Author Topic: CAS Contest 2014: 03 - Mad March Mayor - Maddie Madness  (Read 1672 times)

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CAS Contest 2014: 03 - Mad March Mayor - Maddie Madness
« on: February 19, 2014, 04:32:18 AM »
Create-A-Sim Contest 2014 #02

Maddie Madness

Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Life State: Jelly Bean Ghost
Traits: Insane, Inappropriate, Unstable, Ambitious, Childish
Lifetime Wish: Leader of the Free World

Expansions: Pets ,Seasons, University Life, Island Paradise, Into the Future
Stuff Packs: None!
Store Content: None!

Good afternoon, breathing inhabitants of Crazy Town! Do you like my nose? It's nice isn't it? Big! Unique! Epic! Anyway, as your new Mayor-To-Be, I pledge that eating Jelly Beans daily should be law and all poisonous Jelly Beans should be force fed to those who refuse safe ones. It is such a horrible thought to know that after eating that one bad bean I can never eat one again.

Oh look at my lovely nose! Isn't it so amazing from the side? And my ears are so amazingly pointy and elfish! Right, you may be thinking "Isn't she too abnormal to be Mayor of Crazy Town?" Listen to yourselves - THIS IS CRAZY TOWN!

The best of both worlds with my glorious face. You can see my insanely smiley mouth, my amazing eyes, my utterly superb nose and my beautiful elf ears! Ahh!

Now you may be thinking "But I can barely see your beautiful everyday clothes, oh prestigious Mayor Maddie! All I can see is your underwear!" I'll have you know I always dress like that, for I am a swimsuit fanatic! I have five in all, each for different occasions. This one is meant to be worn for when I am casual. I sometimes forget...

This is my formal swimsuit. A little less tummy, a bit more tight shorts. To some breathing things, it appears less formal with the country top, but I think country is very posh...

If you can see it with your poor mortal eyes, you will see I went futuristic one-piece for my pajamas. I can bear cold tummy buttons at night!

I don't go to the gym that often, but when I do, I wear my sports bra and normal short shorts, complete with ear plugs and a heart monitor to monitor my dead heart. Something tells me that was a waste of ghostly money.

Finally, the swimsuit which I can wear without receiving dirty looks! It's quite nice, but not my favourite. I fit in too much when I wear it.

When I enjoy the great outdoors, I ditch the swimsuit and choose the wedding dress I picked out for my wedding that was due to take place just weeks after I died. It's such a hard life.

So, if you have no sense, elect I as your mayor and live life to the weirdest with Maddie Madness! No farting though, I find them too funny! Poop.
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