Author Topic: Where has the guide gone? - all traits and aspirations in one easy to use place  (Read 104 times)

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Loving the guides, you have such a full extensive site.

A couple of months ago I was using one of your pages on aspirations and traits. It was a good visual grid of all the traits you can obtain and where you can get them from, all on one page. I could use the little icon thumbnails for reference while scanning for the information I needed.

There was a section on what traits you would get by achieving different aspirations and career goals, toddler and parent traits, ghost traits etc., even which traits you give your sims in CAS or buy through satisfaction. It was less word heavy I think? 

My assumption is these have been updated as your current traits seem very detailed (which is fabulous) but less easy to use at a glance whilst in game play. Is it possible to add this page again as a sort of summary / overview? It's a really useful tool to know which direction to send your sims to become the good evil or selfish sim they are destined to be.

Loving the site!

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Hello there!
Go to the home page for Carl's Sim 4 Guides then click Guides (top row) and Sims (second row).
All of the guide pages in the Sims category are arranged alphabetically, so you can easily find your guide pages on "Aspirations" and "Traits."

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Hey oshizu,

Thank you for your reply :), yes those were the pages I was finding. I think they must have overwritten the original page i was using in game play. It was a really nice table overview of all the bonus traits and skills you can get from different interactions.

These are great resources for more detailed usage of the traits in game but not so easy to have them all to hand when making a character profile and goals list. A smaller less wordy table was really handy.

Thank you for your help!! I appreciate it!

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@simprobable  Based on the fact you said this page had a listing of reward traits along with all other types from various systems, I am guessing you might be talking about my trait cheats page which is pretty extensive: Trait Cheats

Thanks for the kindness and thanks to Oshizu for trying to help as well. Some of these pages are clearly not as easy to find so I will see if I can do something about that. Cheers.