Author Topic: CAS Contest 2014: #8 - Prom Trends 2014  (Read 1390 times)

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CAS Contest 2014: #8 - Prom Trends 2014
« on: July 02, 2014, 09:36:36 PM »
Prom Trends 2014
Arefa Designs

Spring 2014 Prom Trends have been released!  Be the most fashionable Sim at this year's prom.  Have a look down the runway!  There is a style for every sim-girl!  Find the perfect dress today! 
*All dresses available in the Formal Category*

Romantic Fairytale
Gown:  Movie Stuff Pack
Be the Bell of the Ball in this "Beauty and the Beast" inspired princess gown.  Maybe you'll even find your prince charming!

Purple Print
Gown: Generations
Shake up the classic prom silhouette with this pretty purple and silver print.  A very fashionable, but unexpected, pairing. 

Back-views of Purple Print and Romantic Fairytale Gowns

Leapin' Leopards
Gown: The Sims 3 Base
Rock this year's prom in a bold animal print mixed with a classic style.  Pairing this leopard print with a fitted silhouette, helps this look not go over the top. 

Zebra Peplin
Gown: Into the Future
Pretty peplum details in the collar elevate this simple style.  The super-chic black and white color combo, highlights your sim's fun and flirty look, but isn't overly girly.

Back-views of Leapin' Leopards and Zebra Peplin Gowns

Old Hollywood Glam
Gown:  The Sims 3 Base
You will feel like a true starlet in this long golden gown!  This season's cool new way to shine in liquidity metallics.  A very red carpet-worthy prom look. 

Edgy Cutout Jumper
Top and Bottom:  Into the Future
A fashionista?  Try this trendy prom alternative and rock a jumper instead of a dress.  A few cut-outs on the top add a cool, flirty touch to add some edgy feminie flair. 

Back-views of Edgy Cutout Jumper and Old Hollywood Glam Gowns

Hope you found your Sim's perfect Prom Gown!  :)