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Founder/Gen 1: Gerard Asbestos

Unique Level 10 Career: Criminal (Oracle)
Unique Level 10 Skill: Mischief
10,000 Satisfaction Points Earned: Yes
10,000 Simoleons Earned: Yes
10 Good Friends: Lilith Pleasant, Vaea Mete, Kaydence Jordan, Freddie Aviles, Summer Holiday, Shingo Sasaki, Duane Talla, Jade Rosa, Potty Mouth 2.0, Hillary John (Alien)
10 Odd Jobs/Freelance Jobs/Aced Classes: 10 Odd Jobs (Sand Sculpture Judge x2, Box Packing, the one where you collect seashells that I didn't write down the name of, Wanted: Dumb or Discrete, Lawn Maintenance, Wingman Wanted, Paid Volunteer Work, Looking for a Love Guru x2)
10 Parties: 5 house parties, 1 wedding, 2 birthdays, 2 dinner parties
10 Emotional Whims: Propose crazy scheme (confident), take cold shower (flirty), play video games (focused), take a nap (dazed), shout forbidden words (tense) send happy text (happy), cry it out (sad), call someone (embarrassed), make a drink (inspired), do sit-ups (energized)
10 Lots Visited (2 hours each): Laurel Library, Pepper's Pub, Sunny Side Up Diner, Chez Llama, South Square Coffee Shop, Myshuno Meadows, Willow Creek Archive, Rattlesnake Bar, Casbah Gallery, Future's Past Museum
10 Collection Items: Snowglobes (Stanley the Jackalope, Haunted Mansion, City Skyscraper, City Skyline, Magnolia Steamboat, Plumbob, Age of the Dinosaur, Willow Creek Lighthouse, Emily, The Reaper) (Worth a whopping 150 simoleons)

Gen 2: Todd Asbestos

Unique Level 10 Career: Education (Professor)
Unique Level 10 Skill: Research and Debate
10,000 Satsifaction Points Earned: Yes
10,000 Simoleons Earned: Yes
10 Good Friends: Nobuya Shimizu, Ember Durbin, Siya Salavani, Meilani Kahanui, Neelesh Meshram, Luca Grimes, Zackery Dorsey, Lester Ernst, Mega Steel (Servo), Roboto Sparks (Servo)
10 Odd Jobs/Freelance/Aced Classes: 10 Aced classes; Psychology I (didn't write down the rest of the title), Psychology II (same), Beginning Neuropsychology, Pondering Personalities, Social Networks Online and Off, Mental Decision Trees, Off Track: The Trolley Problem, Talking the Talk: Advanced Negotiation, The Feel World, Marvelous Mr. Maslow
10 Parties: 1 Incognito party, 1 wedding party, 1 dance party, 1 kava party, 1 house party, 3 dinner parties, 2 house parties
10 Emotional Whims: Compliment somone (happy), talk about dreams (inspired), send a flirty text (flirty), send a playful text (playful), enthuse about interests (energized), share insecurities (embarrassed), tell unbelievable story (confident), finish reading a book (focused), take a shower (tense), call the sadness hotline (sad)
10 Lots Visited: Pepper's Pub, Laurel Library, Sunny Side Up Diner, L'Attente Bistro, Chez Llama, Skye Fitness, The Narwhal Arms, Desert Bloom Park, San Myshuno Central Park, Discotheque Pan Europa
10 Collection Items:

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2020, 03:27:10 PM »
Howdy! After a long break from the Sims, I ended up buying a bunch of DLC on sale and got the itch again, so here I am with a new dynasty! (Plus I abandoned the immortals for far too long and lost interest, but who knows, maybe sometime I'll return.)

Here is our founder, Gerard Asbestos. (It sounded good at the time!) He is mean, a bro, and a genius, and aspires to be Fabulously Wealthy (though I plan to hop around a lot, as the challenge rules don't seem to have anything against it.)

Here is Gerard's dinky, empty house we put together with our 10k simoleons. We're starting out in Magnolia Promenade on the Preeminent Domain lot. I figured we ought to get it out of the way, since it's the only empty lot available for that town.

I had Gerard hop on to his cheapo computer and find a job. Criminal track it is! I've honestly never messed with that career much before.

No work on our first day, so I sent Gerard off visit Britechester, because this is my first time playing with Discover University and we had to check it out! First things first: let's harass some students just trying to get their studying done.

After increasing his mischief skill to level 3, completing the first two tiers of Chief of Mischief, and managing to make three sims dislike him, Gerard headed off to the university bar, Pepper's Pub. There he met Lilith Pleasant. There's a potential spouse!

After digging up some cash doing odd jobs and catching frogs, Gerard took Lilith out on a couple of dates. The magic died off a little once we realized she was a slob and kleptomaniac. Well hold on, she has a twin sister, doesn't she?

Gerard met Angela at a party he threw at the Pleasant sisters' Britechester home, and they really hit it off!

A couple of dates later, Gerard decided that the much more pleasant Pleasant twin was who he wanted to continue the dynasty with.

Who would've thought that being proposed to at a flea market by a man you met days ago could be so romantic?

Once Gerard has a night off, he threw the wedding party. He cleans up nice, doesn't he?

What a nice little wedding!

Well, except there was no wedding cake. Turns out the caterer Gerard hired only knows how to make BLTs. (Seriously, what on Earth is this???)

When Angela joined the family, she brought some cash with her, so the house received some much-needed renovations. It's still a little empty, but it's a big improvement.

That's it for the first post! Thanks for reading!

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2020, 04:43:22 PM »
Very entertaining! Yeah, Lilith might be more fun, but when it comes to a dynasty spouse and mother, my Sim went for Angela, too. And physically, the genes will be the same.
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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2020, 06:51:21 PM »
Off to a nice start.  I was sorry to see Lilith wasn't the choice.  She's so my favorite Pleasant girl.  That's twice in a row she's been only a bridesmaid and never the bride  :=(
Enjoying seeing how the house is coming along.
"Asbestos sounded like a good idea at the time" was wonderfully witty, actually!

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2020, 08:40:43 PM »
Great start on your new story!
Oh Angela strikes again! Or, rather, Lilith strikes out again!
So the Pleasant sisters don't live together?

Love the expanded house with its beige and brown interior.

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #5 on: January 28, 2020, 01:27:12 PM »
Sorry guys, I wanted to like Lilith, but I just couldn't get myself on board with her!

@oshizu Not anymore they don't! I would have brought Lilith in to join the household but I believe the rules say no extras allowed, as long as I am interpreting correctly.

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #6 on: January 29, 2020, 08:12:06 PM »
Gerard and Angela started their lives as newly weds. They're a cute little couple.

They get along well, though they sadly seem a bit disconnected, seeing as Gerard works through the night and Angela continues to take classes during the day. I feel so bad making Gerard hop out of bed in the middle of the night to go to work.

But on the bright side, he's making great progress. He's already made his way to the 8th level of the Oracle branch of the Criminal track--An0nymous Ghost (though the image below shows his uniform for a lower level). In doing so, he's finally making some nice money, too. I haven't taken the time to compare the starting salaries for all of the careers, but that $9 per hour in the first level of the career was awful.

He's reached level 8 of mischief, which I plan to make his unique skill. He's reached his $10k simoleon goal. He's working on making friends--such as this talking toilet at the Honey Pop karaoke bar.

The location goal is nearly finished. Here are some pictures of Gerard at the Romance and Geek Con festivals.

Gerard's adult birthday snuck up on me, so that ended up being a pretty sad affair. He aged up in the Honey Pop bathroom during Geek Con. On the bright side, he did have his trusty toilet friend with him.

Oh, and Angela is pregnant!

When did that happen?


Ah, that's right.

The first (second?) heir decided to make his appearance on Winterfest! Right as Angela was about to put up the decorations! And it's a weekday. Do we still have to go to class if we're having a baby?

"Please stop cheering in my face."

To the hospital!

It's a boy! It seems I have a trend of having male heirs in my dynasties. We had 3 in a row in the Immortal Dynasty without any influencing of gender through eating fruits.

I didn't think of any names ahead of time, so the heir's name is Todd. Looking back, I really should have come up with a more festive name, considering his birth date. Oh well!

(By the way, yes, Angela did have to go to class a couple of hours after giving birth. She's dedicated to her grades, what can I say?)

Also, on a funny note, I had to save and close the game once the family returned from the hospital because Gerard was still running around the house as if he was in a panic, like the father typically does in the hospital. That gave me a laugh. I guess I'll be letting you all know if reloading the game fixes it. :D

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #7 on: January 30, 2020, 08:15:22 AM »
Looks like you're making some great progress!
Too funny abuot the lingering parental panic.  Maybe he's just scared of raising the child as much as he was of the birth  ;=)

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #8 on: February 09, 2020, 07:24:02 PM »
Despite Todd being born during Winterfest, Angela and Gerard still managed to complete their Winterfest festivities. Lilith even got invited over for a grand meal and to visit her new nephew.

And look, Angela got a visit from Father Winter and was gifted a gaming mat! Impressive that he managed to fit it in that little box.

Here's Gerard with the new heir. Thankfully, after a save and reload, he did stop running around the house waving his arms and panicking.

We threw another party--a birthday party for Angela, which happened to land on New Years. A couple of hours into the party, and nobody had arrived, which I thought was strange. Turns out they were all just taking a while to trudge through the blizzard to get there.

The same day (at least I think it was the same day--sorry, I clearly need to take notes while I play!) Todd aged up to a toddler! Todd the Toddler! He picked up the Wild trait. I'm sorry, but the timing of this screenshot killed me, so I had to include it.  ;D Look above toddler Todd! How weird is that!

Here he is in his cold weather clothing. Isn't he a cutie? I've been dying to use the bowl cut on one of my toddlers, especially because all of my boy toddlers tend to look the same.

With Todd and Angela's birthdays, we added a second story on to our humble little house, and a playroom on the first floor for Todd. We almost didn't have enough money, until I remembered all of the family's Winterfest gifts sitting around in the family inventory.  ;D

Clearly some parts of the house still look a little bare. But I think it's really fun to see how the home progresses over time.

What else... Oh! Angela finally graduated with her distinguished degree in art history, with an A- GPA. I didn't get to pay her entire college career of course, but still, not too shabby for my first time at putting a sim through university. She took a few days to herself before joining the Trendsetter track of the Style Influencer career. She was immediately taken into level 7 of the career and quickly got promoted to level 8, Best Self-Helper. ( Angela gained a little weight between giving birth, raising a toddler and going to college.... But wouldn't we all?  ;D )

Todd is such a little charmer, and is good at getting the attention of Gerard and Angela's friends at their frequent parties.

He often travels with Angela and Gerard when they're out around town, because I just adore the little guy! Here he is building a sand castle with his dad at the beach after Gerard finished picking up trash for another odd job.

Actually, make that a sand gnome.

Speaking of Gerard, he has reached level 9 of the Oracle track, Net Demon. I was a little concerned early on in the dynasty, but he's making great progress! I can't remember if I already mentioned it or not, but he also maxed his unique skill, Mischief, as well as completing the Chief of Mischief aspiration.

Soon we had yet another birthday coming up--Todd's! Here's Todd and his mom during the party trying to finish maxing his Thinking skill.....And they pulled it off! Finally, I managed a toddler with all skills maxed!

With that, it's time to blow out the candles.

And here he is! Needs a little help with that outfit though.

Much better!

Todd was too tired to stick around for the rest of the party after aging up. He didn't even finish his slice of cake. I decided to send him to bed for the night and save renovating his room for the morning--until I realized I couldn't get him to sleep because he still had his toddler bed. So we did a quick renovation!

Todd is starting the Whiz Kid aspiration, and picked up the Genius trait.

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #9 on: February 10, 2020, 07:33:58 AM »
Wow!  Graduated Uni and started the career at level 7?  Maybe I need to reconsider getting a degree at uni in my Po10!!
I thought Angela's weight gain meant there was a younger sibling on the way.  I mean, Todd's adorable, so it's a shame not to get more of those Asbestos genetics added to your world  :=)

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #10 on: February 11, 2020, 12:45:22 AM »
Todd is adorable! Well done to Angela and Gerard. You’re moving along so quickly!

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #11 on: February 20, 2020, 06:59:05 PM »
I would like to begin by saying that Gerard has officially completed his requirements! I will update the first post of the thread with the information. He was officially done once he got promoted to level 10 of the Oracle track. Yay!! 1 down, 9 to go! Here is his snowglobe collection for the museum. I think it's more fun to choose what collections and items sound fitting to the character, so I'm not aiming for a high museum value. This one here is worth a whopping 150 simoleons. So now we just have to wait until Todd reaches YA.

The dynasty continues to go smoothly! *knock on wood* Todd finished the Whiz Kid aspiration without much trouble at all. He also maxed the mental and social skills. He even made a BFF!This is Jarred. (Though I don't believe he'll be able to count as one of his final 10 friends for his requirements once he moves out on his own, if I'm understanding the rules correctly.)

This is also my first time getting to play with Parenthood installed--yeah, I know, I'm way behind the game. I bought a whole bunch of packs while everything was 50% off.  ;D It's a cute game pack! I appreciate more content being added for the children in the game.

Also, a new family member is joining the family! @PeregrineTook , I agreed with your comment that we needed a sibling for Todd.

Once again, here's the lovely "I'm a father??? Is that what Try for Baby does?" face.

Here she is! This is baby Jess.

Todd loves his new sister!  ;D

Oh, and Gerard did the parental panic thing again after Angela came home from the hospital. It turns out he just stops on his own after a little bit, so that's nice.

I have a bit of a gap in screenshots here, but the nooboo stage, while adorable, is pretty uneventful. Here's our sweet little Jess aged up to toddler! Such a cute little thing! Another black-haired baby. However, she picked up Angela's bright green eyes, while Todd has Gerard's brown ones.

I had to give her the little hat. I rarely use hats in the Sims because I feel like a lot of them fit on Sims' heads very strangely... But Jess is just too cute in hers.

Anyway, we need some more shots of the heir's childhood. Todd is a charmer as always. He has a knack for getting guests at his father's parties to help him with homework and school projects. (Yes, even the bartender.)

He plays really nicely with his little sister, and she adores him.

Todd's relationship with his parents is great, too. Here's a shot of Gerard reading Todd one of Angela's latest books, "For The Last Time, There Are No Monsters Under Your Bed"--and ode to the annoying "monster under the bed" mechanic, and how I frequently forget to put nightlights in the kids' rooms.

Eventually, the childhood years have to end. At least we still have Jess.  :'(

Yeah, I think that last shot just about sums up the joys of teenagers.

I ended up going with a slightly punk-ish theme for Todd's teen wardrobe. I was going to go for a shorter hair style, but then I kind of decided I liked the one he aged up with, so here we are.

Not long after Todd's birthday, Winterfest came around again.

Last Winterfest, Todd was born. This Winterfest is Jess' birthday! So she got a cute red and green outfit for the holiday. I'm going to miss that chubby little toddler face.  :'(

I forgot to mention, Gerard and Angela got potions of youth recently, (Gerard after he completed his requirements! I didn't see anything in the rules specifying when the potions could be used, but wanted to play it safe. Can anyone confirm if there are rules on that?) so it was a little strange when Lilith came over to join in the Winterfest/birthday festivites with gray hair. Angela gave her a make over to fix that right up. I didn't see anything in the dynasty rules against resetting the age bar for non-household sims, but I decided not to risk it--I also decided I didn't feel like putting the energy into rushing to find a method to do so.  :P

So they all had a nice ham dinner together. (Jess not shown, since she insisted on sitting on the floor with her meal.)

Then they followed it up with the birthday cake! (Which had to be remade, because for whatever reason the first one wouldn't allow anyone to bring Jess to blow out the candles.)

And here she is! The outfit is.......Questionable. And I miss Jess' big wavy hair. We'll fix that shortly.

And with aging up, we get a bedroom makeover!

A successful Winterfest/Birthday combo! Though Gerard wasn't happy the gift he got from under the tree--a foul quality wolf eel. He now lives in a bowl on the kitchen counter. His name is Wolfy, and he certainly is not dead and rotting. Yup, he's totally completely alive after sitting in a box under the tree for two days. Welcome to the family, Wolfy!

On a really weird side note... Can somebody explain to me what is going on here? Somehow there's another Gerard Asbestos in town, and I certainly did not clone him at any point. I'm just going to pretend he isn't there. So weird!

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #12 on: March 01, 2020, 03:45:25 PM »
Everything's going fine in the asbestos household. Despite the occasional rebellious streak, Todd is a pretty easy teenager. Here he is doing the infamous teenager walk. As this is my first time playing the Parenthood pack, this is my first time seeing this walk. It caught me off guard. I love it!

Jess got a new wardrobe, and her hair was brought back to it's thick, wavy beauty. She also joined the Scouts!

As Todd is getting older, we have to start preparing him for the rest of his life. For example, finding a potential future spouse! Todd was on a streak of meeting nothing but teenage boys at school, but during an outing to the Oasis Springs park he met Anastasia Palmer. Seeing as she's the only girl his age we've met so far, I got Todd to talk to her. Turns out she's hot-headed. Yikes.

Todd really did try his best, but she had no time for it. She turned him down harshly when he tried to ask her on a date. Ouch.

Jess' park trip went much better. She managed to catch a tuna nearly as big as she is during her first time fishing...In a pond...In the desert. Truly impressive. That Outdoor Adventurer badge is going to be well-earned.

Almost as soon as he returned home from the park, Todd received a call from Anastasia. She wanted to go on a date, to Chez Llama of all places! We already know she isn't paying the tab. Good thing Angela and Gerard have a really nice flow of income now that they both maxed their career paths.

Though he doesn't require any more parties, Gerard threw a Black and White party for New Years. Todd tried to invite Anastasia over. She said she was coming, but never arrived. Todd invited her twice more, and both times she did the same thing--said she was on the way, and never actually showed up. I think we're all done with Anastasia. At least Todd has his super awesome little sister to dance with.

Days after the New Year's Eve party, we got the notification that Lilith passed away from old age. How sad! No more crazy aunt Lilith.  :'( I sent Gerard and Angela to see if they could retrieve her urn by any chance, but no luck.

Though the future wife hunt hasn't been going well, Todd has been killing it in skill building. I've decided that he's going to go to university when he ages up, so we sent out some applications, and started working on some skills to increase our chances for scholarships. We want that full ride!! Handiness has been a hit for him.

He also played around a little with mixology.

Finally, Todd's birthday arrives.

Here we go! Young adult Todd! And since Gerard's requirements have all been met, he's ready to move out!

I'm going to miss having the family around. I wish I could bring Jess along with us, she's such a cute little thing. Next up, we're sending Todd to university!

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #13 on: March 01, 2020, 04:42:42 PM »
Todd ended up going to Foxbury, going to an advanced degree in Psychology. His goal is to max the education (professor) track. I'm sure Angela is thrilled about that....not.

I didn't take a shot spotlighting Todd's new look, but I gave him short hair again and made his clothing a little less punk-ish--he's out of his teenage punk phase now.  ;D He dresses pretty casually. Nothing crazy. He's staying in the Foxbury dorms. Here's his new home for a while.

This is his roommate, Neelesh Meshram. I believe his major was also psychology, and he's a genius, so he and Todd get along well.

Sometimes he stands a little too close to Todd, but that's okay.

Oh, and the blonde guy is Nobuya Shimizu, a fine arts major. He and Todd became good friends very quickly. Nobuya has a habit of frequently bringing his boyfriends into the dorm.  He a new one every few days. When he isn't with his boy toys, Nobuya can be found playing the guitar on the green.

Todd also met some robots (servos?) on campus. This one here is Mega Steel--one of Todd's two required non-human friends.

I was going to have Todd join the debate team, but that's a Britechester club, so he can't join! Bummer! So he joined the Brainiacs instead. Here he is at a study session at the library with dorm mate, good friend and fellow Braniacs member Siya Savalani.

The first semester was tough, but Todd aced all three of his classes for the semester-- A in one, and A+ in the other two! We're starting to get the hang of the school-leisure balance now. He ended up visiting the Humor and Hijinks festival on a free night, and look who he ran into!

And look! There's our sweet little Jess, aged up to a teenager! And her hair is short and straight again.  :( Oh well. But she's a beautiful girl. She has Gerard's hair, but she resembles her mother a lot in the face.

Look at this sly little grin. She's so cute! I miss her!

Thankfully, Todd gets to meet a LOT of young adult women in college. So Todd invited a few future spouse candidates to the Sunny Side Up diner for brunch. (Oh, and I guess Nobuya felt like he had to come along.)

First we have Lilliana Starks. To be honest, she kind of bores me, but I brought her along. She lives in our dorm, yet for some reason I can't ask her what her major is, and I haven't already unlocked it. Anyway, her traits are Child of the Ocean, Loner, and Materialistic. Meh.

We also brought along our friend Siya. I've had my eye on here. She's pursuing a major in economics. Sadly, it turns out she has the evil trait, and though we could work around it easily, it doesn't feel right setting up good Todd with evil Siya. Perhaps they're better as friends.

And lastly we have Chantel Doty. She's the best out of these three, but I'm not totally sold on her. She's a Britechester student studying biology, and she's ambitious, neat, and vegetarian. Pretty nice traits. She has a cute face and pretty red hair, but she looks familiar...

...Ah, I know why. Because she looks exactly like Leo's wife Cassandra from my Immortal dynasty. Oh well, there a plenty more girls to meet.

Wait, who is that across the room?

It's the Asbestos family again! I'm getting the feeling that they're following us.

Anyway, back to the wife hunt. This is Meilani Kahananui. She's pretty cool--I forget what her major is. Other than having the mean trait, she's alright.

But she does this weird thing where she stands in the stall with Todd while he's using the toilet, so I'm going to have to pass.

Well hold on, who is this? This is Elisa Lackey. She and Todd were quick friends. She's one of the dorm mates' girlfriend, but I'm not sure which. I'm not too concerned about that though. If the other people in the dorm go through partners as quickly as Nobuya does, then we have nothing to worry about.

By the way, as you can see, the freshman fifteen hit Todd pretty hard LOL. He had a slimming potion shortly after, because he has managed to accumulate 10,000 satisfaction points since joining uni. He also had a potion of youth around this time. I was hoping aging might pause while a sim was attending university, although I guess they age during vacations and all too, so it makes sense.

Todd invites Elisa to hang out at the commons a few days later, though she isn't a student. As I suspected, she's single now! But not for long--she and Todd are boyfriend and girlfriend by the end of the night.

I don't have a nice way to transition to these photos, but I really needed to include them. Todd met Lobster Larry during an event at the commons--who is actually Zackery Dorsey under the mask. Todd's been dedicated to his studies, he has to relax sometimes!

Todd's time at Foxbury came to an end eventually--with an A+ GPA! Awesome!! The night before graduation, it's time to celebrate! Todd calls his family, Elisa, and whole bunch of classmates to Narwhal Arms in Windenburg for an Incognito Party. It was at that moment I realized that Todd spent 4 weeks in university and I hadn't yet thrown a single one of his required parties. Grr!! Well, at least this party was great. Todd and Jess both dressed up as maids.

And it turns out that Todd's parents have finally aged up to elders. :( Here's Angela in her mad scientist costume.

And Gerard as a...grim reaper, I think?

Elisa just couldn't handle Todd in that male maid costume. They gave the woohoo closet a quick visit during the party.

It's graduation day! This calls for the simlish version of "School's Out!"

We did it! Todd graduated with a distinguished degree in psychology with honors.

Todd invited Elisa back to his dorm while he gathered his things and prepared to leave. He had something important to give her.

(Please ignore the nude man standing outside--he felt the need to shower in the rain, and just stayed out there naked for hours afterwards. He was out there when Todd left earlier for the graduation ceremony.)

Elisa accepts!

Shortly after, Todd moves out of the dorms and into Newcrest, on to the Rippling Flats lot. He actually made some money during university, so he had slightly more to work with than Gerard did when preparing his new home. It's still pretty sparse, but better than his father's first living situation.

Okay, we need some income. Todd joins the education career, and thanks to his degree he is immediately accepted into level 8 of the professor track as an adjunct professor! Awesome!

Todd is eager really get his life started after spending so much time at university. He invites Elisa over and asks her to move in, and she accepts, bringing an extra $20k with her. Nice! We'll clean up our little house with that money, but before long I hope to tear it all down and build a brand new one.

Thanks for reading! <3

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #14 on: March 05, 2020, 08:49:05 PM »
Things are going well in the 2nd generation household. We were able to do a little more furnishing, and add an enclosed porch/greenhouse type of room for Elisa to care for out-of-season plants.

On a side note, we also had to get rid of the table top tv and replace with a wall-mounted one. For whatever reason, Elisa and Todd would frequently stop in the middle of anything they were doing to go watch it. For example, stopping right in the middle of cooking a meal to leave the kitchen and watch tv. I replaced it with a wall mounted one, however, and didn't have the problem anymore. Has anyone else experienced this?

After his first day of work, Todd was immediately promoted to level 9 of the professor track, Tenured Professor. Nice!

On Todd's first day off, we held the wedding at Central Park in San Myshuno, where Gerard and Angela once married. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side to have a nice outdoor ceremony. It thunder stormed the entire time.

So instead, we brought the wedding arch inside! It was a sweet, relaxed ceremony.

And we had cake this time! But only because I made Elisa bake one to bring ahead of time. I don't trust caterers anymore.

Elisa got to meet the family for the first time at the wedding. Look at that grey hair on Gerard and Angela (in the background). I wish I could keep giving them youth potions to keep them around a little longer.  :'(

Not long after getting home, the newly weds celebrated with a good old fashioned shower woohoo.

And soon after, Elisa had big news for Todd! The third heir is on the way!

Elisa took it easy during her pregnancy. She spent some time sunbathing...


And hanging out at the park with Todd, who only works four days a week, and is able to work from home.

Soon enough, the next heir was ready to make their appearance. Maybe we can have a girl this time!

Nope, it's a boy! Oh well! This is Soren, the third heir.

Todd is a natural caretaker  :)

With Todd at the 9th level of his career, he is very close to completing all of his heir requirements. He just has to get one more promotion, make a collection, have one more emotional whim, and hold a whole bunch of parties. So let's work on that party thing! He called a bunch of family and friends for a dance party at the Discotheque Pan Europe in Windenburg.

During the party, Todd asked for large loans from all of his friends and family. I forget exactly how much he gained, but it was plenty to do a nice house renovation before Soren ages up to toddler.

Tragedy on the dance floor! (Which is not a Panic! At the Disco cover band, it turns out.) Gerard and Angela both died of age at the same time in the middle of the party.

So......That means we don't have to pay those loans back, right?

Todd attempted to plead for his parents' lives when the Grim Reaper arrived. Grim was willing to spare Angela.

However, he refused to bring back Gerard. Rest in peace, Gerard Asbestos.

Upon returning home, I used the money Todd mooched earned at the party to tear down the old house and completely rebuild it. Here we are! I'm not much of a builder, but I'm pretty happy with this one. (Though it definitely needs some landscaping once I get more money to do so!)

As you can see, a lot of the house is very sparsely furnished. We'll work on that! But I ran out of money.  :(

But we do have this super swanky kitchen!

Only a day later, Soren aged up to toddler. Here he is! Another black-haired, dark-eyed heir.

A quick makeover:

Soren is very sad because he found out Angela passed away, for good this time. He found out before I did, as I never got a notification. Rest in peace, Angela Pleasant-Asbestos.

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #15 on: March 16, 2020, 03:40:51 PM »
Soon after Soren aged up to toddler, Elisa had some more news for Todd.

"We have another baby on the way!"

"Seriously? I just started potty-training this one!"

The toddler days were pretty uneventful. Right now we're just working on throwing parties, making Todd's collection, and building Soren's toddler skills. Here are some cute shots I nabbed along the way.

Soon enough, the next child was on the way.

It's another boy! And he appears to have Elisa's skin tone. Meet Denver Asbestos.

This generation of Asbestos soon got to have their first Winterfest as a family. Todd even made a fancy turkey dinner!

And plenty of gifts were exchanged.

And little Denver aged up! Here he is! He looks just like his mother.

Look how cute!

It wasn't long before it was time for Soren to age up. We just barely missed maxing all toddler skills.  >:( Level 4 thinking, 5 for everything else.

And here he is! He looks just like his father. It looks like he got his mother's lips.

It appears that he is not a fan of Todd's friend, Mr. Roboto Sparks.

By the way, Soren picked up the Creative trait. And I gave him longer hair. I need more options for my male sims, particularly children.   :-\

As a birthday/New Year celebration, Todd, Elisa and Soren rented a cabin for a night in Granite Falls. They left Denver with a sitter, seeing as none of the cabins have the accommodations necessary for a toddler. Time for some grilling and chilling.

Oh, and I've finally decided that Todd's collection will consist of workbench furniture and sculptures.

And I'll leave things off here, with the family enjoying the New Years' Eve countdown together on their short vacation.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #16 on: April 05, 2020, 09:31:41 PM »
Hi all! These next couple posts are going to be pretty fast-paced. While I've had plenty of time to play the dynasty while social distancing, I've had no motivation to make actual posts for it. ANYWAY  ;D

Denver is the cutest little toddler. I love him! But I say that about all of my toddlers.  ;D He's a charmer like his brother, and he shares the love with everyone.

Elisa very quickly had some more important news. Baby number three is coming! Todd handled this one a little better than the last two.

Soren's old enough now to be curious about the upcoming addition to the household.

And soon enough came Denver's birthday.

Here he is!

His face is ridiculously similar to Elisa's in the nose and mouth. Here's a comparison. (Although I caught poor Denver while he was blinking)

Soon enough, baby 3 came along. Another boy! Meet Jayce.

And because nooboo days are pretty uneventful, here he is when he aged up to toddler. Cute little thing!

And here comes another birthday! Time for Soren to hit teenage years.

So basically Soren is a carbon copy of his father. He picked up the Loves the Outdoors trait.

I'll continue in another post--this one already has enough going on!

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Re: You may qualify for compensation! - The Asbestos Power of Ten Dynasty
« Reply #17 on: April 05, 2020, 09:47:38 PM »
So we continue with our third heir, Soren, newly aged up to teenager. He does the typical teenage things. Hangs out with friends...

Loves his family, when he isn't going through a phase... (By the way, our girl Jess has aged up to elder :( It's kind of sad to see everyone aging up without Todd and Elisa, but I'm just not quite ready to let them age yet.)

And.....Arranges flowers?

Soren has picked up an interest in gardening and flower-arranging, so he helps out in Elisa's garden to get a head start on skill building.

And now, the first birthday of the post! Jayce aged up to child and picked up the cheerful trait.

He also has a lot of resemblance of his mother.

Speaking of mother... Oh boy. Number four is on the way.

Jess agrees with Todd.  FOUR children? You just KNOW it's going to end up being another boy.

Turns out four may actually be five, because shortly after Elisa announced her pregnancy, Todd got abducted.

And eventually, labor time came again. Todd's used to this routine. He decided to go get a sandwich while he waited. These things take a while. (By the way, he did not end up pregnant, LOL. I was kind of hoping he would! How romantic would it be to have him and Elisa pregnant at the same time?  ;D)

Elisa ended up with a pretty handsome doctor this time around...

"Wait! Wait I'm here!!"

And as I guessed, Boy #4! (I swear this is completely by random chance! No fruit-eating here!) This one's name is Ace.

Look at Soren taking care of his baby brother. :')

With all of the excitement, I forgot that Denver's birthday was coming up. He aged up alone, in his father's collection room (that I have to post a proper picture of and count up the total for...)

And finally... Here is baby Ace, after aging up to todder!