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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 5.51 Massimo's Bait and Switch (06/21)
« Reply #225 on: June 21, 2017, 01:53:27 PM »
You're doing great with this! 2 Gen 3 heirs out, and Vitoria is almost ready to go -- woot!
When the Zombies Come(Completed)--The Wisewoman of Forgotten Hollow

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 5.52 Mixology Takes Forever! (06/22)
« Reply #226 on: June 22, 2017, 02:53:45 PM »
Yes, Laura's such a cutie-pie! And as the spare, she'll be around for much longer than even probably Vitoria, lol. Vitoria looks sickly thin now, but she's still sporting that Serena glamor!
I miss playing Serena! The founders start out as young adults, so my time playing them felt particularly short!
Poor Massimo--it was Serena's fault! If she'd decided sooner about Bella, Massimo could have lured her from Mortimer and turned her before Moss/Massimo became official!
And you know, I've been wracking my brains about the Gen5 spouses, but that's not even a thing! Only one winning household would be producing a Gen6 heir, I think.
Not too sure, really.

As you are the brain behind this challenge,, your vote of support truly means a lot!
I'm still unsure how the Vampire bloodline could ever really pull ahead, though, since it's the third household I play every week. I'm just trying to move each heir as quickly as possible. I guess the vampires would need a one-week lead to buy that sixth lot first!

5.52 Vitoria Zanna (2/3): Mixology Takes Forever!


Vitoria: I need to plan my friendship-building strategically so I don't suffer any downtime.
Since Papa's just invited Bella Goth over, she'll be my first good friend.

Hmmmm, so this is the one Grandma Serena wants my future son to marry.
If she's going to move in with Jung and I, she's going to have to lose that tight, red dress!

I'm envisioning her in a long, loose turtleneck sweater with baggy slacks!

Vitoria: Oh dear, she's Romantic like Jung! I'll have to keep a close eye on her!
Still, I can see why Grandma Serena wants Bella to contribute to the Zanna gene pool.

She's quite a striking sim! How will I be able to keep her distracted so she'll not go after my Jung?

Vitoria: This is Masato Yamamoto, the vampire Papa advises me to befriend and move in.
His traits are nothing special: Clumsy, Bro, and Glutton.
I wonder why Papa believes Masato would be a good roomie for me?

Vitoria: Aha, I totally understand Masato's appeal now!
One, he's a yoga instructor at Perfect Balance Spa, which means he has a high Wellness skill.
Two, he's already a Grand Master vampire, like Grandma Serena, Papa, and Jung!

Three, Jung is a Bro, too, so I bet he and Masato will get along fabulously.
And four, Masato is quite handsome. If we reach the point of a Gen6 heir, Masato could be the spouse!

Vitoria: For a mean and gloomy sim, Wolfgang Munch sure gets around!
I choose him for my third possible good friend, because we are somehow friends already.

Unlike Bella and Masato who I both met for the first time today, Wolfgang becomes a good friend quite quickly!

Out of deference to Papa, I don't choose Moss Dinero for my enemy.
Instead, I pick a fight with his mother, the Dinero founder.
Look at this ugly face she's making! I've never seen her so worked up!

Jung: While Massimo and Vitoria have been working hard to complete their requirements, I've also been pulling my weight.
I craft camping mascots to help with household funds and work in the garden.

Also, I've been quietly working in the Scientist career.
Thanks to Citrus bath soaks, Saffron incense, and the Wishing Well, I get promoted to a Level 9 Mad Scientist tonight.

To be on the safe side, I always complete my daily work task before seeking help from the Wishing Well.

Vitoria: While arguing with Daniela Dinero, I realize I've become Enraged. Oh no!
As soon as I've declared her my enemy, I take a cold shower to cool off.
I don't plan to die from a Cardiac Explosion!


Vitoria: Instead of trying to make my second enemy, I invite Grandma Serena over.
We're not quite good friends yet and she proves to be a very calming influence.

Serena: I was so frightened to hear that you'd become Enraged. You could have died, you know!
Vitoria: It was taking so long to become enemies that I tried setting the Club Vibe to Angry.

Serena: Oh no, you di'in't! Be patient, sweetheart. Don't risk your life for a rival!

Laura: I'm not sure why I'm staying up all night with the rest of the household.
It's not like I will be ageing up early or anything.

Tonight I start my third aspiration, Artistic Prodigy.
I'm enjoying drawing in Auntie Paola's studio and she's been giving me lots of encouragement!

I've also been thinking a lot about how I can avoid being left behind.
When Papa moved out, he did not take his Auntie Lilith with him.
When Vitoria moves out, she won't be taking our Uncle Lio with her.
I need to study their behavior to avoid their mistakes and make myself indispensable!

Serena: Hello there, Pippin! Thanks for remaining a faithful fan of mine all these weeks!

Well, now that Vitoria has her four good friends, including me, I'll be on my way.

Vitoria: It's 2:30 am when Megumi Soma arrives at our house.
You're probably wondering how I've managed to get one sim after another to come over in such a timely manner.

Do you remember back in Week 1, when Penny Pizzazz took over the Good Timers club from Bjorn Bjergsen?
I've been using that club to invite over potential friends and enemies, one sim at a time.

My mother, Morgan Fyres, has the worst sense of timing!
At the peak of my argument with Megumi, Mama comes into the room and tries to chat with us.
She completely photobombs the shot of my declaring Megumi my enemy! *rolls eyes

Vitoria: All that's left is to max the Mixology skill, so I head straight to the bar.

Meanwhile, Megumi vents her rage on poor innocent Bearcula before stomping out of the room.

Imagine my surprise when Megumi sits down at the bar to enjoy the aroma of a cocktail I mixed.
She is one crazy foodie! I admire how she obsesses over fine cuisine and wines.

I better ask her to leave before we end up losing our enemy status!
Wow, I actually had to re-declare Megumi my enemy! Go home, Megumi, NOW!

Vitoria: Naturally, when I max Mixology and get the splash notice, I'm not doing some awe-inspiring bar flair.
No, I'm facing down, looking around for something beneath the bar. So typical!
Unbelievably, it takes me 11+ hours to gain my last four levels of Mixology! And I'm Very Inspired the whole time!

It takes forever to level up a skill without any reward traits or mentoring!


After baking a cake to take with me and harvesting the family garden, I finally age up to a young adult at 3:30 a.m.
(Of course I'll be starting the plants I need for my bloodline requirements from scratch.)

Vitoria: I move out to the 30x20 Cookout Lookout lot, right next door to Papa.

Jung: Laura won't be a teen for another 10 days and there's no pressing need to age her up early.
Paola, on the other hand, needs to age up so she can join the Painter career and earn that Level 8 Deluxe easel!

Vitoria: With my new household all moved in, Watchette gets to work on our home.
It's same shell Papa used for his house.
It's not perfect and needs numerous modifications right away, but it still beats building from scratch every time!

Quite honestly, I'm still uneasy about Bella moving in with us already.
I have a plan already to keep Romantic Bella away from my Romantic Jung!
I've asked Watchette to build Jung and Masato a "Bro Room,' which only they can enter.
Bella can be the resident gardener and learn the logic skill, or something. Mwahahaha.

Jung: My Vitoria is a young adult at last!
Our friendship bars are full ,so igniting a romance takes no time at all.
Vitoria is even lovelier as a young adult, if that's even possible. I'm such a lucky vampire!

Jung: And now I will make her mine, at last!

Bella: When I agreed to move in with Vitoria, I'd thought Massimo would be living with here, too! What a scam!
And I'm, like, a super-cool double agent!
Why do I have to kneel and garden in my scarlet "hoochie-koochie mama" dress?

Masato: I see how it is! Vitoria and Jung are getting busy on the next heir.
Meanwhile, the rest of us plebes are left with the mundane task of gardening. Pffft!

Massimo: Dude, you need a makeover! That navy beret has got to go, Masato! You're a vampire, not an art critic!

Week 5 Status: Zanna Line

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
*Completed requirements: All done!
  Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Immortal Pleasures
  Garden (6 plants): done
  Career: Athlete/Pro Athlete (Level 10)
  Master Vampire aspiration: done

Gen3 Heir: Vittoria Zanna
*Completed move-out requirements: All done!
  Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L3 Potty, L5 Communication & Imagination)
  Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
  Aspiration: The Curator (done)
  Portraits (2): $15,197 (normal: $8378, dark: $6819)
  Teen career: Level 3 Barista (done)
  "A" in high school: yes
  Collection: 7 Paintings/$13,025 ($3204, 2601, 2026, 1779, 1209, 1202, 1004)
  Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Bella Goth, Masato Yamamoto, Wolfgang Munch
  Enemies: Daniela Dinero and Megumi Soma
  Skills: Painting and Mixology (both maxed)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 5.52 Mixology Takes Forever! (06/22)
« Reply #227 on: June 22, 2017, 03:28:53 PM »
Masato the flamboyant French vampire.  Okay, not really, but it's totally where the vampire in the beret and art critic reference took my imagination  :=)
Bella sure does know how to dress for gardening.  Oh, Vitoria, you have nothing to fear from Bella.  You swam out of Serena's gene pool, so how could Jung possibly even think of looking at another woman?  Of course, maybe grandma Serena could come over to get in quality time with her great-grandchild (so that Vitoria doesn't get an earful from Serena when it's almost age-up time for the next gen).
I'm so glad Laura gets to come along and stay part of the storyline.  She's such a little sweetheart!  She's the anti-Lio  ;=)
Seing the "Mixology Takes Forever" heading makes me mildly nervous for my IDC founder, Gaivan, but Vitoria has proven it can be done!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 5.52 Mixology Takes Forever! (06/22)
« Reply #228 on: June 22, 2017, 08:59:53 PM »
I am all caught up now on your story (still unpacking from my move).  There was a lot of good stuff.  I should have taken notes so I don't forget to comment on anything.

Congrats on all of the progress you are making.  It would be hard to leave behind the preceding generations and not get to play them again.  The Zanna's are still my favorite Italian vampires.  They are stunning sims and I love their family colors.  I'm excited to read about Laura's future in your story.

So, is the winner determined by the day/time they finish their requirements?  Or is their an advantage given to which ever family goes first?

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Vying for Victory (06/23)
« Reply #229 on: June 23, 2017, 04:59:34 AM »
As you will learn, Masato's odd outfit is a real mystery. I just don't know what to make of it!
I can't help but love the Zanna dynasty--they are all so beautiful, even the twig-like Vitoria. I loved your description of Laura as the anti-Lio! She's really thinking hard about how to earn love and respect. She's a little sweetheart!

Don't worry about your founder Gaivan maxing out Mixology in a timely manner.
Vitoria was simply trying to max the skill really quickly so she could move out earlier. Also, I'm probably over-accustomed to my sims having extra skill-boosting traits, like Morning Sim and Night Owl. Vitoria had the Creatively-Gifted trait from completing Artistic Prodigy.
Gaivan will be fine!

Congrats on completing your move! And thank you so much for reading!
I confess that I'm also very biased toward the Zannas and secretly want them to win the challenge. But it's no secret now since I just announced it.
I've been feeling a little frustrated lately, though, because there's no way that the Zannas could win the challenge without gaining a two-week lead to buy a sixth lot before their rivals.
I've explained about the winner's requirements at the end of this update. :)

5.53 Vitoria Zanna (3/3): Vying for Victory

Previously this week:
*Massimo completes the Master Vampire aspiration, finishing his final bloodline requirement.
*Because the founder Serena insists on Bella Goth as the future Gen4 spouse, Massimo successfully persuades Bella to leave Mortimer then turns her;
*Vitoria learns never to set the Club vibe to angry when trying to declare an enemy;
*After being declared Vitoria's enemy, Megumi sits on a barstool near Vitoria who's practicing bar tricks, causing them to lose their enemy status;
*Around 4 am on Saturday, Vitoria strikes out on her own as the Gen3 Zanna heir, moving in Jung, twin sister Laura, Paola Pizzaz, Bella Goth, and Masato Yamamoto.

Week 5/Saturday

Vitoria: It takes several tries and failed pregnancy tests before I conceive.
Jung: The repeated woohoo'ing poses such a hardship, but I unselfishly make the sacrifice for the famiglia!

Vitoria: Very funny, darling! When I finally learn that I'm pregnant, it's only 9 o'clock on Saturday morning.
We still have the whole day ahead of us!
I have plans for today to help zoom the Zannas to the finish line!

Bella: Oooh, it's the Welcome Wagon! Massimo, my dear, please come inside!
Serena: Hello!? Lilith, Penny, and I are here, too, Bella!

Penny: I see Vitoria had the good sense to give you a makeover. *smirks
Lilith: *gloats
Bella: Is that who I have to blame for this atrociously baggy turtleneck and frumpy hairstyle?!

Vitoria: Earlier, I rather rushed to give Bella her makeover and forgot all about Masato.
When I attempt to give him a makeover, though, I can't find that outfit he's wearing in his wardrobe.

Masato: Yep, you can never change this outfit, girlfriend!

Vitoria: Mama isn't part of the Welcome Wagon, possibly because she isn't a Daywalker.
So I use my Good Timers club to invite her over so we can vampire spar.

If I can defeat her three times, I'll move to the final tier of my Master Vampire aspiration.
That means I'll complete the "Survive 20 additional days as a vampire" goal by next Sunday!

Sadly, I'm unable to spar with Mama during or even after the Welcome Wagon event.
I'd completely forgotten that vampire sparring is out for pregnant sims! Darn, darn, darn!

My garden! I quickly buy a computer to purchase Wolfsbane, Plasmafruit, and Sixam mosquito trap seeds.
I'd already planted the other seeds I need in the morning.

Buying that Other Worldly Computer vastly exceeds our budget, but I can't bear to sell it.
Masato and Bella can use it to start their vampire aspirations.
And maybe I'll ask Bella to try her hand at writing novels.

Vitoria: Ahhh, the luxury of time! I listen to alternative music and eat carrots!
This is greatly preferable to hoping for a boy while relying on gender customization as a back-up plan.

Masato: What's with all the hating on my outfit?
Peeps don't like my beret, shades, and bejeweled bracelets?

Wow, that isn't one of your normal form outfits and you aren't in your dark form, either.
What exactly is that outfit? Why don't you wear the normal-form everyday outfit I gave you?

Masato: I don't know, Watchette! Maybe being a yoga instructor entitles me to an additional outfit that no one can touch!
Rather like the nanny Daichi Yoshida's floral pants!

You're so special, Masato!
Masato: I know, right? And I'm chopstick savvy to boot!

Paola: After buying that overpriced computer, I have to paint while Jung crafts camping mascots before I can afford to visit the Wishing Well!
Hmmmph, the Well puts on his hood and my boss says he'll take care of me "next time."

By the way, you'll never believe what I discovered when I bought Connections this morning!
I'd never bought the Creative Visionary reward trait! No wonder my masterpieces have been so few!

Laura: There's nothing I can do about our household's money blues.
To make a useful contribution, though, I decide to learn the violin and piano!

These skills aren't money-makers but I'm hoping to help mentor a future heir!

Bella: Thanks for the vampiric training, Masato! I'm so jealous that no one can change your outfit!

Masato: I'm sure the Zannas are counting their blessings now that I've joined this household!
Not only do I have Level 9 Wellness, but I'm also this household's second Grand Master Vampire.
*whispers: I bet Vitoria's relieved that Jung won't need to give you vampiric training, hehe…
Very funny, Masato. I see we have a troublemaker in the house!

Vitoria: After dark, we can finally head for Desert Bloom Park!
Between vampiric training cooldowns, using the Detect Personality is a great way to continue earning Vampire Power!

And I still have zero Sunlight Resistance, so it feels great to being out of the house!

Jung: The underground Science Lab at Desert Bloom Park is a real boon for poorer households like ours.
Tonight, I'm making two cloning machines to take home while Bella runs around checking the digsites.

Masato? He's stargazing in the Observatory. If we're lucky, he'll nab a space print or two for our Bro Room!

Vitoria: This park is also a popular hangout for vampires, it seems.
Why do most of them make such embarrassing fashion decisions?

Which reminds me, I should always leave one household member at home to summon us in case of a vampiric break-in.
I'm sure that blonde Ayaka Mori is the reason we got stuck at Korma Chameleon the other night.

Bella: Oh look! There's Massimo over there!
I know he says he was only following instructions to persuade me to move in with his daughter.

But just look at him! He's so irresistible! He's so adorable! I'm never letting him go!

Massimo: Listen, Bella. You need to give this a rest. I don't love you.
I've already made a romantic commitment to Moss Dinero who I've known all my life.
Bella: But what about us?

Massimo: There is no "us," Bella. You were asked to join our family to marry my grandson.
Bella: But, but….
Massimo: No buts, Bellissima. When my future grandson grows up, you'll fall madly in love with him.
That is your destiny, Bella, just as my destiny lies with Moss. Farewell! *poofs

Jung: Thanks for your hard work tonight, buddy! Truly appreciate your help with this cloning machine!
I don't have time to invent a second cloning machine this time, but we'll be back!
You take care of yourself!
Invention Constructor: Yeah, yeah. I'm probably not going anywhere…

Masato: Yo, dawg! Now that we're back home, how about a bro hug for your bro?
Jung: Cool! It's great having another bro in the house, man.

Masato: Good going with the cloning machine, dude!
Jung: Hey, nice job with the space print, yo!

Jung: So…how do you get one of those untouchable outfits, Masato? I hear even Watchette can't change it.
Masato: Dude, I don't know. I just came like this, you know? You think I'd wear these short black gloves with the bracelet bling if I had the choice?

Jung: Noice! We have our very own Bro Room! But you know what it needs?
Masato: No, you tell me. What does it need, bro?

Jung: We need a bar and a big TV so we can get drunk and watch sports together!
Masato: Word! But I'm gonna let you ask, cuz you're the Gen3 heir's spouse AND the founder's fave offspring!
I'm counting on you, Jung!

Jung: Hey, you're pretty special yourself, you know?
Masato: Nah…
Jung: Seriously, I hear the Somas considered throwing a vampire cure at you so could marry the next female heir.

Laura: Thanks to Uncle Lio, I've maxed the violin.
I wish we had room for a real piano, but learning to play an electronic keyboard is fun, too.

My teen birthday is in 9 days on Monday of Week 7.
By then, my unborn nephew will probably be a teenager already!

Do you think I should ask Vitoria for the vampire cure?
If I could buy reward traits and paint portraits, my nephew would surely take me with him when he moves.

Vitoria: Week 5 ends on a strong note for the Zanna dynasty!
I've already completed my skilling requirements for the Mixologist career.
My garden plants have sprouted and I'm almost a Master Vampire already.

When I visit the Wishing Well, he guarantees me a promotion tomorrow to Level 4!

I'm pretty sure the Bro Room will keep Jung and Masato out of trouble.
Just in case, though, I've made "Romantic socials with everyone" a banned club activity. Mwahahahaha!
(In these perilous times, one can never be too safe!)

Final Week 5 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vittoria Zanna
Incomplete Vampire Bloodline requirements:
  Garden (6 plants): none
  Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 3)
  Two tier-5 vampire powers: none
  Master Vampire aspiration (Tier III)

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
   Status: Conceived

Map of Newcrest at the End of Week 5

Mina: Each dynasty's Gen3 heir moved out this week, with the dynasties now occupying three lots each.
Akira: Thanks to my mother, my birth was delayed but I caught up by not going for the Happy Toddler trait. *sighs

Final Week 5 Comparison

Total Museum Value: Zanna/$69,997 > Dinero/$66,661 > Soma/$57,709     
Career Progress: #1 Dinero/Tech Guru (4), #2 Zanna/Culinary (3), #2 Soma/Politician (3)
Birth of Gen4 heirs: Sunday of Week 6 for all dynasties

Vitoria: Since we're all advancing at roughly the same pace, the winning factor will no doubt be museum worth, which puts vampires at a huge disadvantage.
My son will submit camping mascots as his museum items. With the marketable trait, these can be worth up to $4.5k; but without marketable, they're never worth more than $1.5k. And we haven't a clue what to do for the Gen5 heir's collection.
We Zannas would need a two-week lead to push ahead and buy a sixth lot. Arrrrgggh!

Toddler Question: I realize that all three Gen4 heirs will be nooboos on Sunday of Week 6. Since Vitoria Zanna conceived 20+ hours earlier than her rivals, will her nooboo age up to a toddler earlier than the other two?

Narrative Advisory

Please note that this thread will take a temporary detour to allow a safe haven for experimenting with the Parenthood Game Pack. *runs off to download it
Once the Parenthood interlude is finished, we will return to our regular programming (that is, to Week 6 of this Rival Dynasties Challenge).

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 5.53 Vying for Victory (06/23)
« Reply #230 on: June 23, 2017, 10:40:00 AM »
I'm excited to see/hear what you think of the parenthood expansion!
Dear, darling Laura is the bestest little helper ever!  I'd say she could also make an excellent spouse for one of the other bloodlines, but I don't know that she'd be willing to leave her family for those other households.
Masato and his mystery outfit.  I'm rather enjoying that as a random subplot to the story, actually.  First we had nanny Daichi and now Masato.  When will the next phantom outfit appear?  Actually, I think it would be pretty cool if he ends up being a spouse for another line.  He's very cool-looking and I like the sass you use in writing his lines.
Serena appeared right away!!  And Bella had the nerve to ignore her.  For shame, Bella.  For shame!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 5.53 Vying for Victory (06/23)
« Reply #231 on: June 23, 2017, 01:59:41 PM »
Laura is such a contrast to her ambitious twin sister Vitoria. She's also extremely limited in what she can do. She still hasn't completed her 4th aspiration (Social Butterfly) but part of me can't be bothered.
I'm loathe to move either Laura or Masato out of the Zanna line. If Laura took the vampire cure, she could buy reward traits and become the Zanna portrait painter. That would be sweet.
I'd originally planned on the Soma line curing him Masato to marry a female Gen4 heir. What I like about Masato is that he's a very rare sim in that he has a Japanese name and actually looks Japanese. Because he has Level 9 Wellness, Grand Master Vampire rank, and is a 100% Daywalker, though, he's an indispensable asset to the vampire line. Also, Jung and Masato being "vampire bros" is just absurdly fun.

Thanks for always reading and commenting. In appreciation, I'll be including your favorite of my sims in my upcoming Parenthood digression.  8)

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1.1 Mossimo's Parenthood: Where'd You Come From?! (06/28)
« Reply #232 on: June 28, 2017, 04:55:47 PM »
F1.1  Mossimo's Fatherhood: Where'd You Come From?

Massimo: Hey, what are you up to, Mama?
Serena: I'm playing a little World of Warcraft while I'm home alone.

Massimo: This is supposed to be a short story about Parenthood with Moss and I. Why are you even here, Mama?
Serena: I dunno. Watchette mumbled something about rewarding Pippin for being such a supportive reader.
Massimo: Really? That's why you're here?
Serena: *shrugs

Serena: So you wanna see some of my toons from the MMORPG World of Warcraft?
Massimo: You started playing WoW about 5-6 weeks ago, right?

Serena: This here's Blingaling, a male blood elf priest. He's my very newest toon!
He's my first male toon, too, and I'm really feeling the difference in how he's treated.

Massimo: *loses interest and leaves to go look for Moss
Serena: *doesn't realize Masssimo's gone and keeps talking

Serena: For example, this Vittória is a priest like Blingaling, but she's human on a different realm.
Ever since she was "born," she's enjoyed such incredible luck!

As soon as she arrived in her starting zone, another toon gifted her with five bags. Five!
A half hour later at the next zone, she receives 20 high-level mana-replenishing items by another stranger.

At the capital city, she noticed someone in trade chat offering 500 gold to sign their guild charter.
She whispers to him that she'd like to sign.
That's how she ended up a Level 15 noob in a guild with nine other Level 110 players.
The guild master says she's free to stick around if she wants. She's like the guild's mascot, I guess.

Serena: My other female toons haven 't been showered with bags and gold.
Still, almost every day, a male toon stops to ask one of my female toons where she's going and offers her a ride.
The encounter never lasts more than 5-10 minutes, ending when they reach their destination.
I guess it's just an act of kindness (or pity?). No one's ever offered poor Blingaling  a ride.

That's why we've changed him into a skimpier outfit this afternoon.
As a rule, are female players generally less inclined to go offering ride to unknown male toons?
I'm a scientist, so I'm curious if more toons will socialize with Blingaling when he exposes more flesh.

Male voice: It would be great if my new Ancestral Robe made me more popular, Serena!
Your female rogue seems to be really popular!
Now that she rides a bird, will you start having her go up to strange men and offer them rides?

Serena: Certainly not! Who knows what creepsters might be lurking behind those male toons!
Hey wait, who are you? Why are you in this house? And how do you know my name?

Male: Oh Serena, how can you say that! You wound me! It's me, your Blingaling!
Serena: Huh?! But, but, but this is supposed to be a short story about parents and parenthood.

Blingaling: After deciding to add you to this household, your watcher's been wracking her brains about your playmate.
Serena: My, uh, playmate?
Blingaling: You know, someone to keep you company, so you're not just a free babysitter all the time.

Massimo: Moss, don't be that way! Mama and I gave up our vampirism to take part in this story.
I'm hoping that you will want to make a sacrifice as well!
Moss: But why do I have to be the one to get pregnant? Why can't you get pregnant?

Massimo: Oh puhleeze! Think carefully about our careers, Moss! I'm a professional athlete!
You are an art critic who goes to work wearing a beret and an ascot.
Moss: I see what you're getting at--my career is less physically taxing and would be safer for the baby.

Serena: But, Bling, why did our watcher send you here? This is a story about parents and parenting.
Blingaling: You keep repeating that, but I'm from merely a toon from World of Warcraft.
All I know is fetching random items for significant strangers and killing monsters.
I don't even know what parenting means. Is that something I could do?
Could I become a parent, too, Serena?

Serena (clears throat): I think I could help you become a parent. We'll need to go upstairs.
Bling: Wow, I'm going to become a parent! I'm so excited!

Serena: By the way, why are you wearing a see-through top? It substitutes for your in-game Ancestral Robe?
Bling: OMG, your watcher also made me wear a trashy fishnet crop top!
Compared to that, I looooovvve this top! Why? Don't you like it, Serena?

Massimo: And don't forget that if you carry the baby, a greenboo is more likely!
Moss: Now you're just pulling my leg! But wait, only one of my three kids with non-green Aaradhya is a greenboo.
Yet my green daughter, Mina, did give birth to a greenboo recently.
*rushes to the mirror and customizes gender

Massimo: I can't believe we're getting a chance to have our own family, Moss!
Moss: It's a miracle, isn't it?

Bling: Hey, isn't that your son's bedroom? Why are hearts floating up from the bedcovers?
Serena: Oh that! He and Moss are getting ready to become parents.

Bling: So what do you think of my resemblance to your WoW toon?
Serena: Actually, you look much better than my toon. Well, except your ears are smaller…
Bling: I know, right!? My ears should be much, much bigger; they should rise above my head.
I just hope your watcher got everything else about me right!

Serena (mutters): Did Caleb really believe I wasn't aware he was out chatting up the ladies during our off weeks?
Bling: What did you say, Serena? And who's Caleb?

Serena: Caleb is someone from my past; he is history now. But you! You are my present and my future!
Oh, Bling! You and I are going to be such great parents!

Bling: Wow, I must say that I thoroughly enjoy this thing called parenting!
Serena: Silly boy! Because you're from a war-based game, all you know is war and combat.

Bling: So we aren't parenting yet?
Serena: Not, not yet. We're getting ready to become parents. Let's try that again.
Bling: I don't know, Serena. You might have to twist my arm…

Serena: I learn that I'm eating for two on 11:14 am of the first day.
I must go share the big news with Bling!

Moss: After failing to conceive twice, I get so sad that we can't try for baby again.
But Massimo brightens my day and we're able to try a third time.

This time my pregnancy result is positive!
Watchette (whispers): Moss's first trimester begins a mere 10 minutes after Serena's.

Bling: Where have you been, Serena? What's happening?
Serena: Oh, Bling! You're going to become a father very soon!
Bling: I've never experienced family life before. I hope I can be a good parent!

Serena (momentarily distracted): Um, Bling, is that little skirt thing your sleepwear!?
Bling: Hey, no hating on my kilt jammies! I'm a blood elf, okaaaay?

Moss: Massimo, look! It's me and my teeny first-trimester baby bump!!! *squees

Massimo: Now that Moss is expecting, allow us to backtrack and explain what's going on.
Moss: You might have already recognized that we've moved into The Lighthouse on Windenburg Island.

Massimo: After 3-4 attempts to download and remodel Gallery lots tagged #parenthood, we decided to simply remodel the Bjergsens' home.
Moss: Yes, we love the location, the open-plan layout, the ocean view, and all the windows. And the number of rooms is perfect for now.

Massimo: Almost perfect! We split the upstairs master bedroom in two, then added two single beds for Mama and her WoW-toon-come-to-life buddy.

Massimo: Hey, dude! I'm Massimo. I'm the son of Serena, although we've both ended up young adults in this story.
Bling: My name's Blingaling. A pleasure to meet you. How can you and your mother be the same age?

Massimo: Well, we used to be vampires but now we're not. By the way, nice call on the cut-offs!
Doing yoga in that short shirt I saw you wearing earlier might have been a little tricky! *smirks
Bling: That is NOT a skirt! And is that any way to speak to your step-father?

Massimo: Wut? My father Caleb is still alive. How can you be my step-father?

Massimo: Mama, you did what with your WoW toon Blingaling? And now you're pregnant! Gimme a break!
Serena: Oh calm down, Massimo. You get to be with Moss, so I deserve a second chance, too!
And Moss, please call me Mama from now on. You're family!

Moss: Thanks, Mama. So, Massimo tells me that you both gave up being vampires.
You didn't want to be vampires anymore? I mean, you were both top-ranking Grand Masters!
Serena: Truth is, we want this household's focus to be on parenting, not on vampires.

Moss: So does that mean that our children cannot be born vampires?
Serena: That's correct!

Massimo: Hey, how are you feeling, Moss?
Moss: I'm feeling a little nauseous and very bloated. Otherwise, I'm okay.

Massimo: Well, what do you think of this house? Does it have everything Motherlode can buy? Need anything?
Moss: Well, we can always visit The Bluffs nearby or take the children to Desert Bloom Park.
I say we get rid of the pool and the space gym to allow for larger patio and garden areas!

Serena: I'm so grateful to Pippin for having influenced Watchette to include me in this gig, you know?
I get a second, much longer chance at love and family life with that irresistible Blingaling.
Also, because we are the only active household in this story, I don't have to worry about Bling flirting around while Watchette's away.

And just so you know, the game no longer recognizes Massimo as my son. Probably because we're both young adults now.

Massimo: You are going to fit in perfectly with this household, Bling!
You're family oriented like me and you're a vegetarian like my partner, Moss!
Bling: You don't know how happy I am to hear that! I've yet to make a single friend in WoW.

Massimo: Incidentally, Mama, Moss, and I are keeping our maxed careers. Do you have a career?
Bling: I'm a Bloody Elf and a Discipline Priest, if that's what you mean.

Massimo: Not exactly. But since you love the outdoors, I can help you learn to garden, if you wish.
Bling: I would love that! I could be my own boss and work from home!
Massimo (mutters): I'm pretty sure Mama supports you staying at home. No doubt, she plans to keep you and your provocative top all to herself…

Moss: I'm feeling so happy and optimistic for our children!
Do you realize that I aged up to a young adult a mere 16 days after I was born?
Massimo: I sped through my nooboo, toddler, child and teen stages as well. In 17 days.

Moss: That's right! I've always been waiting for you to grow up, Massimo!
Massimo: And our own children were even faster! Our Gen3 heirs moved out exactly 2 weeks after they were born!

Moss: Well, I'm grateful for this chance to spend time with you, Massimo!
It could never have happened within the confines of our challenge.
Massimo: Our children will be more fortunate--they can enjoy ageing up naturally!

Bling: What about me? I've never known ageing before! The thought of ageing terrifies me!
Serena: That's why we're going to visit Willow Creek and then San Myshuno from now.
Massimo: Yep! The name of the game is Ambrosia!
Moss: Let's pay a quick visit to Granite Falls, too, to gather herbs for our future toddlers!

Serena: Um, Watchette, can I ask a favor of you?
Watchette: What's up?
Serena: Do you think you could add a little more getting-to-know-you and romancing to the next update?
Watchette: Sure thing! Sorry about rushing you and Moss to pregnancy, with zero buildup.
But since these chapters will revolve around the Parenthood Game Pack, I didn't want to spend five updates on courtship, first dates, and first kisses.

Serena: Bling and I can wait until the next update for our romance. What do you think, Moss?
Moss: I'm already regretting that I didn't hold out for rare orchids and expensive champagne! *sighs

Author's Notes

   • What is this story? As you've already figured out, this narrative interlude will focus on the new Parenthood Game Pack.
I puzzled for a while whether this story should be a separate thread or not. Since it features a founder and two heirs from my Rival Dynasties Challenge, however, I've decided to keep it in the same thread.
   • Household funds: I used the freerealestate cheat so the household could move into The Lighthouse, then used the Motherlode cheat to remodel the lot. I have no interest in starting a household from scratch and having to grind skills and career promotions.
   • Lifespan setting: I'm playing on Normal lifespan with auto-ageing enabled for everyone. I'll follow the RDC's ruling on ageing up toddlers early. I might switch to Long lifespan for the child stage.
   • How old is everyone? Because of their vampire trait, Serena is a Day 2 young adult and Massimo is Day 1. As a new CAS sim, Bling is also a Day 1 young adult. After drinking a Potion of Youth, Moss is now the same age as Massimo and Bling.
   • Blingaling: Adding him to the household just occurred to me late last night, after I changed his in-game outfit, lol!. I hope you agree that Serena deserves a devoted husband after putting up with Caleb's wandering eye. I'm regretting his name already.
   • How long? I plan to play this household until the end of the children's teen years, or until I feel like I'm familiar enough with the Parenthood Game Pack's new features.
Admittedly, this story starts out very oddly but the focus will soon be shifting to parenting.

Question to the readers: Do you find it acceptable for this spin-off to proceed in the same thread as the Rival Dynasty Challenge?
I'm just not sure it will be long enough to merit a separate thread. Any thoughts you'd like to share on this issue?

Thank you for reading!

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Where'd You Come From?! (06/28)
« Reply #233 on: June 28, 2017, 11:45:26 PM »
I have to admit I was a little confused and surprised to see your short story in this thread.  I like your reasoning behind putting it here and I think it fits well.
I am loving it so far.  I really liked seeing your WoW characters and how you are writing Bling's perspective.
I played a 7 toddler challenge in the Bjergsen house.  I like how much space it has.  I can't wait to see more of your redecorating.
What fun to play out Moss and Massimo's relationship and create nooboos.  I hope they will have a boy and a girl.
Serena and Bling are sure to have a beautiful child.  Will the child have a chance of getting Bling's ears?

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Where'd You Come From?! (06/28)
« Reply #234 on: June 29, 2017, 01:21:08 AM »
Oh my goodness!   Serena the amazing gamer brought her creation to life simply through the power of her own awesomeness!
So glad she gets to be part of this and doesn't have to deal with that no-good Caleb who totally doesn't deserve her.
Oh, and it's nice that Moss and Mass are together too.  Guess I was too distracted to really notice them that much...

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Mossimo's Fatherhood: Foiled Again! (06/29)
« Reply #235 on: June 29, 2017, 05:53:10 PM »
Thanks so much for your feedback on where to place this story. I was having so much fun writing through Bling that this was turning into a different story, so I've toned that down some, haha.
I can see how The Lighthouse would be an excellent space for the 7 Toddlers Challenge--the big living room and connected kitchen are really great.
I'm hoping that Moss and Serena will have one nooboo each, then they can try again and have a second nooboo of the opposite gender. We'll see!
As for Bling's elf ears, I'm using Khitsule's "Pointy Ears Unlocked - All Ages" cc for genetically-inheritable elf ears.
I would love to see both his toddlers with little pointy ears, but I don't know what the likelihood of transmission is. Crossing my fingers!

Haha, I have to laugh at what an effort you have to make in order to comment on any sims who don't happen to be your favorites! rofl
And yes, Serena was having an impossible time deciding on a worthy companion for this story so I hope Bling can keep up with her!
Thankfully, Caleb hasn't been around at all! I'm hoping that garlic wards, locked doors, and the Private Dwelling lot trait will suffice to keep Vlad out!
By the way, Massimo and Moss thank you for noticing their presence in the story!
I wonder if creating a household with 4 adults instead of 2 was a bad idea, but I definitely don't regret adding Serena and her (our?) WoW infatuation, Bling.

F1.2  Mossimo's Fatherhood: Are We There Yet?

Week 1/Sunday

Massimo: We might as well visit Granite Falls first. I think you're really gonna love it there, Bling!
It's all forest, trees, mountains, and rivers!

Serena: Hey, I love your taste in lodgings, son! This is luxurious to the max!
Moss: And it's undergone a family-friendly remodeling so we can come back with the children!

This Gallery download is "Granite Fall Luxury," originally created by gizky then recently renovated by Jyrosmith to incorporate the Parenthood game pack.

Massimo: Surely, you've gone fishing before, haven't you?
Bling: Yes, of course! I'm around Level 50 but max is Level 700.

Massimo: Well, you'll need to restart from scratch in this simverse, my friend.
Bling: Serena tells me you're an Angling Ace, so I look forward to your guidance!

Massimo: How does Bling manage to catch the first two fish while I haven't caught any?!
Bling: Relax, Massimo. It's just beginner's luck.

Massimo: Maybe it's your outfit! I find that top of yours oddly distracting…
Bling: You don't like this top? Your mother says she loves this top!
Massimo: Of course, she does.

Moss: Very clever of you to buy the Parenting Vol. 1 book before our departure.
Thanks for bringing a copy for me, too, Mama.
Serena: No problem! Massimo and Bling are both family-oriented, so you and I need a little head-start.

Moss: I'm feeling homesick…
Serena: That's ridiculous! We've only lived in that Windenburg house for six hours.
And it's been a whole 5 minutes since we arrived here in Granite Falls.

Bling: Fish here, fish there, harvest this, go to the kiosk to buy that…
Why am I the one doing all the work?

Serena: Because we're trying to help you earn satisfaction points, darling!
You'll live more comfortably after you've bought some reward traits.

Bling: Wow, this National Park area is even lovelier than the Campground!
Massimo's right--I do love it here in Granite Falls.

Serena: How can you be homesick again, Moss? Get a grip, boy!
Take a page out of Bling's book and learn to adapt!

Bling: So this is Willow Creek? What are we doing here, besides playing this game?
Serena: We're waiting to harvest a lily flower.

Moss: Our last stop today is the produce vendor in San Myshuno.
Massino: Before we head there, Moss, we have an important decision to make.
Moss:  Yes, I know and I've been thinking it over. What about you? Do want a son or a daughter?

Serena: With the fabulous genes of Bling and I, I'd really like to have one each!
I mean, our son would be devastatingly handsome but our daughter would also be gorgeous.
Bling: I wish for a son who resembles me and a daughter who resembles you, but both with my pointy ears!

Don Lothario: Whoa, I can't believe Elf Boy successfully stole Serena away from the ever-popular CalebVatore!
I'm going to have to buy me a see-through shirt like that!

Moss: So you're buying carrots, Serena? I'm buying strawberries!

Serena: By the way, Don, if I catch you wearing the same shirt as my man, I'll string you up by your thumbs somewhere nobody will ever find you.

Don: Perish the thought! The idea had never ever crossed my mind! What shirt?!

Moss: Uh oh! Don't look now, but Bling has been "discovered"!

Bella: Hey there, handsome! You must be new in town! My name's Bella G…

Serena: There you are, darling Bling! It's time to go home… our house!

Bella: Drats, he's already taken! I knew he looked too good for a random townie!


Moss: It's past midnight when we can finally harvest that lily plant in Willow Creek.
We're all done gathering our garden's plants for the time being!

Serena: I thought Bling and I would go on a romantic date today.
Massimo has the day off and Moss is working from home, so I even take a vacation day!
But what do we do? We come to Desert Bloom Park! Pfffft!

Massimo: Mama, show some patience, please! We're trying to gather materials for you to invent a cloning machine.
Once each digsite spawns, Bling and I will mine them. We should be outta here by noon.

Serena: While I'm reading my Parenting book, I get a phone call from some telemarketer.
Normally, I hang up immediately but I accept the earbuds.

They'll make a nice little gift for Bling. (No, they won't since I can't take them out of my inventory!)
I have a feeling he will enjoy visiting that new Fitness Club in Oasis Springs with Massimo.

Serena: It's been 11 hours since we started waiting on digsites and looking for a second common metal.
We've visited Desert Bloom Park and the Willow Creek Commercial District so that Massimo and Bling could mine all the nodes.

Still no success! For the sake of my romantic dinner, I take matters into my own hands.
When we arrive at Magnolia Blossom Park, I insist on being the one to mine the digsite nodes.
Of course, I acquire not just one, but two common metals right away!

I ask you: what would this household do without me?

Serena: Bling, please take note that this is my favorite restaurant lately.
Bling: You, sweet Serena, look ravishing in your evening outfit.
Serena: That's sweet of you to say so, but it's a little too vampiric for my current lifestyle.
Bling: Did you notice I'm wearing a dark brown version of my everyday outfit?
You can still just barely see my nip….

Massimo: Oh hush, dude! No one wants to hear about your anatomy at the dinner table!

Moss (changes subject): Bling and I are the only vegetarians, but do you mind my ordering vegetarian-safe dishes for everyone?

Massimo: Please put your phone away!  I don't want you to think I'm picking on you, Bling, but I'm trying to help you fit in.
Bling: Browsing the web on my phone is a bad thing?

Massimo: Except in an emergency, you should not be taking your phone out at a restaurant.
Once you have children, though, checking for messages from the nanny is acceptable.

Bling: I appreciate your honesty and advice, Massimo. I'm often bewildered by this new life!
Obviously, I've never experienced restaurants or phones before.
Serena: You can ask us anything when you're feeling uncertain, Bling. We're all family now.


Serena: With Rally the Troops, I am able to work all night (which can't have been great for our baby).
By morning, I've invented two cloning machines.
After all this prep, I'm not lifting a finger until Wednesday morning.

Bling: We spend the day in quiet joy and anticipation.
Thanks to that skill book, we've all reached Level 3 Parenting.

We hire a vegetarian caterer from San Myshuno to stock up on toddler food.
Jessminder Bheeda also looks to be in her third trimester.
Perhaps her child will become a friend of our children someday.

Massimo: It doesn't take long for Count Vladislaus Straud to sniff out our new digs.
He actually has the nerve to text Mama while I'm mentoring her!

With my max fitness, I'm pretty sure I can give him the smackdown he deserves.
But I worry for the rest of the household. Maybe they should start working out, too! Maybe learn some self-defense?
And we should definitely stock ingredients for the vampire cure!

Moss: Thanks for moving the easels indoors, Bling.
Bling: Since that vampire's contacted Serena, our patio and garden are no longer safe at night!

Moss: Bling's been thinking hard about his role in the household.
Besides gardening, he'd like to learn to paint so he's asked me to mentor him.

Bling: I don't have the right traits to become a great painter like you, Moss.
But maxing painting would let me help you mentor our children.
Logic would be the best skill, but then who could mentor me?

Massimo: By the way, Mama, who's that elderly lady with the kissy thought bubble on our back porch?
Serena: Oh! That must be the new butler I hired this evening!

Massimo: But why do we need a butler? Moss quit his job today, you know.
So both Moss and Bling will be earning income from home.

Couldn't we just hire temporary domestic help when the house gets too messy?

Serena: Dear Massimo, how would you feel if Moss and I each gave birth to twins?
Massimo: Gah, nooo! That would be a nightmare!

Serena: Exactly! Moss and Bling would be home during the day with two kids each.
Even if we hired a nanny, that would leave one child without a dedicated adult.

Massimo: I see now. A live-in butler ensures a maximum of 3 nooboos, not four.
Serena: Yes, that's right. Ideally, Moss and I would give birth to one nooboo at a time.

Massimo: So, have you met our new butler, sweetheart?
Moss: No, not yet. What are her traits?

Massimo: She's Creative like you and Active like me, but she's also Squeamish.
Moss: Is she nice?
Massimo: She's an elderly butler who feels flirty--pretty awkward, if you ask me.

Serena (overhears): Don't worry about her, Massimo.
As soon as Moss and I give birth, we'll be dismissing that butler, remember?

Bling: I don't understand how hiring a live-in butler helps prevent multiple births.
The butler doesn't take up a slot in our household, so there's still room for four more sims.

Watchette: Gahhhh, noooooo! Obviously, this is the first time in my sim-life that I've ever hired a butler.
Oh well! Fortunately, I'm never above having a good laugh at myself.
Darn, foiled by the butler!


Serena: Well, it's 10 a.m. now.
Moss: Only another hour or so to go until we get to meet our nooboos!

Bling: Does that mean the next update begins right away with introducing the nooboos?
Serena: I don't know. It depends on whether we give birth at home or a hospital.
Would you like to go with me to the hospital, Bling?

Massimo (whispers): It's a trap, Bling! Hurry and say no!

Watchette: Everyone, please cross your fingers that Serena and Moss don't have twins!

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Foiled Again! (06/29)
« Reply #236 on: June 29, 2017, 07:26:19 PM »
Fingers are crossed ... only another hour till nooboos?  Too bad that is game time not IRL time.

I really liked the screenshots and the bit that took place in San Myshuno with Bella and Don.

Bling is becoming one of my favorite sims.  He is so naïve about the sim world.

Great update!  More please...

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Foiled Again! (06/29)
« Reply #237 on: June 29, 2017, 07:43:48 PM »
Fingers crossed for Serena to have triplets that are all little clones of her but with elf ears!
So cute how patient she is in explaining things to her boy toy. :=)

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Mossimo's Fatherhood: Tyelis and Caprice (07/01)
« Reply #238 on: July 01, 2017, 09:12:31 PM »
1.3  Mossimo's Fatherhood: Tyelis and Caprice

Week 1/Wednesday

Bling: It's not easy leading a double life, you know!
Whenever Watchette bids farewell to this household, the others rest until the next time. But not me!

Watchette takes me to Silverpine Forest, where I've been helping the undead Forsaken people recover their homelands.

Last night, I was able to buy a travel license finally and can travel over land.
Occasionally, though, I prefer public transportation and leave navigating to someone else!

Moss: You say you'll never be a great painter, Bling, but you certainly have a flair!
Bling: Do you really think so? *blushes
Moss: Just look at these two portraits you've painted! Everyone agrees they deserve pride of place in the living room!

Bling: I'm in the midst of asking the butler to stop watering the plants, so I can do that, when I'm whisked to the hospital.
Massimo warned me about accompanying Serena to the hospital!
Fortunately, he also shared tips on what not to do while I'm here.

That's why I'm sitting in the hallway, waiting for Serena to get checked in.
I valiantly resist all urges to play video games on a computer, grab a snack from the kitchen, or peek at the room filled with medical equipment…

Serena: Calm down, Bling. This woman is our shaman and will help bring our baby into the simverse.
Bling: Shaman, you must help my Serena! There's a big metallic claw that is ready to devour her heart!

Doctor: Don't you worry, sir! I've got this situation mostly under control.
But would you mind facing the other way? It's hard to focus when you're standing there in that shirt.
Bling: Yeah, I get that a lot… /hair flip

Bling: My beloved Serena, what a miracle! You have given us a son!
Serena: Would you like to name it, darling?

Bling (earnestly): Oh yes, I would! I fear Watchette might give him an idiotic gag name like mine!
W: *whistles innocently

Bling: He shall be named Tyelis Mevidh. Tyelis after my Blood Elf priest trainer in Orgimmar.
Mevidh after my own family name, meaning "Keeper of Secrets."

Serena: Bling! You fed Tyelis at the hospital and I've just changed his diaper. Meet you upstairs!
Bling: You haven't even changed out of your hospital gown yet, but…I'm on board!

At that very moment, Moss goes into labor. If you remember, he'd conceived a mere 10 minutes later than Serena did.

Moss: Just because Bling is a new sim, Watchette follows Serena to the hospital for her delivery!

I realize I'm already a father of three but I've never attended a hospital birth before, much less given birth myself!
Does Massimo have any clue how terrified I am!? And a little lonely, too, I might add.

Massimo: Hey, wait up, Moss! Why would you go off to the hospital without me!?
I've never attended a hospital birth, either!
Let's ask Watchette to come with us to the hospital next time, okay?

For Moss, I choose the "Have baby at the hospital/Send alone" option so as not to interrupt Serena and Bling.
How awfully cute of Massimo to autonomously run after Moss!

Moss: I return home from the hospital to discover a beautiful little greenboo!
Massimo and I had hoped for a daughter and our wish comes true!
We've named her Caprice Zannero, combining our family names of Zanna and Dinero.

Massimo remarked that my carrying the baby would increase the chances of a nooboo.
I wonder what exactly the probabilities of a greenboo are? 50/50?

By late afternoon, both Serena and Moss are pregnant once again.

Serena: Is this really the only way for Bling and I to have both a son and a daughter?
Moss: Well, at least the house is full now so y'all can rest assured this is the last Eating for Two image!

Bling (pouts): Why couldn't I be the one getting pregnant the second time? I want to try everything once!
Serena: You would no doubt have looked adorable pregnant, dear, but that would have been too much trouble.

Massimo: Enjoy a close, last look at our bassinet burritos, dear readers.
Bling: Why? Are they going somewhere?

Moss: Nope, they're not, but we're going to try speeding ahead a little to their birthdays.


Massimo: Our butler, Cherish Lloyd, mostly just gets in the way.
Whenever a nooboo cries, she heads for the fussing nooboo, preventing us from doing anything.
But then she never feeds the nooboo or changes the diaper.

Bling: Still, Watchette gave her a make-over so we'd want to keep her. She's younger with elven ears!

Serena: Moss, are you keen on a young, pretty, large-busted butler with elven ears flitting around the house 24/7?
Moss: Well, when you put it THAT way…

Moss: Strawberries for you this time? I hope your daughter looks just like you!
Serena: Carrots for you this time? I'm really excited for you two, since I've never had a grandson!

Moss: Hey, Bling, did you see Mama inventing and upgrading that wormhole generator last night?
I'm going to a different planet called Sixam, Bling. You wanna come with me?

Bling: No one back in my homeland of Azeroth will ever believe I traveled to outer space!

Massimo: Thanks for coming to work out with me at this new fitness center!
Bling: It's always fun experiencing new things with you, Mass! Pity that Serena and Moss are feeling unwell.

Massimo: They're fine over by the lake, fishing.
Bling: Well, this rock-climbing treadmill is pretty crazy! In my world, we build muscle by combat training or hard physical labor.

Moss: We already explained to you on Day 1 that Massimo and Bling are trying to become Freelance Botanists.

And yet, this is the THIRD time today that I've caught you watering the plants and had to ask you to "Stop Gardening."
We've even asked Watchette to fence in the garden to lock you out...
Serena: Ain't nobody got time for dat! (Also, I don't really want her around Bling while I'm at work…)

Moss: Cherish, you are fired! Be gone and darken our doorstep no more!


Massimo: What do you think, guys? Should I quit my Pro Athlete job and be self-employed?
Bling and I brought back alien flora from Sixam, so our garden's gonna be worth a lot soon.

Moss: Stay home with us! We could work several hours every morning, then go out and do fun stuff together!

Bling: Why does Serena continue working? Can she stay home, too?
Massimo: Nooooooo, then it wouldn't be "the bros," bro!

Moss: Also, she's our scientist so we still need her to invent stuff for us, like SimRays!

Serena: We get both birthday notices around the same time, so Bling and Moss do the honors.

Bling: Bless the Light, Serena! Tyelis has my violet eyes and elven ears!
Massimo: Noice! And Tye is clingy so enjoy having him constantly wanting your attention!

Moss: And Caprice has my emerald eyesr and green skintone! May our son resemble you, Mass!

Moss: Unfortunately for Serena and I, this first-floor bathroom has been renovated for toddler use.
Serena: Let's keep it this way until our last two kids start grade school!

Serena: Although I'm the only gainfully employed sim in the house, I'm the one who starts by reading to them.

Moss: Well, Bling and I already have Level 4 Parenting while you and Massimo are barely Level 3!
Serena: I really don't mind, since I only have weekends off, though you could write me an excuse note now and then!

Mass: By the way, Mama, I like this long-sleeved top on you better!


Tyelis: How do you do it, Caprice! You've gone potty twice without an accident!
Caprice: Your first potty booboo was totally your mother's fault, Tye!
When I saw you looking sad, I checked her moodlets and she had "Poor Potty Guidance"!

Tyelis: You have successful potty sessions cuz of your Papa?
Caprice: Partly. Now, watch carefully and learn!

The Friendly/Watch interaction normally builds the Mental skill. I'd always thought the Friendly/Watch interaction with the potty icon was the devs' idea of a joke.
But when a toddler watches another toddler do potty, they build their own Potty skill.
It's helpful but still a little creepy.

Bling: Tye's in a better mood now but he had a little fit a few minutes ago.
When I tried teaching him how to say please and thank you, he got angry!

Why? Because my Parenting skill is too low or because he only has Level 1 Communication skill?

Bling: How do you do it, Moss? You must share your secrets with me!
Moss: What are you talking about?

Bling: First of all, your Caprice has 2/2 successful potty sessions. My Tyelis has 2/2 potty booboos.
Also, when I teach cliingy Tye to say please and thank you, he gets an Angry +1 moodlet.
And when you teach inquisitive Caprice, she gets a Happy +1 "Well-Mannered Toddler" moodlet.

Moss: I didn't try teaching Caprice until after she reached Level 2 Communication.
Tyelis was only Level 1 when you taught him, right? I wonder if that makes any difference.

Bling: I don't know what to do, Moss! I'm so disappointed in myself!
Tyelis is my very first child. He is my son and heir. Yet I am failing him as a father.

Moss: Don't be so hard on yourself, Bling. You're doing really well for the first time.
I have Level 5 Parenting, but you're right behind me at Level 4.5.
Meanwhile, Serena and Massimo are a whole level behind you at Level 3.5.

Serena: What are you doing, sweetheart?
Bling: I bought the Parenthood Vol. 2 skill book to boost my level while Tyelis sleeps.

Serena: You don't need to try so hard, Bling. Our children will grow up just fine.
Bling: That's not how it works in my world, Serena.
How can I expect the best from Tyelis if I, in turn, unwilling to give him my very best as well?

Serena: Well, read while you can and maybe bring your book with you to the hospital.
Bling: The hospital?
Serena: Did you forget? I'm giving birth again in another hour or so.

The next update will begin at the hospital with Serena and Bling.
Serena and Bling are hoping for a daughter, while Massimo and Moss want a boy.

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Tyelis and Caprice (07/01)
« Reply #239 on: July 01, 2017, 11:30:28 PM »
Poor Bling.  He's trying so hard.   Of course, since young Tyelis has Serena's genes, he'll be just fine.
Another lovely update.   Not having the Parenthood expansion, it's fun to experience it vicariously through your playing it and getting to see dear Serena have more nooboos is always a delight!  Oh, the green kid's really cute too. ;=)

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Tyelis and Caprice (07/01)
« Reply #240 on: July 02, 2017, 11:41:23 AM »
This story is so much fun to read.  I love all of the characters and the way you write their relationships and interactions.

The nooboos are perfect and adorable.

Does reading to toddlers build imagination?  Do you start reading then tell them to eat or the other way around?  I've noticed through your screenshots that your sims read to their toddlers during the day not only at bedtime.

Also, how often do you have your toddlers watch other sims?  Raising Thinking and Communication are the hardest for me.  Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Tyelis and Caprice (07/01)
« Reply #241 on: July 02, 2017, 01:41:16 PM »
I really don't know why things turn out so different between elven Tyelis and green Caprice. It's almost as if I'm doing a bad kid/good kid story on purpose (but I'm definitely not).
Serena really deserves to quit her job, too, since the household can generate enough income from home now. I just need to decide what inventions and serums would benefit the household before she quits. Then you'll see her around much more!
As for Parenthood, from what I've read elsewhere, Parenting doesn't really influence the kids so much until the child stage onward, so I'm preparing for that by having the parents build their Parenting skill now.

I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying the "story" so far, because I find it really hard to skip days at a time to speed to a later point in the household's lives, haha.

Reading to toddlers:
It satisfies three goals. (1) builds toddler's imagination, (2) contributes to "Read to a child for 2 hours" for Big Happy Family/Successful Lineage, and contributes to Whiz Kid's "Be read to by an adult for 2 hours" goal.
When toddlers are directed to "Grab a serving," then an adult is directed to "Sit" then "Read to toddler" (you can pick multiple toddlers or children), the toddlers will head to where that adult is, sit down, take out their plate, and "Listen to Story" while eating.
Toddlers seem to spend so much time sleeping, so this is just a way to squeeze in a little more skilling.

A toddler needs Level 2 to Learn Shapes (nesting blocks) but can Learn Numbers (flash cards) from Level 1 in my current game, so I like to have a toddler "Watch" other sims until at least Level 2.
Watching is also good for a difficult toddler since they'll never get an angry moodlet from watching.
A toddler can Watch when they're angry about nesting blocks/flash cards; Watch never results in a negative moodlet.
Watch cannot be used on any sim who the toddler considers a stranger.
To observe the Parenting skill, though, I'll have the toddlers ask to Learn Numbers at the start.

A toddler needs Level 2 to Learn Animals (flash cards). Reach L2 by having an adult "Teach to Talk" or let the toddler interact with an animal toy, like Uni.
The animal toys seem to give the fastest boost, but I'm trying to boost the adults' Parenting, so I'm using Teach to Talk in this story.
In my RDC, I leave 3 or so animal toys in separate locations, having the toddler move around the house to hit/hug/play/whatever with each animal toy.
Because every little bit helps, always have the toddler ask for everything--flash cards, nesting blocks, bath, read story, etc.
Don't ever let an adult initiate an interaction that would give a toddler the chance to request an adult for something.

I thought it was so interesting that you find Thinking and Communication the most time-consuming.
For me, unless I put extra effort into the toddler, Movement is always the last skill to be maxed. I recently discovered getting Active sim to "Drink energy juice" before Play.

Sorry for the long response! The next pair of nooboos are already born, so I'm trying to play through to their toddler birthdays by this evening.  :)

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Mossimo's Fatherhood: Melannia and Vitor (07/04)
« Reply #242 on: July 04, 2017, 06:11:39 AM »
F1.4  Mossimo's Fatherhood: Melannia and Vitor

Week 1/Saturday

Bling: My double life in my homeland Azeroth and my new home Windenberg Island continues.

Recently, I succeeded in driving out the human invaders from the territories of the undead Forsaken peoples.
The entire campaign was fraught with extreme peril, shocking treachery, and life-or-death decisions.

Of course, the leader of the Forsaken now treats me with respect and gratitude.
Otherwise, however, I remain shunned by the world outside of here in Silverpine Forest.
To this day, I have yet to receive a single guild invitation and am largely ignored except by NPCs who seek my assistance.

Bling: For a change of scene, I journey to Thunder Bluffs which resembles a Native American village.
Upon arriving here, I check the mailbox to find a message from my "sister," Vittória.
Do you remember her? She's a priest like me but for the opposite faction.

Last week, she received 500 gold to sign a guild charter, becoming the first member of a newly-forming guild.
This morning, that same Guild Master tells her to check her mail.
He'd crafted 4 costly, spacious bags which he mailed to her with 1,000 gold!

Why is Vittória so cherished and spoiled, while I am forced to walk alone?
Some days, I wish World of Warcraft had a gender customization option like Sims 4!

Bling: Back in Windenbug, I am so happy to be treated like family. I feel needed and loved!

Everyone's trust inspires me to become a better father.
Instead of reading, I try browsing the Parenting forum on the internet.

And no, I don't really understand what "browsing" and "internet" mean.
I'm simply repeating what Massimo taught me to do a few minutes ago.

This room? Watchette says I can use the former butler's room as my own.
I appreciate the preferential treatment. For far too long, I've been the one outside looking in. *sighs

So, what are you doing here in the hospital cafeteria, Blling?
Bling: Well, you told me that I can do anything I want this time, Watchette, right?
So I followed my nose to this room in the hospital, drinking carbonated soda for the first time in my life.

Where's Serena?
Bling: She's probably in the delivery room. I saw her heading there on my way to this cafeteria.

Hospital speakers: Mr. Bling Mevidh, would you please come immediately to the delivery room? Your wife just gave birth to a healthy baby girl.
Bling: Oops!

Massimo: Moss, you wanted Watchette to join us at the hospital for the birth.
We're all here so why are you still looking so afraid?

Moss: I'm not sure, Massimo. The part of me who's pregnant is glad to be here.
But the part of me who's male wants to go into full-blow prenatal panic.

Massimo: Oh no, Moss! Why the heck are you wearing pink slippers?
Didn't you eat all the carrots? Have you forgotten that I've never had a son?

Moss: Unexpectedly, this one is also a greenboo!
Massimo: But our second child is a boy! I'm so excited! I'm going to spoil him rotten!

Serena: May I have the honor of naming my first grandson?
Moss: Yes, of course!

Serena: Then, let's call him Vitor.
Massimo: Oh, like the Brazilian-Portuguese equivalent of the English name Victor?
Serena: That too, but I was thinking more of Kim Taehyung aka V in the kpop band BTS.

Moss: It's worked out just perfectly, hasn't it, Mama Serena?
Serena: Yes, indeed! We each have a son and daughter!

Moss: Do you think we should have staggered the births a little more?
Serena: It's too late to be talking about that now! Let's hope we get a good nanny!
Also, if you know any unflirty family-oriented sim, we could perhaps add her to our club…
Moss: Her?

Week 2/Sunday

Tyelis: I love Papa so much! We share a lot in common!
For example, we both agree that weewee in da pants is a no-no.

Bling: I've managed to spill water everywhere while giving Tyelis a bubble bath.
He's not actually dirty but I'm trying to put him in a playful mood.

Would it have been quicker and easier to share jokes with Tyelis instead?

Moss: Usually, we prioritize helping our toddlers reach Level 2 Potty and Level 3 Thinking asap.
This time around, Tyelis and Caprice seem to spend more time sleeping than awake.

It's quite obvious that Caprice has only Level 1 Thinking.
She's awoken by nightmares several times a day, her crying waking up Tyelis, too.

Bling: This is preposterous! Why are Tyelis and I playing house!?
We should out in the forests where I teach him how to tame wild unicorns!

Serena: Life is filled with mysterious surprises!
I'd never imagined that I would find love with a blood elf and bear his children!

And never in my wildest dreams did I ever picture having greenboos for grandchildren.
I can't wait for Melannia and Vitor to age up to toddlers tomorrow!

Massimo: You're probably wondering why Moss spends more time with our kids than I do.
You see, I have the family-oriented trait which makes me a "natural parent."
For now, I'm stepping back to give Moss time to bond with Caprice.

Bling is also family-oriented. You can tell by how devoted he is to Tyelis.

By the way, you haven't seen much of Mama and I because we're trying to max Logic for the Whiz Kid aspiration.

How many adults does it take to figure out this Buildem Blocks Play Table?

Bling: I just don't get it, Moss!
The instructions say that this table's for toddlers only, but Tyelis can't interact with it!

Moss: Hmmmm, let's see what SimGurus have to say. *pulls out his phone
Apparently, toddlers can play with blocks once they've been built by children and older sims.

Bling: Well, that's not truly "toddlers only" now, is it!

"Poor Potty Guidance"--the bane of toddlers the world over!

Caprice: Waaaahhh, Grandma made me break my perfect "Potty Success" record!

Serena: I'm a Level 10 Scientist, so I should be able to potty train properly. Grrrr!

Massimo: Way to go, Mama! Now Caprice has a 4-hour Sad +1 "Potty Accident" moodlet.


Bling: Why are you and I on the beach fishing, while our resident Angling Ace stays home with the children?
Shouldn't we switch places?

Moss: Not at all. I maxed Cooking and Gourmet Cooking this morning, so we need an angelfish.
But Massimo has been mentoring his mother in Logic after maxing it himself.
That's why he never got the chance to read to the kids for two hours.

Bling: But, Moss, my son is the clingy sort! He absolutely hates being left behind.
Moss: Sorry to break this to you, dude, but your boy needs to toughen up!

Moss: A few hours before Vel and Vitor's birthdays, we hire a nanny.
Rieko Kobayashi is an outgoing, family-oriented genius. Nice traits!

Massimo: If she's a genius, can she still mentor musical instruments?

Moss: I try briefly playing an electronic keyboard, a violin, a guitar, and some chess.
Each time, I try to ask Rieko to mentor me.
Serena: And your results?

Moss: She can only mentor me in guitar. Oh well, let's keep looking for a nanny who can mentor both violin and piano!
Massimo: We don't need a guitar mentor until the kids are teens.

Bling: We age up the nooboos in the late afternoon.
Here is our daughter, Velannia Medivh.
She has my violet eyes but her mother's nose. She doesn't inherit my ears.

It's too early to say who Vel will resemble but I hope, obviously, she looks like her mother!

Massimo: Don't you think our two toddlers look a lot like each other?
Moss: Vitor looks like I did at his age, except his eyes and eyebrows are definitely shaped like yours!

Serena: I can already tell that Vitor's going to grow up into a heartbreaker!

Current Status:

Parenting skill: Level 6/Bling and Moss; Level 5/Massimo; Level 4/Serena

If Massimo hadn't been maxing and mentoring Logic, he could also have had Level 6 Parenting.
Serena's Parenting is lowest because she never autonomously attended the nooboos and often dropped her action queue with the toddlers.
Also, whenever she potty trained, she gave "poor potty guidance," lol. Still, her contribution to the household as a scientist are terrific.

Toddler Skills: practically equivalent
*Tyelis Medivh: Level 3 Potty/Comm/Imagin/Thinking; L2 Movement
*Caprice Zannero: Level 3 Potty/Comm/Thinking; Level 2 Imagin/Movement

Although the adults are gaining the Parenthood skill, I see hardly any change in the character values of the first-born Tyelis and Caprice.
I guess the Parenting skill doesn't really come into play until the child and teen stages. Either that, or I'm just bad at using the Parenting skill, hehe.

In case you're wondering why the nanny looks turquoise, when I downloaded a friend's Murkland simself several months ago, "she" required several cc packages, including one that provides the rainbow skintones. I've decided to keep that cc!

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Melannia and Vitor (07/04)
« Reply #243 on: July 04, 2017, 12:39:19 PM »
The nanny is named Rieko, eh?  I know a Rieko  ;=)
Another lovely glimpse into the Parenthood expansion.  So glad the genders all turned out as expected. Melania is adorable!   Love those purple eyes!  Can't wait to see if she's a Serena clone!

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Mossimo's Fatherhood: Very Happily Unemployed
« Reply #244 on: July 16, 2017, 07:54:27 AM »
F2.1  Mossimo's Fatherhood: Very Happily Unemployed

Week 2/Monday

Tyelis: You can easily tell who my parents are. I have my mother's large eyes and my father's pointy ears!

Bling: Tyelis is getting sleepy, but he's only a half level away from earning the Happy Toddler trait.
Let's keep learning blocks, son. You can reach Level 3 Movement by this evening!

Caprice: Obviously, I am the most beautiful toddler in this household.
I just reached Level 2 Movement, though, so I'll need more time to reach Level 3.

But who cares when I look this cute in my carrot-orange sockies!

Melannia: I'm so sad that I didn't get Papa's pointy ears! *pouts
When I wasn't even dirty, Mama wanted to give me a bath.
But I didn't want to, so she stomped her foot and yelled at me.

Look at me now, trying to act all happy when I'm secretly terrified by Mama…
I just became a toddler a little while ago, so all my skills are Level 1.

Vitor: Yeah, yeah, my green skin gives me away every time.
My older sister Caprice brags that she's the most beautiful sim, but she hasn't been learning as quickly as Tyelis!

Unlike Caprice, I'm going to be both handsome AND smart!
But right now, all my skills are Level 1 just like Melannia.

Bling: Great job, Tyelis! It's time for you to blow out your birthday candles.

Tyelis: Already? What about Top-Notch Toddler?

Tyelis: After I blow out my candles and change my wardrobe, it's almost 10:30 pm.
I'm ready to start my life as a Genius child! And what's the first thing Papa says?
Does he praise me for becoming a Happy Toddler without making even a single mess? Nope!
He starts off by teaching me to say please and thank you…

Bling (internally): I think I'm being overzealous with this Parenting thing.
Maybe I'll wait until tomorrow to teach Tyelis how to say sorry…


Moss: It takes three more hours, but Caprice finally earns the Happy Toddler trait around 1 a.m.

Caprice: I didn't make a single mess either, Papa!
Serena: Frankly, I think Watchette micro-manages toddlers so carefully that you never had an unsupervised moment to make a mess…

Moss: Where's our nanny? I phoned for a nanny over an hour ago!
Serena: I think she might be swimming over from downtown Windenburg…

Caprice: I'm a Creative kid, why am I trying to become a Whiz Kid?
Massimo: Watchette's force of habit, I bet. Hey, Watchette!

Massimo: Why don't you have the children complete two aspirations each, then we'll have some time to see the Parenthood GP at work.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Both kids do Whiz Kid, then Tyelis does R. Scamp and Caprice does A. Prodigy.

Caprice: Isn't anyone going to comment on how gorgeous I am?
Tyelis: Nah. Nobody said anything about my pointy ears, either.

Serena: This house is so confusing! Today, everyone actually watches me leave for work.
As usual, I head for the front door around 5 minutes before my shift starts.

Today, I realize that I walk all the way around the back of the house to leave for work.
Why don't I just vanish at some spot near the front door?

Bling: Hey, Moss! I harvested this here death flower, so I'm giving it to you, like you'd asked me to.
Moss: Woooo, I dash off to the kitchen to whip up my first serving of ambrosia.

Nanny Rieko: Ambrosia? Was this an immortal dynasty challenge?
Massimo: No, but we young adults agree that if we're sticking around throughout our kids' teen years, we might as well look good.

Massimo: After Tyelis leaves for his first day of school, I start mentoring Caprice at chess.
When we pause for a break, I teach her to say please and thank you.
What's that face she's making at me, though? She looks as if I'm offending her or something.

Caprice: Yeah, yeah, I get it. Always say please and thank you. Sheesh!
I thought this one was the cool and edgy papa, but he's actually rather boring.

Moss: Hey, Bling, where are you? Can you come help me clone the ambro…..whooooaaaa!!!!
Bling: Sure, just teach me how to use the cloning machine, Moss.

Moss: Are you sure you should be walking around like that while your wife's at work?
Bling: Walking around like "what"?

Moss (looks straight forward): So, Bling, I think this story is losing focus.
Bling: Focus on what?
Moss: Exactly.

Bling: Well, Tyelis is at school and the toddlers are asleep.
Massimo is upstairs, encouraging Caprice's recent behavior (learning to say please and thank you).
There's not much else we can do this very moment.
Moss: I guess you're right.

Bling: Should we be worried? I took a peek at Tyelis' character values earlier and he didn't have any.
Moss: Yeah, Caprice's character values look exactly the same.
Only the tiniest slivers of green for having done homework and learned to say please and thank you.

Bling: Bah, piece of cake! We have nearly four sim-weeks to help our children develop their personalities, right?

Massimo: I'm feeling a bit worried at first because Caprice looks so skeptical.
But look, she's smiling now. I must have gotten through to her!

Caprice: I get it now, Papa! I should never take the kindness of others for granted.

Caprice: I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I hate having to share a bedroom with two toddlers.
Tyelis has moved to a downstairs bedroom, so this room will eventually belong to his younger sis Melannia and me.
But my younger brother Vitor can't move there until his birthday, so I'm stuck in the baby room. Ugh.

Oh well, just 4-5 more days of waiting, I guess. And then this room gets redecorated!

Bling: So, Moss, I'd like to ask your advice about something.
Moss: Sure, go ahead and ask me anything.

Bling: You know how I like parenting, right? I enjoy parenting so much that I think I'd like to get a job.
Moss: A job? What career do you have in mind, bro?

Bling: Well, I've been reading about the Took Dynasty, which gave me the idea to get a job related to parenting.
Moss: Oh? So, you want to become a mixologist, a chef, or a scientist?

Bling: Uh no, I want to become a pollinator.
Moss (covers Bling's mouth): Sssshhhh, if you value your life, you must never repeat those words again.
You, my friend, are a married man. If Serena finds out you said that, she'll hang you by your thumbs from a high beam.

Bling: Very funny, Moss. That's what modern people call a "figure of speech," about hanging me up by my thumbs, right?
Moss:  Nope, I couldn’t be more literal.
Bling: In that case, if anyone asks, I'm very happily unemployed… *shudders

Author's Note:
Not much really happened parenting-wise in this update. I haven't been simming for a while, so had a little trouble getting off the ground and moving forward.
Plus the children are all so cute that I ended up spamming screenshots of them.
I promise to get down to business next time.  ;D

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Very Happily Unemployed (07/16)
« Reply #245 on: July 16, 2017, 11:58:05 AM »
Oh my goodness!!  Bling wants a job as a pollinator.  Hilarious!!!  Of course, if he did, I'd have to forever shun him for doing that to my Serena.
Bling's double life as a character in two games is also a rather amusing addition to the storytelling.  That poor guy just can't catch a break in WoW, but in Sims, he gets to be with Serena!  He's definitely outshining his siblings with that alone  ;=)
I appreciate the insight you gave into the Parenthood pack with showing the little thing with the 5 different personality areas and gave a little concept of how that works.  It seems interesting.  I'll be curious to see if you think it particularly enhances game play or is simply an interesting feature.

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Very Happily Unemployed (07/16)
« Reply #246 on: July 16, 2017, 06:16:15 PM »
Tyelis and Caprice both aged up well.  I love Caprice's shirt and hair. 

It would be fun to see Bling's ears take over Windenburg. 

I'm excited that your back in business simming and happy that you found another game that you enjoy.  I haven't simmed in a couple of weeks myself.  I have been spending a lot more time with my son this summer.

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Very Happily Unemployed (07/16)
« Reply #247 on: July 20, 2017, 09:47:15 AM »
Moss and Massimo starting a family? *fangirl squeals* Thoroughly enjoying your RDC and your Parenthood gameplay. I absolutely love your WK build style and the restaurants are amazing, wish I could go there in real life.

I'm thinking of downloading the house you shared, haven't had a chance to really play with vampires during my absence.
Chant: Life States (TS3) / Immortal Dynasty (TS4)

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Mossimo's Fatherhood: More Birthdays (07/23)
« Reply #248 on: July 23, 2017, 08:22:15 PM »
Bling wanting to become a Pollinator is just a silly joke about him not realizing that it's not an actual "career."
I'm forming some impressions about the Parenthood GP already, but want to save my comments until I've played through the children's teen years.

All four children are so lovely that I'm not making that much progress with my Parenthood experimentation, haha.
Caprice's green hair is cc, but her T-shirt comes with the Parenthood game pack, I think.
Your son must be thrilled to be doing things with you this summer!!!

I'm so very excited that you've returned from your break and are planning to start an Immortal Dynasty! I'm so curious who your founder will be!
My vote would be, of course, for Kessy and Mitch's second daughter! She was so much fun!
Thank you for the nice words about my restaurants. For some reason, I really enjoy building restaurants, houses not so much.
Ugh, the vampire house I uploaded! I just wanted an affordable shell that I could repeatedly download to the remaining 30x20 vampire lots.

Anyway, welcome back! I'm super excited about your new story! Don't keep me waiting!

P2.2  Mossimo's Fatherhood: Two More Birthdays

Week 2/Tuesday

Bling: The quality of my life in Azeroth has greatly improved lately, much to my delight!
I swallowed my pride and asked for an invite to the same guild as my siblings.
Being in a guild has been really great, even though my guildmates are unaware that I'm related to my twin sister Kunoichi and younger brother LocknLol.

Watchette's also fallen back in love with me, so I'm now Level 50 just like my sister!
I'm wearing my new Flirtatious Robe in this photo. I was so excited to earn it as a quest reward.
Is it just me, or does my robe not look very flirtatious at all? (In case you've forgotten, that's me on your right...)

Tyelis: I'm not a big fan of Watchette today!
She not only has me playing chess so that I'm late to leave for school, but she also sends me to the wrong area to leave the lot.
As a result, I'm two hours late for my first day of school.
Sorry about that, Tye! Since you aged up around 10 pm last night, I thought you had today off.

Tyelis: On top of my lateness, Watchette decides to exit our simverse while I'm still at school.
She returns to us today to find that, of course, I've been forced to leave school early.
And now I've got a little red Irresponsibility bar and it's not my fault at all!
Bling: Let me encourage you to do your homework, Tye. I'll help with your homework, too!

Tyelis: You can't fool me, Papa! You're just leveling your Parenting skill!

Tyelis: Well, my Irresponsibility bar got smaller, but it's still there! I blame you, Watchette!
And now I'm getting the double whammy! I'm being mentored and lectured at the same time!!!

Bling: Now that you're no longer a toddler, son, it's time you learn to say sorry.
Massimo: Let's keep working on your Whiz Kid aspiration, Tye.

Caprice: Grandpa Bling, may I ask you for some advice?

Bling: Sure, honey, you can ask me anything.
Caprice: So no one wants to play with me on the playground at school. What should I do?
   • Ask the other children if I may join them? (affects Conflict Resolution)
   • Consult my teacher (affects Manners)

Massimo: What are you talking about Caprice? You don't even start school until tomorrow.
Caprice: Papa, I got the chance card, okaaaaay?  Just roll with it!

Bling: Well, you don't want to seem like a little tattletale, so I'd ask to join your classmates.
Massimo: Nice going, Bling! Her Emotional Control took a hit!
Caprice: Waaaahhhh!

Serena: Today, I was forced to leave work early, but it's just as well.
Since I'm in change of raising Velannia, I'll need to quit work anyway.

For some reason, I'm not as invested in Parenting as the other three. I wish I knew why.
I'm certainly the brightest and most beautiful. I should be the best parent, too!

Moss: Our goal today, little Vitor, is to reach Level 3 Thinking!
Vitor: No blocks! Food! *thows anti-block fit

Moss: Okay, you're hungry. I see you'll need to learn to talk next. I'll read to you instead.
Bling: Hey, that's not fair! I thought you and I were raising our first-borns!

Moss: Things got a little confusing since Massimo's the only one who can mentor Logic/Mental!
Go take care of Velannia so Serena can finish maxing Logic, dude!

Bling: Not exactly what I had in mind when I encouraged you to set the table…
Tyelis: Would my Responsibility grow more if I just did it myself, Papa?
Bling: I don't know.

Tyelis: Sorry to disrupt your gardening, Papa, but I need some advice.
My friend was being bullied at school today but I didn't know what to do. What should I have done?
Step up and confront the bully (Conflict Resolution) or wait and offer post-smackdown comsolation (Empathy)?

Bling: That's not even a question, Tyelis! Obviously, you charge forward to your friend's aid!!!
Tyelis: Wow, why would my Empathy drop?

Bling: Well, son, I see we're going to have to choose which values to prioritize. What do you think?
Let's see which are highest after a few days and just go with those.

Typically, I always remove every sink from every lot. But here's one for you so you can brush your teeth.
Tyelis: Yeah, brushing my teeth helps build responsibility, so I'm brushing them twice.

Don't forget to lock your bedroom door!
Tyelis: Right, I don't want Mama in here every other second, grabbing a glass of water.


Moss: As much as I love having a green son for the first time in my life, what happened to my romance?
I mean, this Parenthood digression is partly inspired by the Mossimo love tragedy, correct?

Serena: What about me? I hardly even got courted by Bling!!!!
When we started out, we were already living together!

Moss: Well, I'm not that sold on this whole Parenthood thing yet.
Serena: I know, right? It adds a lot more to the grind but not as much to the fun.
On the plus side, my grandson Vitor is insanely adorable!

Caprice: Now, this is what I'm talking about! Why am I even doing Whiz Kid anyway?
Moss: Well, you will learn the Logic skill faster now.
If you want to become a professional painter someday, you'll need to reach Level 5 or 6 Logic, I believe.

Caprice: Seriously? Well, okay then.

Tyelis: I just need an A for Whiz Kid, so we've come to the park so I can start Rambunctious Scamp.
Papa, is this all I do all the time? Skill, skill, skill?
Bling: Actually, no. You only need to finish two aspirations. Better to get them done first, right?

Tyelis: Why is Mama going home? To look after the toddlers?
Bling: I hear it's Watchette's new escape route for a vampire break-in.
If we get stuck at the park, we just switch to your mother and she'll summon us home.

Moss: I don't mean to pry, darling, but your mother seriously needs to reconsider Bling's wardrobe!
Massimo: I know, right?! As soon as Mama leaves the park, that vampire makes a beeline for Bling and starts chatting him up.

Moss: Well, you know how gullible Bling is. I bet he's never even met a vampire before.
Massimo: Next time we go out, maybe you or Bling should be the one to stay home.


Massimo: Our toddlers wake up not long after Tyelis and Caprice leave for school.
Moss: Though I remind Caprice to leave for school at 8 am, she runs around the house and drops her queue.
She doesn't arrive at school until 8:45 a.m. I guess the kids need to be on standby to leave for school.

Massimo: And the race is on! We're trying to get all toddler skills to Level 3 before they zonk out for another nap!

Serena: The moment we've all been waiting for, folks!
Since we're obviously the better parents, Velannia ages up first!

Massimo: Oh puhleeze! My Vitor is just moments behind! And, by the way, Mother dear, you only have Level 5 Parenting.
On the other hand, I have Level 7 Parenting while Moss and Bling have Level 8.
Serena: *coughs

Caprice: Hey, it's only 2:15 pm. Why did we leave school early?
Tyelis: I bet we were forced home early, because Watchette gave our siblings makeovers after they aged up.

Caprice: Seriously!? How could Watchette forget all about us like that?
Tyelis: No big deal, Caprice. We earned our A grade to complete Whiz Kid before returning home. Let's take a commemorative shot!

Tyelis: Why do you look so much bigger than me, Caprice?
Caprice: Eh, it's just my hair!

Bling: Look at my lovely family! That's my wife on the left, of course.
Our daughter Velannia is in the center, with her older brother Tyelis on your right.
Serena: How wonderful that they both got your violet eyes, darling!

Note: In Change Sim (no cheat), I tried pulling Velannia's ears to make them pointy but I could only make them bigger. They really are genetically-transmitted pointy ears!

Moss: I'm not sure why I got left out of the picture, since Massimo's not green…
Anyway, our son Vitor is in the center, with his older sister Caprice on your right.

Massimo: I didn't think the kids looked much like you but when we're all side by side, they don't look a lot like me, either.
Moss: Vitor seems to have your droopy eyebrows, but we'll never really know until their teen birthdays, right?

Moss: No, no, Bling! Don't just let Tyelis start doing his homework! Stop him!
Bling: Why? It's good that he wants to do his homework all on his own.

Moss: Normally, yes, but we're trying to complete the Super Parent aspiration to earn the Role Model trait.
Bling: So what should I be doing?

Moss: First, you "Influence" your son to do his homework, then you help him with it.
When he's done, "Encourage recent behavior" (doing homework).
As part of the aspiration, we need to Discipline (Encourage/Discourage) their behavior five times.

Bling: Yeah, I know. I've already Encouraged my kids three times already. Such busy work!
Moss: Dude, we're only on Tier II of IV. We shoulda finished this part while they were toddlers!

Bling: If we didn't age the toddlers up early, we'd have more time for proper parenting.

Serena: Meanwhile, Massimo and I are mentoring the most recent Whiz Kids upstairs.
And yes, I maxed Logic so I can mentor Mental and Logic now, too!

Vitor: But I want to do my homework, Uncle Massimo!
Massimo: You have to play 3 games of chess with Velannia first, so it'll count toward Whiz Kid.

Velannia: Mama, do I have to call him "Uncle Massimo," too? He's, like, my half-brother, right? Same mother, different father...
Serena: Where did you hear that, young lady?
Velannia: My lips are sealed!

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Two More Birthdays (07/23)
« Reply #249 on: July 23, 2017, 11:25:38 PM »
How dare Massimo sass my Serena!!  She maxed logic to tutor the children, was the only adult with a full-time job and still got to within 2 levels of him for parenting.  Meantime, he sat around the house eating chips and making googly eyes at his green boyfriend.
Anyway, another lovely update and I'm learning so many things about the features of the parenting pack and the give and take of the personality sliders.  Interesting stuff!!
As an unrelated footnote, I just noticed how similar Serena's outfit is to Izumi's party attire.  Serena goes black bottoms with reddish top while Izumi does black top with reddish bottoms.  Too funny!