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Rules: The House of Stories (Narrator Challenge)
« on: March 06, 2017, 10:15:43 PM »
I've been wanting to do this for a while as something fun to do with my Sims. I hope you guys will like this story and like the idea of it. So without further delay, here is how the challenge will go.

Rules and Goals

-You have to start off with two sims, one to be the Narrator and one is the Founder (Both have to start as Young Adults

-You can use the motherlode cheat five times to build the house or you can build it from the available money

-Your Narrator can never die or grow past the Adult life stage

-No one but the Narrator can have youth potions

-The Founder and each Heir have to max out a unique skill, plus another two skills, as well as max out a career and aspiration, your Narrator will max out the Painting and Writing skills so they will not count for the Founder or Heirs. The Narrator will complete the Author aspiration so it also will not count for the Founder or Heirs

-All babies until they reach the child lifestage can only be raised and have contact with the Narrator

-Toddlers must max out all of their skills

-Children must max out their skills

-Child to teen must complete school with an A

-Any teen in the household has to max out their teen careers

-The Heir must acquire two additional traits before they are an adult

-Before your oldest child grows to a young adult, you have to pick which one will be the next heir

-Each member of the family have to contribute one potion of youth to the Narrator

-Narrators can only have contact with, the Founder, an Heir, or babies to toddlers

-Before the Founder or Heir dies, the Narrator must prepare their Altar: Their Book of Life, Portrait, and a spot for their Urn

-Any child who is not an heir, must be at least level 5 in their career and married to be moved out of the house

Hardmode Options

-Start the Founder and Narrator on an empty lot with no money

-Once the Founder and Heir max out their unique skill, no one in the family going on can learn that skill

-Narrator starts out in Adult lifestage

Challenge ends once your 7th Heir dies, is placed on their Altar, and the rest of the remaining family die, leaving your Narrator the only remaining sim.
Rules may be added, if you have any ideas how to make it more interest go ahead and leave suggestions. With that said, i'll be back soon. For now i'll leave some teaser pictures.