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Chalet d’Or
« on: April 22, 2014, 05:41:42 AM »
Lot size 40x40
8 bed spaces (2 double, 1 twin, 2 single), 5 baths.
Price on original lot: §113254 furnished, §63079 unfurnished.
Content used:
Expansions: World Adventures (one plant only), Ambitions, Generations, Pets, Showtime (one plant only), University Life
Stuff packs: High End Loft, Fast Lane
Free store content: K2 Ivy
Other store content: Hidden Springs, Haute Hip Curtain Collection V.1

This is a variant of the house I built for the first four generations of the Golds, my 4x4 Dynasty family, at 47 Ruby Ct, Hidden Springs.  It has an ‘upside-down’ plan to take advantage of the amazing views from the lot.
  • Top floor: living room, dining room, art studio, kitchen, shower room, balcony
  • Ground floor: entrance hall, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, balcony
  • Lower ground floor: children’s bedroom, laundry room, bathroom.
The double garage could easily be converted to a barn or stables.