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Re: Competing Collectors
« Reply #50 on: July 08, 2016, 06:37:10 AM »
Flora and Fawna Stone managed to amass 348 points between the both of them.

Not that it matters terribly at this point, but do you have individual scores, Ginj? I will update the leaderboard, but will have to have the Sim scores blank for now.

This event is now closed. Grats to thekatie0409 on a nice win. :) Great job to all participants. Everyone is now free to discuss strategy.

Metro, Sim A, (Flora) had 173 and Sim B (Fawna) had 175.

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Re: Competing Collectors
« Reply #51 on: July 08, 2016, 04:12:02 PM »
The first thing I did was decide what collections I wanted to do. Decided not to try to complete gardening, fossils, and insects for Sim A and all of those plus space rocks for sim B. For me, gardening is too much work, fossils donít spawn in the right places, I donít know where to find all the insects, and Sim B wonít be going on any space missions.

My sims followed the same weekly schedule and I switched sims every Sunday morning.

Week 1: This week is mostly about dig sites. Both sims joined the science career, and went in for a few hours for the collectibles to spawn. Then they would collect them every 2-3 days. This would net about 50 collectibles at a time. For Sim A, the rest of the time was spent at the neighborhood spawners. While waiting for the parks dig sites to spawn, I went to the frog ponds and got about a dozen frogs to start breeding them. After the first few days Sim A's time was spent building the rocket ship and going on the space missions to max rocket science for the wormhole and to collect aliens and space rocks. This sim was unlucky with the missions and so didnít finish the space rock collection. So by the end of week 1 we had Sixam available which gives 20-30 good collectibles at a time and gives you access to the geode collection. Between Sixam and science career, you can finish all the dig collectibles in week 2.
Since Sim A had made the rocket ship, Sim B was able to go to Sixam every day of week 1 and science career every few days to make good progress on her dig collections. The second half of the week she hired a repairman to come mentor handiness to level 8, then upgraded the observatory and microscope. So by the end of week 1 these are fully upgraded and you have a level 10 handiness sim to break into grotto for fishing.

Week 2: This week was mainly spent on space prints, microscope prints, and postcards. Each sim went to Sixam once a day until they finished trophy and alien collections and went to science career once or twice until they had finished metals and crystals. The rest of the time, the searched for prints. With upgraded machines, the prints come very quickly, and postcards are easy. These collections were easily finished in a few days. However, I messed up Sim Bís postcard collection so they got a 0 on it. Sim B had extra time this week and started their fishing collection.

Week 3: This week was dedicated to fishing. The first half of the week is at the home worlds until the fishing collection was complete. Luckily sim B had a head start on this because it took her 4 days to find the last fish-the shark. After finishing fish collections both sims had 2 days left  so I headed to Granite Falls and searched for insects while the sim fished for the Outdoor Retreat Fish. I also got the Outdoor Retreat plants while I was walking around.
For fossils and other plants, I dug and harvested them if I walked by but didnít go out of my way for them. Also, I ordered the seeds from the planter boxes to get some more easy plants.

So Sim A finished all collections but Gardening [31], Fossils [12], Space Rocks [3] and Insects [12]. Sim B finished all but Gardening [36], Postcards [none], Fossils [8], Space Rocks [none], and Insects [14].

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Re: Competing Collectors
« Reply #52 on: July 10, 2016, 12:12:25 AM »
Tried to go in to the game long enough to get a score and the computer wouldn't stay in the game long enough. Took the computer to the store and will need to be sent back to the manufacturer. You know you are addicted to the Sims when the biggest concern isn't the cost of the repairs but worrying about losing your dynasty family if they cannot keep the hard drive. :-(

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Re: Competing Collectors
« Reply #53 on: July 11, 2016, 11:36:20 AM »
@Ricalynn and @thekatie0409

Thank you both for sharing your winning strategies.

For my lots, I chose the empty lot across from Johnny Zest plus another right next to it. I wanted to see if plants growing in one lot would continue to grow if my sims remained active in the same neighborhood but on a different lot. The answer: they don't. (I'd thought to test this during a practice run, but then forgot.)
So because Sim A had both the garden & rocketship on the larger of the two lots, both sims spent most of their time there until the gardening was done.

Ever since that Easter challenge, my game files spawn wild growfruit excessively. Although Von Haunt Estate offers only that garden, I still appreciate always being able to take cuttings of both cherry and pear trees in one location.

I have great admiration for anyone who can complete the insect collection. I have never managed without first losing patience; I probably never will.
Can't even imagine completing the entire collection in 30 sim-hours.

Great idea about getting the repairman to mentor handiness. With so many extra fish in the collection, I just decided in the beginning to do without batfish.

Since last year's collecting obsession challenge, I had never succeeded in finding 3 of the four rare MySims, so I'm glad to know that it's possible.
And great idea to immediately return home if an opened capsule revealed a rare MySim.

Thank you Challenges Team for an engaging challenge! I don't usually play rotationally so it was always fun to return to the other sim and check who his new friends and enemies were!