Author Topic: Solution - Paintings vanish from walls (supernatural expansion pack)  (Read 581 times)

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As in description

Im new to the forums and Im doing an Immortal Dynasty Challenge; I've been struggling with bugs the whole playthrough but most frequent is the portraits disappearing when placed onto walls.

After seeing lots of people struggling I wanted to compile a solution thread (can't find original thread)

Here's what worked for me: (save before doing all of these things)

-name painting and "take painting" (from easel) - immediately move from inventory onto a wall to "Frame painting." My framed paintings are less likely to disappear, can be moved into family inventory, then placed safely in off-lot museum

-move painting (if won't go onto wall to frame) into an Alchemy Display storage (supernatural expansion). It should be rendered in the storage, then place visibly on wall!

Things that worked for others (as far as I've seen):

-move lots (should take all invisible items and put them in family storage, but this isn't allowed in Dynasty challenges)

This has been an EXTREMELY time-consuming bug for me to figure out. Please add other fixes when you find them :)

Hope this helps someone else and saves them time!