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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition
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This is really a funny dynasty! Good luck with Master...


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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition
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Mastermind Immortal Dynasty Chapter 5

Who is it there, standing in front of the City Hall, looking mighty presidential? And not a day too soon. Liz finally got promoted to Leader of the Fee World on the last day of her adulthood. I made her change into her final career outfit before heading out home for the customary kitchen celebration.

I find it adorable that she’d stared at Master all the way through aging up, but then it’s nothing new; I find everything about Liz adorable.

Also, I have to say, it was wise of her to age up in a career outfit…

In other Dynasty news, I realized I don’t have Master’s museum pieces done. At all. So Rob had to stop writing his second novel and go photograph, paint and sculpt again…

I think that was the final straw. At 96 days he was supposed to be free from Dynasty art slavery, but even now he couldn’t have any peace… So he decided to leave at the most inopportune moment.

I have to mention now that while Angelus and William both have decent sculpting skills, neither of them is anywhere near Ice Personality. So I was already planning a lengthy vacation fuelled by invigorating elixirs when the second terrible thing happened.

Mr. T got the Grim to leave Rob alive. And the point of the Immortal Dynasty is no prolonging mortal sims’ lives. So if not mess up my museum pieces, the Kennedys decided they’d just disqualify me from hall of fame…

Thankfully I was allowed to continue. Which meant Rob got to finish the sculpture and then I just stopped controlling him altogether, leaving him to his own devices.

Whatcha doing, Rob? Why aren’t you writing your book like you wanted to?

“I can’t write it autonomously and you didn’t direct me to do it, you dream-murdering sadist.”

Oh, so being controlled is good for something. Good to know. *whistles innocently*

This is Master, with what I thought was his final opportunity ringing in his pants. He picked up the phone, then put it down with disgust. I could have smacked him through the screen… He did get an opportunity in the morning, though.

This is the reason I normally dislike parties, but Gen 1 heir turning adult seemed like a good occasion to get over myself.

I love how above it all he looks. His fifth trait (rolled, funnily enough) is Proper. This is really not proper attire, though. Angelus is thus the first sim to get outfit-shamed in this dynasty. I did choose the Descendant of DaVinci LTW.

While everyone else was eating cake Master had his own special meal prepared. He completed his last requirement the day before. So, for posterity:

Master Mastermind

Traits: Evil, Family-Oriented, Proper, Genius, Ambitious
Lifetime Wish: Alchemy Artisan
Supermax skill: Alchemy
Career: Gardening
Investments: Disavadero Book Store, Upper Lake fishing spot
LTRs: Collection Helper, Suave Seller, Fertility Treatment
Best Friends: Liz Mastermind, Scooter Johnson, Atria Maroon, Pietro Gepetto, Chikano Jin, Ayame Jin
Black Ops: Uncommonly Good, Outstandingly Rare, Free Vacation, Alchemic Mastery, Outstanding Tasting Ingredients, Great Greens
Other maxed skills: Gardening
Immortality Achieved – Week 7 Day 7

Only 7 of those to go. Yay!

To the right you can see Angelus in his new YA duds. I’m still not sure how Neurotic, Eccentric, Perfectionist, Proper sim who is a Savvy Sculptor should look, so that’s the best I could do.

Oh also, there’s a Grim Reaper visiting again.

This time he came for Mr. T, the cat that almost ended the dynasty. You were adorable but far more evil than Master, Mr. T. I will miss your cuteness but not your treachery.

And now I know what to make of the tower on our first owned property.

Generation 2 becoming YA meant only one thing to me – vacation! After the frantic sculpture/career/opportunity rush the change of pace was welcome.

Not that Angelus or William had much of that. After William took a few photos of landmarks he was locked in the basecamp with a skill book alongside Angelus, who was maxing out Inventing for his LTW. Maybe with a book he won’t max Handiness as well, leaving it as a backup skill for future generations…

Liz had an opportunity from work to complete, and it took her most of a day to do it. I’m not sure what it is with China, but it takes three or four tries to get targeted interactions with the locals, like turning in adventures or Liz’ “Chat Up” thing that she needed to do. After that she spent her time fishing and reading recipe books. I also planned to use this vacation for relationship building, but since Liz is perfect she is already at ‘best friends’ status with all her children. Obviously.

Since Master ate ambrosia there’s not much for him to do except practice magic in front of epic-looking landmarks.

Darla was the one having the adventures. She got to visa level 2.5 and collected a truly impressive amount of metals and rocks. I don’t plan on using them to make money, I just think they’re pretty and want a complete collection :D

Another thing Darla did was fight people in swimsuits and meditate on top of bridges to provide me pretty photo ops.

Where was Rob, you ask? Rob was home. Because Rob doesn’t like being dragged into dynasty business :P

*grumbling is heard off-screen*

Soon after returning Darla and William were heading off to prom…

And then heading off to adult life.

I invited Angelus’ high school boyfriend to the party and it turned out he aged up into another version of Angelus. It is a little bit creepy. They even have the same nose.

But, the twins. I largely left them with their earlier sense of style. I chose Good Sense of Humor for Darla’s fifth trait, because with traits like Insane, Genius, Loves the Outdoors and Hopeless Romantic as a spare in a Dynasty household she’s going to need one. Her LTW since childhood is Master Magician.

William is taking up Master’s fabulous hair dynasty in this generation. He rolled Easily Impressed. So he’s Good, Excitable, Easily Impressed, Irresistible Virtuoso. I think he’s the male version of the ‘talented but ditzy’ pop star trope. His LTW is Master of the Arts.

At graduation William was voted Most Likely to Be Mediocre and Darla Most Likely to Offend Others. Oh game, it’s like you know me.

After all the outfits were changed and all the hair was styled all three of the Mastermind children, who were finally children no more, gathered around their new pool table.

“So, bro,” Will said, staring intently at the table, “have you been getting out of the house, you know, meeting me some future sister-in-laws?”

Angelus cringed.

“Don’t call me that. And no, I haven’t been out much. Sculpting’s been keeping me pretty busy.”

“You do know you’re supposed to get married and have a kid, right?” Will poked at him with a cue. “That’s what ‘heir’ means. You’ve been an adult for 5 days and the only action you got was kissing your old high school boyfriend at our birthday party. Not cool.”

“I’m sure in a few days I’ll feel an inexplicable urge to go for a walk in the park,” Angelus shrugged. “Or Mother will use that SimFinder application to find someone suitable.”

The twins sighed and rolled their eyes at each other in perfect unison.

“This is pointless,” Darla said, turning to William. “I’m not even sure he’s real.”

“Well he’s getting there,” William replied, exasperated. “Just really slowly.”

Angelus stared. His sister was unstable, so he wasn’t surprised at her speaking nonsense, but Will was usually sane, if a little bit over-enthusiastic.

“Don’t you get it yet?” Will asked. “We’re having dialogue for the first time in our lives. We’re turning into real characters!”

Angelus shrugged. He didn’t feel very real, but even if that was happening, he failed to see what the matter was.
“If we’re turning into real characters,” Will continued, “then Dad must be, too. And if you don’t find yourself a wife he’ll have to be evil about getting you a new one, that’s just the law. Do you want to be the target of an evil scheme?”

“No?” Angelus said uncertainly. He could feel a strange tremble in his chest at the thought, and the desire to polish his screwdrivers.

“Well then,” Will smiled, meanwhile. “It’s decided. We’re going to university to find you a wife. There has to be at least one girl there that will like you there.”

“I don’t think that’s quite the problem,” Darla muttered, lining up her own shot. Her words made Angelus turn to her.

“And you? Do you think I should go?”

“Me?” Darla looked startled. “I don’t even like you. I’m just playing pool.”

Will laughed and put an arm around his brother.

“Come on. Let’s put that big brain of yours to use. I got the aptitude test bucket out of storage.”

And so they went.

Up next chapter: will the Masterminds becomes real characters? Will Angelus find a future wife? Will I be able to load my game after a trip to University?

A bonus shot of our first Dynasty burglar getting thoroughly trounced by Ms President. I forgot she was Brave...

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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition
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“I can’t write it autonomously and you didn’t direct me to do it, you dream-murdering sadist.”

Oh, so being controlled is good for something. Good to know. *whistles innocently*

That made me laugh  ;D

And congrats on your first Immortal!


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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition
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Mastermind Dynasty Chapter 6

So, the plot hook from last time was a bad move on my part. The story turned into an epic of love and loss that demanded me to get back into old saves and re-shoot things, and it just spiraled out of control with dialogue and storyboards. So I decided – no. This thing will eat me alive if I let it. I’m only doing field reports, no drama.

So here is Darla, planning out her own Immortal Dynasty. The founder will supermax Bunnies. That’s very important.

Darla was basically the star of this show. She fished, collected rocks, learned cooking and science, and got DNA samples from people I only later found out would not survive the trip home.

She was also busy with other important things.

Angelus sculpted. That is all Angelus did.

Then Angelus sculpted some more.

Then Angelus took a break from sculpting that was unproductive but made me feel better about making him continue the family line.

Will’s whole stay at university was nothing but an extended break. He finished his ice challenge and then it was open season on everyone. His newfound Social Networking powers made dating a breeze.

The reason for Will’s newfound social network skills is that I thought it would help me find Angelus’ future wife. That didn’t work all that well (see exhibits A through C above for why that was), but then I remembered an important concept.

The concept of a beard.

So meet Millie Grubb, a Hopeless Romantic Virtuoso that will be coming to Union Cove to bring in the third generation of Masterminds. Yes, she’s Darla’s girlfriend and they’re both Hopeless Romantics. Yes, it’s a bit (a lot) incestuous – but that’s the sims for you.

I had a cunning plan of meeting all the hot university students, getting Will to make Darla friends with the most interesting-looking ones, and then bringing their DNA samples back to clone future spouses from them. There was even a DNA party halfway through the semester.

Ha bloody ha. This is a shot of the Masterminds returning from university – a thing that almost didn’t happen, by the way. I had to take out all my custom content and lower all my graphical settings to get the game to load. And of course I came back without the DNA samples. I later found out that even inviting the university people back and getting the samples again doesn’t work – the sample gets corrupted as soon as the person leaves. So theoretically if I wanted to try cloning someone I have to do it in the brief window they’re there. And when they leave I have no idea if the child won’t just pop out of existence.

Anyway, Union Cove is the same. People are protesting unicorns. Master gardens, Rob bumbles around the house not being controlled and therefore making no progress on his book – man, I wish I had a person controlling me sometimes that would make me do hard things like exercise and pursue my dreams instead of playing computer games… Sorry, lost my train of thought. Liz’ fulltime occupation is being awesome, Angelus saved his university sculptures and after a trip to the consignment store he is now Level 9 Sculptor. Will accepted a job as a band manager…

And Darla gave her first magic performance at a unicorn rally, wearing her graduation robes. It seems insane (Insane, haha, like the trait, get it – oh nevermind) that she spent all that time studying technology things but came back to her old childhood LTW of Magician but it makes sense to me. She can disappear you with magic AND also poison you with radiation. Good thing she didn’t inherit Master’s Evil trait.

The town is actually getting pretty old and people are starting to pass away. I’m so used to playing with story progression mods I didn’t realize this is going to be a problem until now. I’m not even sure how EA story progression works… But, well, we only need five more spouses, so hopefully it will be okay. *maniacal laughter heard in the background*

Never let it be said, though  that Darla misses a chance to perform for an audience.

Another elder that died was Rob the treacherous dynasty helper. You can see what he thinks about all of it by looking at his face.

That means redecorating time! I wanted to do the whole house but could barely finish the first floor, and it took me a week of game time. Here we have a living room, kitchen/dining room, two bedrooms, a study, and a nooboo room. You can see in the far left corner the master bedroom and bathroom still have the ‘default’ wallpaper and floor. That is mainly because Angelus still hasn’t grown a personality. Maybe it was a bad idea to name my first heir after my least favorite character in the whole wide jossverse…

It always takes me a lot of time and fiddling to redecorate, so I’m going to now take up valuable picture space with my interior design shots. This is the sitting room/party room/event room. The rogue bookcase that doesn’t match anything snuck in there for utilitarian reasons and needs to be replaced, but I got overwhelmed by an attack of laziness, so I just left it for now.

Kitchen and dining room. This was the first room to get done mainly for the birthday pictures, and I didn’t change much. I’m contemplating making a separate kitchen, but Cooking is my backup of a backup of a backup plan supermax skill, so I’m not sweating it for now.

This is Darla’s room. I went with the Asian theme mainly because she went to China and I’m unimaginative. And no, it’s not Darla sleeping in the bed.

This is the storage hallway. The art on the walls are things that I liked and that I intend to hang somewhere someday, and the chests hold perfect seeds/adventuring equipment/alchemy ingredients/ambrosia ingrediants/etc. Color coded for your convenience :D

This is going to be a permanent nooboo room. It looks like the contents of the SimsStore exploded in it; I rarely get to use this stuff so I went a bit nuts. I’m not going to remodel it, this will just be the room for every arriving Mastermind kid from now on.

There is also a library/study area that I forgot to take a shot of and a large undecorated master suite I already mentioned. The idea is it’s big so the heir’s skilling objects can be there for midnight supermax sessions.

There is the second floor too, and a greenhouse, and the treasure basement, but those are pretty bare. The whole house will probably get finished by gen 6 or so, with the speed I’m building >_<

So, with our household one person lighter I moved in Millie. I actually like what she was wearing, but  it was summer so I made her a summer outfit, and may I just say she’d been hiding some stunning legs under those baggy trousers. Adding some muscle definition to the family genetic pool will certainly be welcome.

Since we’re still roleplaying a bit, the younger Masterminds and their co-conspirator went to the laundromat in the dead of night to plot their evil plots. Because the laundromat is totally an acceptable evil plotting sight. Millie and Darla said goodbye for a few days…

Social networking magic.

I have to say even with Millie and Darla being just friends and Angelus being set as her love interest, and even with cinnamon it took a while to get them going. And Millie is a Hopeless Romantic; she supposedly has an easier time of it…

But eventually demented simmers prevailed, like they always do. Master and Liz had a wish for Angelus to be married locked in for a long, long time…

Aaand here it is, fulfilled. It would have been a really dramatic story, full of intrigue, lies and heartbreak, if I’d stopped being lazy and written it.

You can tell yourself that story while I show off the wedding pictures. It seems to be a tradition for me to coo at the generation’s spouse. I just love Millie. I do hate the name though, so I changed it to Millicent in the City Hall. She’s going to be a famous composer, it’s time to stop going by a childhood nickname.

And well, that’s it for this update. Tune in next time to see what other weird thing I come up with to make my favorite sims happy :)

As a bonus shot I have an artsy depressing shot of university I randomly took following Angelus’ trek to class…

… and this. Yes, this happened. After Gen 2 came back home we had two abductions in three days…

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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 6
« Reply #19 on: September 18, 2014, 02:11:11 PM »
man, I wish I had a person controlling me sometimes that would make me do hard things like exercise and pursue my dreams instead of playing computer games…

I second that.  I'm reading Sims stories instead of working on my grad school paper right now so I totally understand...

The house is amazing!  Even if it takes till Gen.6, I'm sure it will be well worth it  ;D


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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 6
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This is the painting that got Angelus to Painting 10 and to completion of his LTW – Descendant of DaVinci. I shall just leave it here, for posterity. Because art, obviously.

Darla and Millicent have each other as best friends for the week, to make sure no weird shenanigans happen with the heir, but the looks they give each other make me think they remember something they are not supposed to.

This is why I adore Millicent. Because this is her ‘I’m going to give birth now’ face.

Meet generation 3. Her name is Faith. We’re sort of stretching it pretty thin here using her name, but if I named a child after Spike-the-eternal-lovesick-woobie I can name a child after Faith. Besides, I’m doing Martial Arts this generation and no one would be better for that. I chose Athletic and Slob as her traits.

Everyone loves Faith. *grumbling about stinky diapers is heard off-screen* I said everyone!

Master and Liz had their second anniversary. I love that this pops up from time to time, it’s a reminder to go have some couple time. Especially in a dynasty household where everything skilling-skilling-skilling all the time…

And then of course I leave them for half a second to send Darla on her next round of gemstone hunting and this is what happens. I think Master is going senile in his old age. Or just choosing to be more evil…

Now that the nooboo is here Millicent and Angelus got a Social Networking divorce. Angelus immediately rolled a wish to get married but no, nope, not happening. Even though I have the space.

At Week 11 Day 6 he got (and immediately fulfilled) his last opportunity and he’s all set to eat his ambrosia now, except I’m saving up to buy the gallery. I want to turn it into a massive Mastermind Museum for future generations to store their sculptures in.

Speaking of future generations – I resigned myself to throwing birthday parties. Everyone keeps rolling wishes for them. And one day I will get the cake placement right for good shots… This birthday party is special because it’s also a gift-giving party. I wanted to try it since I’ve never done it.

So yes, this happened. Apparently Generation 3’s birthday isn’t at all exciting for Random Townie Chick.

Well this is what Faith thinks about you and your opinion.

I was all glowy and coo-y after all the toddler cuteness, and then after the guests left this happened.

Yes, Master, my feelings exactly.

I have to say I never adored a sim as much as Liz, not even one of my own. I felt genuinely upset for a while.

I even made the sims do some vaguely human things.

Why are you crying, Darla?
Darla: S-she has Mom’s eyes!

And the next day the family shrew that Darla got home from university died. More tragedy.


Okay, enough. My grieving moodlet’s ticked down on the shrew thing, I think.

Master has had the wish to see Darla married locked for a while now. But I decided to only get them hitched when they rolled the wish for it…

Which they promptly did the next day. They’re married on the winter festival lot because  they both rolled a lot of wishes for winter activities.

The reception after the private ceremony involved vigorous snowball fighting in the glitchy snow.

Not that I don’t get it, Angelus dear, but isn’t it a bit of a heavy subject to raise with your toddler daughter?

While Angelus is getting restless from loneliness Master is going a little senile. He keeps bragging about Faith to her own father…

It’s obvious she’s such a prodigy, though. Who would not be fascinated by her?

Actually a lot of people are fascinated by Faith. The Masterminds are finally falling victim to the celebrity system and the glitch paparazzi who get into the house even though they weren’t invited.

Neither were these guys!

Okay, one more cute toddler shot before aging up…

Welcome, Gen 3! You’re finally self-maintenance, whoo! She grew up with Faith hair, too. I added the Brave trait for her.

I left the hair and the cowboy boots. She does have Liz’ eyes, and what I think is also Liz’s chin, which can look a bit unfortunate… She grows on you, though.

Faith: I wonder if there’s a monster under… oh yep, yep, there is. Do not want. Do not want.

Faith: Now I want a cookie...

I remember Angelus doing the same thing as a child and fainting.

I finally gave up finishing the master suite with Angelus living in it, so I kicked him out to share a bedroom with his brother. He’s done with most of the stuff anyway, and Faith needs to get to school on time, which will be hard with half an hour traveltime between her bed and the front door. I immediately found my decorating inspiration. Observe Castle Faithingbury. I predict a lot of messing around going on here...


This is a bit disjointed, sorry, but I'm way over limit now. No bonus shots  this time.

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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 6
« Reply #21 on: September 25, 2014, 03:56:05 PM »
Faith definitely has Master and Liz genes.  No doubt about that!  She should age up into a lovely YA regardless though  ;)

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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 7
« Reply #22 on: September 25, 2014, 04:22:37 PM »
Heh thanks Malley :) I was too impatient and saved her into the sim library, then went into create-a-family and looked at her YA version... She does turn out cute, but... peculiar  ::)

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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 7
« Reply #23 on: September 25, 2014, 04:26:05 PM »
Heh thanks Malley :) I was too impatient and saved her into the sim library, then went into create-a-family and looked at her YA version... She does turn out cute, but... peculiar  ::)

Now I really want to see what she looks like!  :o

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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 7
« Reply #24 on: September 25, 2014, 07:40:29 PM »
Yes, senility does seem to set in. In my ID my founder bragged about his grand-daughter to said grand-daughter. I'm expecting witchy fire blasting of butts to start any moment now. Even sims aren't meant to live forever.

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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 7
« Reply #25 on: September 25, 2014, 08:17:49 PM »
Great job on the house redo! It's so pretty... And you must have a powerful computer to handle Union Cove with recolored objects!

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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 7
« Reply #26 on: September 26, 2014, 11:15:20 AM »

I absolutely love your dynasty. So funny and Liz will be missed a lot.
Life State Dynasty: The Blackburns In Monte Vista (Complete)
Domination Dynasty: Down With Lamps: Djinn Takeover (Complete)


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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 7
« Reply #27 on: September 30, 2014, 06:37:30 PM »
KRae, I'm considering building a senile-immortal dungeon on the lot... That would be within the theme :D

Lisa46, thanks! I'm actually in the process of de-laggifying the game now, getting rid of unused store stuff and things like that... I had no idea UC was so resource-intensive, but not recoloring stuff is too painful aesthetically for me >_>

Brooke, thank you <3

I entered the 'nothing much happens' stage of the dynasty, and with work and school kicking my butt it might take a while for the next update to be sufficiently meaty to post...

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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 7
« Reply #28 on: September 30, 2014, 08:16:39 PM »
*enters sarcasm mode* I'm sure you're the only dynasty who's ever felt that way. *exit sarcasm mode* Seriously, it's fine! We can wait.


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Re: Mastermind Dynasty - The lazy writer edition - Chapter 7
« Reply #29 on: October 13, 2014, 05:34:35 PM »
Chapter 8

The last chapter had no bonus shots, so here’s a bonus bonus shot. These are Faith’s toddler portraits. Guess which one’s in the family museum?

There’s not much happening in the dynasty household. People make art, collect rocks and get promotions. So here is a montage of Faith’s childhood:

And here’s some more of the same:

So yeah, that’s pretty much how that goes. Her supermax is Martial Arts, so Mama D and Mama M have been training so they can pass the knowledge on. Her only job as a kid was doing cute stuff. Not that she got to be a child for that long…

Faith? Where’d you go? Don’t you want to show us how you aged up?
Faith: Not until I get my hair done I don’t.

So, this is Faith. I think she looks fierce. And the more I look at her the more I think I can live with the jaw since she has the perfect mix of Liz’ eyes and Master’s mouth. She gained the Adventurous trait at aging up since I’m modeling her after the real-life (fictional) Faith and that’s one thing she definitely was.

So this was how her childhood looked after that.

Oh well, not just like that. A good thing that happened when Faith aged up to teen was Story Progression finally moving some new people into the town. So she had three whole school friends to chat with during classes. She even had a pool of two possible boyfriends to choose from. I was already devising an elaborate competition scheme…

Then her prom came up three days into her teenhood and she made her own choice. His name is Titus, and I think he’s a child of an original UC family. I had no idea vanilla EA story progression does that, but it’s either that or he’d been tragically age-stuck for two whole generations…  I just love her smug face.

They are sort of adorable together. I had a plan in mind for Faith’s spouse but now we shall see how the wishes turn out.

This is Darla achieving her LTW of being a Master Magician while performing for tips for absolutely no one (except the eternally-swimming proprietor of the beach). Her first wish after completing it was to quit her job, so now she’s in the culinary career.

This is William, kissing a woman he’d just met while on a date with another woman. His Irresistible trait, high charisma and social LTRs make it so the moment he introduces himself to people he’s best friends with them…

This is Angelus aging up to elder. You can see glitch replicators in the background. They keep forgetting how to make ambrosia, so Darla has to make it again and program it again. So far we’re on third attempt and holding, but just in case there’s a bowl of half-prepared ambrosia stuck on the decorative flat roof bits on the second floor of the house. From time to time the max-cooking people try to cook it and cry bitter betrayed tears that they can’t...

[***insert picture here***]

This is a non-existent picture of Faith aging up with a Great Kisser trait that got lost in the great screenshot shuffle of 1999. So there is no picture. Here is a picture of her working out instead:

She’s Adventurous, Athletic, Brave, Great Kisser and Slob. And she also illustrates the age-old wisdom “red lipstick fixes everything”. Even strange jawlines.

Hmmm, Darla, honey… Whatcha doin?
Darla: This is boring. I’m waiting for this to stop being boring.
Well, *embarrassed laughter* every dynasty has slow parts. It comes with the territory, you have to power through it to–
Darla: Shhh. Watching a movie now. In my mind.

Okay, I agree. This is boring.

Speed Four Magic ActivatedPower of montage, I summon you!

So yes, Faith put that Great Kisser trait to good use :D
She spent most of her young adulthood travelling because I decided I want all the relic collections done before the game becomes too bloated to travel… With her Adventurous trait I hardly saw the dynasty household and forgot what needed to be done there :D

During one of the 24-hour travel breaks spring happened and Angelus and William popped wishes to go meet new people. This is Angelus right before getting romantically rejected by a guy he met at the spring festival. One second into the future he (and I) will find out that the lady standing there between them is his wife.

William had more luck with his more traditional orientation and Irresistible trait…

But his lady love died the same evening.

People keep dying, actually. A bit like this chaper’s momentum. Tune in next time to meet Gen 3’s spouse, Gen 4 and Gen 4’s spouse all in one chapter.

And now the not-bonus bonus shot:

This is the daughter of Guy-Darla and Millicent that I genetically engineered in CAS. I just thought she looked interesting.