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Missed the pregnancy and baby
« on: February 12, 2018, 10:40:06 PM »
Hello. I am a new sims player and here I am with another oppsie what I need help with. Please do not laugh on me (probably you will not help not to)

So I have my boy-sim and a girl-sim in a same saved game. Mostly I play the boy and I interact with the girl, they are a couples now but no proposal or marriage yet and they still live in a separate household. I was strongly thinking about to move her into his house. They get to the ’woohoo’ and ’try for the baby’ part. All cool and lovely. For a change I made a boy to visit her, I wanted to be more friendly with her cat. I almost fell off the chair when the message popped up, "Flyod is hungry". Who is Flyod?! Here it is my girl-sim had a baby and top of it she is pregnant again. It is a wonderful news but my boy-sim missed the whole growing tummy and what not and me too (as a player) because I had no idea. I was waiting for some message to let my boy-sim know he will be a father but nothing. I don’t remember ever came up some option to check on her or ask her about her difficulty or well being because of her pregnancy. What happened it is done but I have a few questions how to be there for the 2nd baby arrival and make my simmies a family now.

1, if she moves into the boy’s house the baby comes too? (sorry I see it myself it is a yes but tbh might not. Maybe she is refuse the boy or well...I don’t know realy.
2, if the boy-sim marries her will the baby get the boy’s family name? After all he is the father.
3, is there an actual message their ’under the blanket fun’ was a success? How do I know she is pregnant? How will I know when the 2nd baby is coming? I want my boy-sim be there.

Please, any input would be so helpful, I realy do not want to go back to a much earlier saved game, I will loose a lot of achievements and rewards and many hours of gameplay.

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Re: Missed the pregnancy and baby
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2018, 10:52:24 PM »
To answer your questions.

1. If you move the entire family into one place they babies will come too
2. If he marries her, no, they won't automatically get his last name, you'd have to manually do that
3. the only way to know she is pregnant is to listen out for the chime after your sims finish the try for baby interaction.

You won't get a notification when the baby is born as they aren't in the same household, if you moved them in together then you would get the notification and the pregnancy freak out that happens when a child is born.
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Re: Missed the pregnancy and baby
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2018, 10:59:50 PM »
Thank you Franki. I have a hard decision to make then. Move her in now and be guilty my boy-sim is a bad boyfriend/father or find an earlier save and make it better. :(

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Re: Missed the pregnancy and baby
« Reply #3 on: February 12, 2018, 11:16:36 PM »
Here are some more details to your questions @shatinn

1. Just like Franki said. :D
2. You can change the name of sims in a household at any time by clicking on a dresser or mirror and selecting "Plan outfit" or "Change sim."
3.  The post-woohoo chimes was a Sims 3 thing and don't happen in Sims 4.
     In Sims 4, there are several ways to know if a female sim is pregnant.
     *Watch the female. If she's pregnant she occasionally covers her mouth with her hand and acts like she wants to throw up or she might run to the bathroom and throw up.
     *Have the female sim sit on a toilet and take a $15 pregnancy test.
     *If you have seven sims in the house and your couple can't "Try for Baby" or adopt a cat or dog, then you know the female sim is pregnant.
     *If you are playing the female sim and she does none of the above, she will automatically get an Eating for Two notice exactly 24 hours after she conceives (if you're playing on Normal lifespan).
4.  Even if they aren't in the same household, the male sim's phone will ring when she has the baby. The male sim must then click on his ringing phone.
     He will get a pop-up notice where the mother tells him the baby's gender and name.

Good luck and happy simming!

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Re: Missed the pregnancy and baby
« Reply #4 on: February 12, 2018, 11:34:57 PM »
Thank you, oshizu. wow, they realy cute signs she is pregnant, now I strongly thinking to go back an earlier play and switch to her
Sadly I did not get the phone call from her. I do not know how did I missed it, I never leave my game to play by itself always pause if I can not be there.
Is it possible he gets the message while he is at work so is there no pop-up in that work time?