Author Topic: CAS Contests 2014: 06 - Cherry Ripe Dreamweaver (Skittles's Heir)  (Read 1158 times)

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Cherry Ripe Dreamweaver (Skittles's Heir)

Age/Gender: Young Adult Female
Traits: Workaholic, Family Orientated, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic, Cat Person
Store Content: Fun Flower Hair from Sunlit Tides (Everyday and Athletic hair), La Dolce Vita Updo from Monte Vista (Formalwear hair)
EP Content: Ambitions (second Everyday outfit), Late Night (Everyday bracelet, Sleepwear outfit, Swimwear top and bottom), Pets (Athletic top), Showtime (Formalwear outfit)
SP Content: None
Additional Content:: Soap Suds pattern (Swimwear)

When Skittles Dreamweaver and Stevie Bachelor celebrated their birthday together no one knew they were robbing their daughter of her chance to be an heiress. Cherry R. Dreamweaver spent her life in obscurity thanks to the first Decadynasty’s failure, never to complete any requirements of her own or share her adventures and fashion sense with the forum. Despite her hardships, she’s eager to meet her extended family and prove to them that she’s just as hard-working and sweet-tempered as any “real” Dreamweaver.

Note: As I don't have Seasons, I included a second Everyday outfit instead of Outerwear. The "Very Cherry Apron" outfit is available in the household version of Cherry Ripe or can also be downloaded separately in addition to the CAS version below.