Author Topic: Travel to visit other sims from different worlds  (Read 7450 times)

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Re: Travel to visit other sims from different worlds
« Reply #15 on: July 27, 2020, 07:08:47 PM »
Downloading a Sim into an existing game from your Library should not be resetting the trashy aspects of Eco Lifestyle game play or Island Living! I downloaded some news sim into my existing game last night and that didn't happen, nor should it, so maybe a bug there.

Yes, if you already have that particular sim in your saved game then you definitely should not download them again as that will cause 2 sets of the same sim running around. But if your sims are already in the game save that you are playing I am confused about what your initial problem is/was.  :-\ 

Is it simply that when you phone the other sims up they won't come to your current active sims lot? So therefore you feel like you never see them in your game unless you are actively playing them?

With Managed Worlds being greyed out, that is strange, you should be able to hit F5 in Live Mode and that should open up a menu where you can choose to Save and Go to Manage Worlds or Just Go to Manage Worlds or Cancel.

I may be incorrect but it sounds as though you are playing two different saved games and wishing that the sims from both were all together in just one new save game?
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Re: Travel to visit other sims from different worlds
« Reply #16 on: July 31, 2020, 07:08:20 PM »
Thanks Payalot , probably did happen that I was doing "Save As" initially..
I can travel between worlds and wanted to bring my Sulani family which now consists of two Maxis generated mermaids and the Hermit from Granit falls in sync with my CAS created family in Willow Creek ..
As I did not want two sets of the merfolk running around Sulani - Plus the fact I had spent ages getting an island feel Spa built on the Island I wanted to start the conjoined game from within Sulani and reintroduce my family to a new game in Willow Creek  (Mortimer had died as I was a real Newbie and had not unchecked aging for non played Sims in the hood!)
When I entered "Manage Worlds" from within Sulani the option was "greyed out"?
I have managed to keep My sims in W. Creek in the save file as my original tutorial character by re-introducing her from the library by starting the game in Willow Creek , going to "Manage Worlds" and introducing tut sim into the new hood that came with "Get it together " (Apolgies.. late here and cannot remember the town's name)
Maybe a glitch in my game but just supposed that the adventure aspect just re-set itself ..I did read something to that effect trolling around . Anyhow thanks for your effort ~Savuti 6

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