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My notes on Lifestyle brand
« on: December 21, 2018, 06:44:18 PM »
below are what I have found after extensive testing

for those who need a refresher
build a business based on fame by launching and maintain a personal brand. royalties deposited daily can be a reliable income.

below are my initial notes.

1.royalties are dependent on the combination of target market and product
2. target market are supposed to represent different age groups but terms like mass market tweens and millennials don't help me match  product to audience very well would help if a modder could open the code and clue me in on what these demographics are.
3. royalties stay around for `20 days with minor fluctuations before dipping really low ( as if ~100 simolians was low enough)
4. a perfect match can lead to royalties of ~450 simolians or in other words about as much as a singe bestseller on day 1
5. the whole fame thing talked about above is misleading as i tried to influence simolian gain by having my sim out in the public having his  photo taken inciting cheers and even badly singing all gave fame point gain but it did not translate over to simolian gain for my brand, thus while you have to have 5 star fame to get the perk fame gain does not impact branding sales.

follow ups are needed once it has been determined what all those target audiences are. until then happy simming

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Re: My notes on Lifestyle brand
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2018, 07:01:25 PM »
Thanks for the details @kowism1  I did wonder if the Fame and Personal Branding actually made an impact on each other. So I guess it is based on either having the perk or not and once your sim has the perk that is the Fame component over and the 'big money' comes from having as many perfect matches as possible.
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