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The Nightingale Dynasty
« on: January 01, 2018, 01:01:38 PM »
Preface 1: There once lived....

There once lived a good witch.

Her only want was to help others but, first she would be helped by another.

The woman gave the kind witch room and board. In return she would help out around the house and assist in the care of her young child. The witch proved to be doting and worthy.

They'd easily fallen into a routine. The woman, a mother, named Olive would go to work and finish her daily tasks. Whilst the witch and child would stay home and enjoy the day.

In her free time the witch would go around town spreading joy. She loved to sing and gift enchantments of protection.

When sun down would come she'd go explore the city. One day she heard a song that led her to the cemetery. The song was so similar to her own.

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Preface 2: There once was....

The singing ceased when the stone door slowly opened. The witch approached the door inside and knocked.

Out came the reaper, tall and ghastly. However, the witch was unafraid.

 She complimented him on his song and began humming it. Taken by her charm the reaper started to hum back. He was pleased with her.

The witch made a friend in the reaper. Her evenings were spent with him. The two had grown close.

Her new affections hadn't gone unnoticed.

One day Olive followed the witch.

A wave of intense anger closely followed by giddiness swept over Olive. She'd found the witch's secret but the witch hadn't found out hers.

She went home and found the book. The book that would solve her problems.

The days following the discovery Olive was just as kind and courteous as usual.

Then she went to visit the reaper herself. She greeted him with a kiss. This displeased him.

The two argued back and forth. He told her he was in love with another. She just wanted to hear him say it. That was the reaper's grave mistake and the witch's last chance. Olive turned and left. She returned home before anyone in the house had awakened. 

The very next evening the witch was finishing her chores when an apparition met her at the bottom of the stairs with a warning to heed. It was the widow of Olive's coming to warn her.

The witch assured him that she wasn't afraid of the reaper, she loved him. He was not there to warn against the reaper but, against Olive. He wanted her to heed the warning for herself and for her unborn child. The witch was taken aback. How could he have known about the baby, no one knew.

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2018, 09:15:26 AM »
Preface 3: Never more....

In the days to come the witch went to the outskirts of the town. She sang one final enchantment of protection for the town.

She went to her love and told him of their child. He was in bliss at the thought of raising this baby with the witch. It would be the family that he'd never been able to have.

Olive was very helpful with her pregnancy. The witch couldn't believe what the ghost had told her. Not this woman, not Olive.

They went on long walks to help with the pregnancy. On one these walks the witch went into labor. Olive helped her back home where she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

A couple days later Olive's son had his birthday.

Olive left the witch a plate of food to eat later that evening as she'd been exhausted from the new baby.

The food made her dizzy first, then drowsy, finally she went to find Olive. Olive appeared behind her with the biggest and coldest smile on her face. The ghost had been right. Olive could not be trusted.

Olive had some loose ends to tie up. First, the baby.

Second, the witch.

Lastly, leaving town.

When she returned home she got her son dressed and they pack up their things into their car.

Olive told him they were going on an adventure that would lead to a better life. He was excited.

She won't tell me what that song is that she sings with so much sadness everyday and every night. She doesn't tell me what happened to her daughter. I don't think she knows. She doesn't tell me where that evil woman went, again she probably doesn't know. Maybe deep down she doesn't want to think about it and have her heart broken. It's been many years for her since she's been out of this place.

I feel bad in thinking that she's lucky. She lost her love and her child, but she was free. Something that we will never get to say.

 We're the fillers that wait to be chosen and given a chance. All we have is hope and persistence.

Sometimes I wonder for her. I make believe that her daughter and I would've been friends on the outside. Her daughter became the most powerful witch and she found a way to free all of my friends. I like to think she made it, she's lucky too.

But then it's time for slots to be filled again and I have to wait my turn. My chance to get lucky.

Preface : End

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #3 on: January 16, 2018, 02:07:51 PM »
Chapter 1: When the Song fades....

Voice 1: So what will be the child's fate?
Voice 2: We must take special precaution with this child. It is his child.
Voice 3: I trust him to raise to her.
Voice 2: You know we cannot allow that. He knows that. So we must put her in the best and safest possible hands. Give her a shot at normalcy.
Voice 1:  Well what about Ms. Loa in Strangetown? She could teach the child so much.
Voice 2: Like how to be a thorn in our sides in the future. That woman is crazy.
Voice 3: We need someone who is a little crazy and a place that doesn't bat an eye at weird. My vote goes for Ms. Loa as well. Until she proves that she's incapable, we should give her a chance.
Voice 2:  Alright, then with the mambo she goes.
Voice 1: This child will need all the luck in the world.

The little girl grew up in the care of Mambo Loa in Strangetown. She was loved and cherished by the Loa. She grew up hearing strange music that no one else around her could hear. When she got old enough to leave Strangetown she left and followed the sound of the music until she couldn't hear it anymore.

Dear Mama Mambo,

I woke up in a town unbeknownst to me. I'm all alone right now but I can no longer hear the music. I'm nervous and excited about this new place and am curious to find out why the music in my head stopped me here. I know this letter is short but I will write you again soon.

Love, Aura.

Ugh, my back is killing me. Hopefully my days of sleeping on the ground are coming to an end.

I turn around and see a boring town behind me...err maybe "boring" isn't the correct word I should use, considering where I grew up. It just looks "ordinary".

How hard should it be to make a living and live lavishly in this town, especially with my abilities?

I made my way down to the central park. It was a lovely sight to see. Although there were a couple things that concerned me upon arrival.

The first was a balding man that attempted to court me. The balding man squeaked out, " the weather is so beautiful out today, just like you. Say um, well, I know we don't know each other but would you maybe like to...".

"Yes the weather is fantastic", I cut in. "No, I would not like to drag out this moment any longer strange balding man". Shocked by my blunt response he rushed out of the park with a face so flushed. Sweet man but he buckled too easily.

The second thing to bother me was the commotion across the street. The raucous grew louder and louder drowning out the calm of the park. There was a young red haired man observing the whole situation from the park. Curious, I walked over and asked, "what's going on over there?"

He turned and with a slight flinch looking me up and down, a response I've been receiving lately, he answered, " they're boycotting the influx of super naturals coming into town."

"What do they have against super naturals?", I asked trying to mask my defensive tone.

"The newspaper has been reporting sensational stories about super natural beings coming to the town wreaking havoc", he replied.

"Well is it true, that you have scary super natural beings in your town?", I asked.

"None that I've ever seen". He looked around cautiously, "between you and I, I work for the newspaper in this town. This is just a last ditch effort to get Vita Alto elected as mayor. She strikes fear in the townspeople just so that she and her husband can use their money to come up with hair-brained 'solutions' to make them look like heroes ". Taken aback I asked, "Well why aren't you doing anything to stop the slander? Witches and other super naturals are not all scary creatures who want to ruin the lives of normal sims ".

My blood started boiling and my face was a reflection. In that moment he tried to calm me down. He gave me the address to an alchemy store noting that that was a huge source of tension for the town at the moment. I snatched the paper from his hands and stormed out off the park. Upon calming down and looking at the paper I became frustrated all over again. I don't know this town and so this little piece of paper was useless.... Maybe the living that I'd want would not be so easily achieved in this 'boring' little town after all.

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Chapter 2: How will I make a Living?

I managed to make my way down the alchemy store only to be greeted by a scowling man behind the register.

"Hello", I said as I approached the counter. He just scratched his head in confusion. "So I hear your store has been targeted lately for supporting the mystics but I'm here to let you know that I believe what you stand for is fantastic."

"What're you talking about mystics"?

"You're selling elixirs and other mystic artifacts like those", pointing at the jar on the counter.

"Oh" he said letting out a haughty laugh. "No, no, no, we sell props."


"Yup, those wands behind me are props from an upcoming movie about a young trio of wizards and witches who unravel school secrets and trouble follows. Pretty interesting concept actually, one of the kids has a scar and everything, for character development purposes. You can see it in theatres at the end of summer."

"But, the angry townspeople"?

"Will come and visit my shop out of curiosity, Vita Alto gets them all riled up with her campaign and I get free advertisement."

"That's so-"

"Brilliant!" He responds excitedly. I roll my eyes out of annoyance before stepping away from the counter and browsing the shop.

I make my way to the cauldron sitting in the corner. The display note reads 'Cauldron prop - Fill with essential oils and watch it bubble.'
"This can't be real," I mumble under my breath. I turn the pages and look through the book.

"If you break it you buy it," he shouts from across the room.

"Or maybe it can be."

After finding out that there was a little magic in this town, I got in contact with that Connor fellow once again. He was nice enough to put me in contact with one of his work friends in order to help me find a job. We met at a consignment shop.

"Okay and what are your skills and qualities" she asked typing away on her computer.

"Charm casting, potion making, and an ability to ride a broom in any weather."

"This is the last time I do a favor for Connor." She stands up heads for the door.

"Hey wait," I say stopping her." I need to make money, I need a job."

"There's nothing in town that calls for your expertise, I'm sorry."

"Well fine, I don't need you anyway!" I'm an independent girl from Strangetown if anything I'm resourceful. Time to go out and make some money.

"Ah, you should catch a fair price at market."

"One sim's trash they say."  By the end of the day I had a lovely array of items and I set up shop in front of the market. What better way to get ahead of my competition.

My first customer came.

"Hey toots, admire my lovely array of..."

"Hey, where are you...that's very rude to walk away in the middle of a sales pitch."

I guess I'll need to rethink more than I thought. Perhaps I'll hunt down Connor he should be able to help me.

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #5 on: March 09, 2018, 06:41:53 AM »
I had no idea Olive was so shady!

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2018, 03:42:17 PM »
I had no idea Olive was so shady!

She's a black widow throughout the series so I wanted to showcase that. I always found her to be so interesting, and yes, kinda shady lol

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #7 on: March 12, 2018, 01:08:45 PM »
Good read, I look forward to the next chapter. Thanks for putting up your story.
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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #8 on: April 03, 2018, 06:22:50 PM »
Good read, I look forward to the next chapter. Thanks for putting up your story.

Awww thank you I appreciate it.

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #9 on: May 13, 2018, 09:14:29 PM »
Chapter 3: Just a Little Trust

Thank goodness for free beds and some firefighter's week and a half old leftovers that got me through my first night in this town. I woke up before dawn and made my way down to the beach to catch some fishes. My competitors have seen my potential and have decided to silence partner with me. I provide the fresh fish and they provide the simoleans.

All was going well until I heard an obnoxious voice shouting from across the way. I peered over and saw a tiny bit of fiery red hair. It was Connor and some man standing outside a residence. I rushed over. There's always something breaking the calm in this town.

Upon my arrival he was noticeably taken aback. "What are you...what're you doing at my home"? Before I could respond Connor's loud, obnoxious brother cut in.

"Hey bro, is this your girlfriend? She's pretty, pretty strange haha! Hey sweetheart"....
"Jared", Connor interrupted.
"Alright, alright I'm going inside now. Sweetie you should stick around for a while, you could make us rich when spooky day rolls around".

"I'm sorry, how close are you two? If I turned him into a toad would you miss him terribly"?
"Turn him into a toad? What are you talking about and again, why are you here"?
I took a deep breath and just blurted out, "I'm a witch and I need your help".

Connor's eyes got wide and a creepy, unnerving smile took over his face.

"You okay?", I asked. He froze with that expression. "You're being creepy right now, but please believe me and don't publish this in the paper. I hear music in my head that no one else can hear. For as long as I can remember. I've traveled far and wide and for some reason, in this town, the music fades in and out. It's the most at peace I've ever been. I think something in this town was meant to help me. Please believe me." I paused for a moment to give him a chance to respond.

"What do you need with me"?
"I need you to come with me but only if you believe me". He looked down at his feet, then back at house where his brother was peering through the window.
"Okay, I'll...I'll go with you". We hopped in his car and we left.

While in the car, he put in a call to some friends down at city hall. We stopped by to get me registered as a Sunset Valley citizen. While Connor talked to a friend, I'd gone to talk to a lady about finding residence. She gave me a giant plot of land on the top of a hill. Connor drove us to the plot and I sold him on my dream.

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
« Reply #10 on: May 13, 2018, 11:06:39 PM »
Chapter 4: A Sign

"In the beginning of one of the songs death follows closely behind in the form of a crow. It starts off sad, dark, and always overwhelming me with great grief. Then almost suddenly towards the end a light shines through and I feel engulfed in a familiar force."

"So what do you need from me", he asks.
"I think maybe it's a sign. Maybe someone I'm supposed to protect from death. I need you to help me find a way."
"Okay. I'll be heading to the library after I finish this article", he says hanging up his SimTooth.


So, I don't really know what I'm doing right now, and I'm not entirely sure if I believe all that she says but I can't deny things have changed in town since she's arrived. Here I am changing the entire course of my life for this woman. I'm not in love with her, our friendship is questionable, and all of the comfort and the safety that I knew have been snatched from beneath me.

If by some off chance she's who she says she is, then this will be my only chance to truly be remembered and cement my legacy.

I sift through endless amount of books at the library. Upstairs on one of the shelves with a label that reads, "Exhibit Books, not for checkout. Here until the end of summer.", is a small ancient looking book. I take it off the shelf and immediately get goosebumps.

Something is off about this literature. I scroll through the text and understand bits and pieces. Words like, "immortality" and "dynasty" pop out. I flip through the text until I come across a passage about the mausoleum. Maybe this can be of use to her and in turn be of use to me.


Connor found me at the Alchemy store, I say that loosely. He rapidly and excitedly tells me about some book, death, a dynasty, and other things. "Slow down and take a breath".
"You need to go to the Graveyard that's where you'll find your next piece of this puzzle", he says.
"I'm supposed to be protecting someone from death not going to keep death company".
"I'm not certain but I think that's where you need to be", he says confidently.

I make my way down to the cemetery. I only make it a few steps into cemetery before my feet turn to stone.

"Oh, so eerie", I mumble under my voice. I look around and see nothing but a spooky sculpture staring back at me. " Did you send for me", I ask the sculpture. Almost instantly the music begins to crescendo into a soothing lullaby.

Before I can even speak or even think I'm....

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Welcome back @fansidoodle ;)
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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Chapter 5: Even Exchange

It was like I'd passed out and was instantly transported to a happier time in life. We were together again and nothing else mattered except lunch, playtime and mama's hysterical clients.

Mama sent us to the playground while she went to work over her clients. That's when we went by the water and I begged him to tell me one more story. I loved to hear that story.

 I knew it word for word. This time was different, I couldn't hear his voice. Why couldn't I hear his voice? Because it was overpowered by an old woman standing in the cemetery shouting and threatening to poke me with a stick.

"...find a stick. 3.2.1."

My eyes open and I'm back in the cemetery. The cold, eerie cemetery but now there's rain and a shouting senior citizen. She flashes this beaming smile that disarms me. "So you're the daughter of the Mambo", she looks me up and down and continues "Nice to finally meet you. Your mother called and told me why you're here. I have a proposition for you".

Curious, I ask "what is it?"

"I want you to use my son to help with your cause".

"Why would I do that? He could be crazy. In fact, you could be crazy".

"You're a watched sim in more ways than one", she pauses an examines my facial expression "I want him to be able to have a better life for himself and for his son".

"You want me to live with your son and his child?"

"No, I will take care of my grandson. Just allow my son the freedom to come visit him".

I pause for a moment and ponder. This woman is a friend of my mother's in a place I've never known. More allies are never a bad thing. However, it could be a farce and....

"Hey! Make a decision".

"Yes". She suddenly pulls me in for the warmest hug.

She whispers to me, "give me your information and he'll be at your place by morning". She draws away asking, "what're you doing in this cemetery anyway?"

"I was looking for answers. I was looking for my friend."

"Were they a resident? Did they die here?"

Saddened by the fact that I can't answer her questions, all I do is shrug.

"You don't worry about a thing dear. Yumi will look into it and help you find them. We'll call it an even exchange".

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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Chapter 6: Sound Off

Hey Mom, I wanted to let you know that I'm here and I wanted to ask if you might be joking about me staying here forever?

Firstly, the young woman never came and picked me up, in fact, she sent someone to escort me back to "here" and he made me drive. He nervously looked at me and mentioned something about a better future. To which I asked what the better future would hold for me and my son? He had no answer and he just looked down at the ground.

We drove back to "here". If you're wondering why I keep calling it "here", well I'd just like you to know that "here" is just a big, empty grass covered lot in the middle of two proper mansions. I'm surprised the neighbor haven't called and complained about us loitering. That's right loitering.

We don't even sleep here. We slave away at sculpting stations and painting easels during the day and when the night comes we go to the fire station and rest.

She also leaves these weird viles for us to drink every other day, what is that about?

Who is she?

Who is she to you and why were you so insistent this would make our lives better?

 When you get a chance call me back mom.
*Leighton hangs up*

So she invited an alien to live with us...

But not before letting him abduct Connor.

So the two of us got together and went to a couple of specialists to have her checked out. They, much like you, decided that she was normal.

She's been true to her word about letting me go visit Sam.

She even got us our own house for the holidays.

However, I'm still not satisfied with the amount of art she makes us pump out everyday. I have no life.

"Oh my goodness you complain soo much. Stop complaining or you get lumps of coal".

"You've got a pretty great life over here. You've gained a skill or two, you still get to come and visit Sam and I, you've gained a friend or two, and you get to work towards something that will impact our family for the better down the line, sounds pretty good to me. Now come on everyone let's just have a good holiday".

*A few days later*
Hey Mom, I took Sam out to go eat like we all used to. Now that you're not here anymore I understand the importance of your last words to me. Leaving your mark and having it last for generations. I understand. No more complaining from me, it's time to create our legacy. I'll miss you Mom.


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Re: The Nightingale Dynasty
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Chapter 7: Gettin' back to business

An air of dreariness overtook the house after Yumi's passing. It took us a minute but we got back on track. Connor and Leighton continued with their tasks of sculpting and painting while I took on a more selective challenge.

I'd tracked down another witch. He was tall, handsome, a Bachelor, and came from a lineage of witches as his mother also possessed the abilities. I was able to wear him down, convince him to come down to the beach with me and test our might to which he agreed.

Of course, no one could ever hope to best the daughter of the Mambo. I defeated him easily.

Although, to think of it, it did seem almost too easy. Perhaps I'll need to go in for the kill.
Ah yes, totally defeated and totally mine.

His name is Michael and he is my soon to be husband. He moved in immediately at my request. In order for there to be no confusion or tension amongst new housemates, I arranged for Michael to arrive on Leighton's birthday. The four men ate and enjoyed each other's company over grilled salmon while I'd gone out fishing for the night. Zhuvi, my alien confidant, reported that although Connor and Leighton sat quietly, hardly making eye contact with Michael, everyone had a polite and friendly demeanor.

After getting used to Michael's presence in the house, the next few days were filled with wonder and fulfilment. To start, Connor had his birthday and completed his lifetime wish of becoming a professional author after finishing his second best seller. I was so proud of him. People were finally giving his work the respect and credibility it deserved.
This is a man worthy.

Michael and I had a private wedding on a nice beach thanks to Zhuvi and his hovering spacecraft.

Michael surprised me with a bouquet of the most beautiful red roses. This man is a good one, I can tell.

Of course, what's a wedding without witnesses?

Later on that night it was time for my birthday. There was no secret music to be heard this time around.

The good times did waver a little bit. My dear Zhuvi passed away the next day after they'd returned home from the festival.

I went out fishing for the evening when I'd received the call about his death. From what Michael said his last words were comforting. Apparently Zhuvi was ready and referred to his passing as his greatest adventure yet. This news was comforting as I've never been able to deal with death head on. It's a part of my life that I've always found myself avoiding and trying to hide from.

If there's one thing Zhuvi taught me it's that life is cyclical.

Where there is a bout of sadness, happiness is sure to follow.

I can't wait to meet you my littlest Nightingale.