Author Topic: Bachelor/Goth house???  (Read 653 times)

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Bachelor/Goth house???
« on: August 18, 2014, 07:07:35 PM »
I had to ask before the sims 3 becomes completely irrelevent :P
okay, so basically a few times i've noticed that the exterior, at least , of the bachelor house looks a bit similar to the goth manor in sims 2. but the more i've looked at it, the more i've realised how similar it is inside as well! for example, the brown brick on the outisde, the three stories. And on the second story, Bella has what most people consider a bedroom and play room, and in the sims 2, these rooms are in the same place and are considered alexanders rooms.. It is also maybe about the same size as the goth manor, as the sims 3 goth manor is much larger.  it's been driving me crazy because no one else has ever seemed to have mentioned it and i just need to know if this is just me :-\