Author Topic: CAS Contest 2014 : 04 - Payne's Payment - Tropical Island Trip  (Read 1315 times)

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Mr Payne's Tropical Island Trip
by ladybug53

Expansions Used : Island Paradise - University Life - Seasons and of course Base Game .
Stuff Packs Used : None .

No Mods or CC's were used .

Mr Payne decided after a long overdue vacation to go on a trip . He went on a Tropical Cruise . He spent a whole week on this Tropical Island . Mr. Payne has been pretty much everywhere in the Sim world but had never seen an island quite like this one . Friendly sims , lots of fresh fruits and nectar only to mention a few things . During his stay on this tropical island he stayed at an exquisite resort . This was a trip well deserved and much appreciated .

Mr. Payne is seen here at a famous Island Venue enjoying the sea breeze .

Mr. Payne making dinner reservations .

Mr. Payne enjoying the beautiful sunset after finishing his dinner .

Mr. Payne has decided that he should go for a swim on this very hot afternoon .

After changing he's now ready for a dip into that refreshing salt water .

After that nice swim Mr. Payne is going to take a stroll along the beach . There could be treasures to be found .

It's time to go back to the resort and get some rest .

Mr. Payne got up very early this morning to go to the gym for his daily workout .

It's a bit cool here on the north end of the island . Having dressed warm was a very good idea indeed .

Well , there's my taxi ! Au revoir !

Memories have no expiration date .
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