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Community Gallery Not Working
« on: January 01, 2017, 09:51:36 PM »
Updated: Feb.05.2021 -- Thank you to all that report issues with the gallery!! You Rock!!  8)

The gallery seems to having some issues, please see details and links below:

However, the issue of Anti-Virus software blocking player's user (Sims 4) folder [where screenshots, library/gallery files and mods are stored] is still affecting many players. This is being mentioned because it's still affecting the in-game gallery.

If you feel it's not an anti-virus issue, please see Crinrict's Gallery Connection Troubleshooting post for more troubleshooting tips.

Please see this post from Crinrict for more details.

Gallery Connection Troubleshooting


Some are experience issues, due to outdated mods/cc. A list of outdated mods/cc can be found at the official forum.

If you're still experiencing gallery issues after testing your mods/cc please report it to AHQ Sims 4 Tech Help Board. - Sign in with your EA account and post a new topic by clicking the New Topic button to the right of the screen.  Or click the Me Too button button under the first post of a current Gallery Issue thread and optionally, share your experience with the issue by clicking the reply button on any post.

Please understand we aren't able to do much when there are gallery issues other than to offer the tips provided in the post below and suggest to report it to EA, as it's most likely their server having issues.

**Make your own report, if there isn't a current one already.

AHQ - Sims 4 Tech Help Board -

Can't Connect to the Gallery (Tips)

** Please note that if you are running Sims 4 Legacy Edition, the Gallery has been removed. As the legacy edition is incompatible with future game patches.

** Game updates can cause issues with mods and custom content. These may become outdated with each new game update. - A list of outdated mods/cc can be found at the official forum.

Please check with the creators to see if there are updates to the mods and cc you use.

If you are having problems with the gallery, exit the game and move the mods folder to the desktop and delete the localthumbcache.package file from the Documents/Sims 4 folder to help troubleshoot. Launch the game again and try accessing the gallery again to see if that helps.


If you're still experiencing any problems with the gallery or Origin not working, please report it to the AHQ forum or Twitter. Using the links below - As we aren't able to help with EA Service problems.

Please make your own report, if there isn't one already.

AHQ - Sims 4 Tech Help Board -


To check the status of Origin

To report Origin outages, report them to EAHelp on Twitter or via AHQ forum:

EA Help

Origin Client/Web – Technical Support

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