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Sims 4 Neighborhood Maps: Willow Creek Edition
« on: March 20, 2017, 06:10:27 AM »
Note: MrsFlynn has compiled a Town and Townies Information thread.
It offers offers links to all the Resident Info and Lot Info threads for Sims 4, including this one. Check it out!

Sims 4 Neighborhood Maps: Willow Creek Edition

This set of maps and charts provides information about the 16 lots and 13 premade houses in the four residential neighborhoods of Willow Creek:
Foundry Cove (5 lots), Courtyard Lane (5 lots), Pendula View (4 lots) and Sage Estates (2 lots).

Please note that:
(1)   Information on amenities and harvestables only refer to the neighborhood at large, not those within any community venues in that neighborhood.
        For example, “Harvestables” listed for the Foundry Cove neighborhood excludes those available in the hidden Sylvan Glades area.
(2)   I may have mistyped a numeric value, overlooked a harvestable, or made some other error. If you see something wrong, please let me know and I'll fix it.

Overall Map of Willow Creek

Foundry Cove

•   Community Areas: Community Garden (Planter x4) and Sylvan Glade (hidden)
•   Amenities: Bench x1, Fishing spot x3
•   Harvestables: Apple, Bluebell, Chrysanthemum, Mushroom, Potato, Snapdragon, Strawberry

Courtyard Lane

•   Community Areas: None
•   Amenities: Bench x10, Fishing spot x4, Grill x4, Picnic table x4, Trashcan x10
•   Harvestables: Mushroom, Onion, Rose, Snapdragon, Strawberry

Pendula View

•   Community Areas: Community Garden (Planters x7)
•   Amenities: Bench x13, Chess table x2, Fishing spot x3, Grill x2, Picnic table x2, Pirate gym x1, Public restroom x1, Trashcan x4
•   Harvestables: Apple, Bluebell, Lily, Mushroom, Pear, Rose, Snapdragon, Strawberry

Sage Estates

•   Community Areas: None
•   Amenities: Bench x5, Fishing spot x4
•   Harvestables: Apple, Basil, Lily, Onion, Pear, Snapdragon, Strawberry

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Re: Sims 4 Neighborhood Maps: Willow Creek Edition
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2017, 05:28:14 PM »
Wonderful, thank you for sharing.  :)
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