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Welcome New Visitors
« on: May 24, 2015, 12:08:53 AM »
Welcome to the new visitors who are coming in greater number to visit our site as summer vacations begin in many areas. It's common for us to see a big rise in Forum participation the next 3 months, as thousands of Simmers have a lot more free time to enjoy the game! So, here's a post to introduce you to our community and some highlights.

We've worked to make this an enjoyable Forum, and our member base is super friendly and helpful (thanks guys!). I believe most of you will find it to be a well-organized source of information on the Sims 3/4, where you can also talk about what you like in the game. We enjoy figuring out how things work around here, so there's plenty of information. That information is often driven by questions, so don't hesitate to ask them!

Stop by the Challenges Board to participate in our Tournaments, which does offer prizes to those who place in the top spots. Be warned, there's some stiff competition from some sharp players, but it does give some direction to your game and overall makes it fun to try and figure out the best strategy based on the tools available to you. Plus, players will explain their strategies when it's over so that you can have that facepalm moment wondering why you didn't think of it :D In all, if you're just getting into the game, there's a lot of extra enjoyment to be found here. Many friendships have been founded based on our common interest in the game, and we take pride in our community and our place in the Sims community at large.

The EA Announcements Board will keep you on top of the latest patch notes and game developments from EA. For creative minds, we also have a stories boards where players can share their creative side by attempting a Dynasty/Legacy or other challenge and document their sims' lives, hilarious, endearing, and tragic. The most creative stories with regular updates seem to do better in terms of readership. Just try to heed the rules as you do so. We try to keep it PG around here for the younger visitors, so it is friendly to families.

There's a Swap Shop where members post shots of their latest creations, which is driven by the Sims 4 gallery and use of the #carlsguide hashtag to help us find things created by our community.

I am here if you have any problems, and our staff responds fairly quick to reports of any spam/harsh posts. You will find a lot of information on membership and ask questions on the Members Board. There you will also see the Babble Board, which is for off-topic discussions and available only to members.

If you want to get rid of those ads, register and get to 5 posts, and they will be gone. We only serve them to guests to cover bandwidth, as contributing members have already done their share in helping the community to thrive. Should you have any trouble with registration, shoot an email to [email protected] and I'll register you manually. Our process is simple, but some people are having trouble lately and I'm investigating why that's happening.

Just wanted to show some appreciate to our members new and old, who make the site better than I ever thought it'd be. Hope you guys like the site.


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