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Problem with apartment buildings
« on: July 27, 2016, 06:03:06 PM »
Sorry this post is a bit long! I have been building quite a few apartments in my little town, but I keep running into an issue with furnishings. I usually have communal areas such as a laundry room or gym etc. which have public room markers so my Sims can use them but don't have to pay for the furnishings.

If my Sims move into the apartment 'furnished' during game setup this is all very well and works as it should but if they choose the 'unfurnished' option all of the furnishings in the communal areas are removed as well as in the apartment itself.

This wouldn't bother me too much as I would just always buy it furnished but if Sims move house within the game or one sim leaves the household to move into an apartment then the game seems to default to buying unfurnished without giving me the choice.

Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it?

I am thinking maybe I am missing something while building them but I don't know what. I always put public room markers in the communal areas and they seem to function properly in every other sense.

Also, because of the communal furnishings being removed I often find that buying the apartment unfurnished gives it a negative value! So my sim moves in and they get given simoleons instead of spending them!

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated :)

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