medical career opportunity)
Utrustningsbehov (medical career opportunity)

Black hair again? Oh I give up, I'll let him keep it...

Lihua passed away today, now while it happened I hadn't played the file for a few weeks and thus forgot how old she was but she was almost as old as her ex-husband.

Ah, happy elder birthday Anastasia!

Sweet, photography career maxed with two career booster elixirs. All I need to do it tutor Cyrus up to an A and then have him attend his prom later this saturday.
Only career and one skill challenges completed, but then again that is around what I expected of him so everything is going well. 4 preliminary photos for the collections, but I might replace those when/if he travels after all he still needs 16 more unique objects to take photos off. I'll wait for an opportunity though.

The only thing of interest at the prom was the fact that he got a romantice interest in a male classmate, they will be ending it the next day...

Ah double birthday, it seems Darren had his elder birthday while his son was coming home
from his prom.

He sort of grew into both his nose and his lips, he isn't particularly handsome but he looks decent at least. You can really see his resemblance to his mother.
To my surprise for once the game actually picked good default outfit for both everyday and formal wear, I'm keeping those.

With 8 days left until he turns into an adult all that is missing is 2 best friends (easy to get once I got everything else), 1 more skill challenge and 3 opportunities.
Opportunities will be slowest by previous experiences.

Never mind trouble with opportunities, got all he needed done within a week. Now just to keep
playing for tips in the subway and make two friends.

It is saturday and the next workday that Cyrus needs to complete that last opportunity is on monday...
Oh well plenty time to get that last skill challenge done and make one more friend.

With Cyrus almost finished with his requirements it is time to check over the moving requirements.
I got 3 out of 4 collections sorted out, the 3 I got will definitely move past the value requirement, I got the 4 career rewards needed, 3 out of 4 tombstones - the 4th should be there hopefully long before the move. Still working on real estate but that one should provide no trouble - I'm just pacing my self better for this town than my first try which I wound up with almost 2 millions in cash before the automatic sale of real estate...

Ah bummer, there one of the best friends died, oh well time to go and get one more...

At 53 days old, the day before his granddaughters was born Darren passed away.
He'll be missed.

Welcome to the family Kleopatra, darling girl!
Welcome as well to her twin sister Euthalia!