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Bad Ads!
« on: December 11, 2014, 09:48:55 AM »
Pam sent me an email showing a full-page popup and one of those annoying programs that runs links all over the page. I do not want this site to ever be one of those circuses that has advertisements that pop up, cover the page in links, or redirect you to other sites. While malware can sometimes cause legitimate websites with no such ads to do this, it seems that one of my advertisers is recently performing some bad practices and breaking the rules. If I put an ad on the bottom that is a square, then it is meant to be JUST a square and nothing more. Use this thread to report any odd behaviors later today, after I'm done removing this company from our rotation. They offer me 0 control over the types of ads they display, so they won't be delivering impressions here any more.

Edit: bad company is out of the rotation, so a couple of hours and they should stop doing that.