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All right, we're going to try this again. Hi! I miss you all. I tried to go back and write posts for my Doran dynasty, but it just wasn't flowing. I'm not willing to cancel it yet, though, so I'm just putting it on hiatus. But I still really want to write a sims story, and actually finish one, so here we go.

By the way, I'm going to try to do this in real time, as far as playing and posting regularly goes, because there's an element here that I'm seriously considering as far as making it interactive! It's going to be written as if Mizuki is writing her own blog on 'the deep web', so if you want to make any 'in character' comments for her to respond to, that would be really cool! The blog will switch writers from generation to generation, too.



Chapter Index
Intro: The Truth Is Out There
Chapter 1: Mission Accepted
Chapter 2: The New Normal

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Re: Conspiracy Uncovered: The Satou Immortal Dynasty
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Intro: The Truth Is Out There

Hello. My name is Mizuki Satou, and Iím here to save the world. That may sound ridiculousóif anyone has even found this to read it, I know here on the deep web itís a bit difficultóbut I swear that itís the truth. Iíve uncovered the hint of a deep rooted conspiracy, one that has plagued us all for generations, and Iím not going to sit by and let it continue. Donít believe me? Well, thatís why Iím doing this. Documenting the whole thing, from beginning to end. Thatís right, the beginning. Iíve only just discovered this, maybe ten minutes ago when I was chatting with someone else here on the deep web. So, youíre here with me every step of the way, if you choose to keep going.

Something dangerous is in Strangerville, and has been for a long time. Theyíve been hiding it from us all. And Iím not only going to uncover the rest of it, Iím going to put a stop to it, once and for all.

Wish me luck.

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Chapter 1: Mission Accepted

I promised to take you with me from beginning to end, and thatís what Iím going to do. I hope you donít mind Iím using my hovercam to take these shots. I know itís experimental technology, but I figured it would be the best way to document everything. Iíll be taking it with me everywhere from now on.

Itís so funny to look back on these, even though I just took these shots. I think this was my last chance to turn around and leave. Thatís the truck that dropped me on this empty lot, there it goes just driving away. Leaving me here with nothing but a couple bucks to rub together.

I bet youíre wondering just what the conspiracy is. So am I. All I got from CT2872, my friend on the deep web, was a warning that something was going down in Strangerville, and a list he found with detailed instructions on how to go about solving this mystery. He disappeared shortly after messaging me what he found, and he hasnít been online since.

Luckily, Iím not alone.

Say hi to Miko, my oldest friend. We grew up in San Myshuno together, playing on the fire escapes since we were children. You probably wouldnít think weíre a good fit for each other. Sheís heavy into the civil rights scene, and sheís a pretty upbeat person. Iím a hacker, and yeah, I can be a little dark sometimes. Iím still a bit of an insider, even though Iím crazy paranoid all the time, so it helps to have Miko get me out on the town and meeting new people. She makes me feel safe.

Anyway, I went to see Miko right after I got to Newcrest. I probably should have stopped by before I left, but it all happened so fast. To tell the truth, I was scared to stay in my apartment any longer. I could have sworn I saw someone lurking in the alley when I was moving out, watching me, and I didnít want to disappear like CT2872 did. So, I moved out.

Explaining the situation to Miko was actually pretty easy, considering I was expecting her to refuse to think it was even possible. But I guess sheís not the type to trust the government either, and as soon as I pulled up the chat logs between me and CT2872 to let her see them, she was a believer.

After that, there was no way she was going to stay out of it. I tried to tell her it would be dangerous. I told her about CT2872ís disappearance and the man I thought was following me. She said it didnít matter, and she wasnít going to take no for an answer.

To tell the truth, Iím glad she moved in with me, even if she did bring her roommates. Not that I have anything against them, but I donít know them. For all I know, theyíre in on the conspiracy, too. Darling seems like someone to watch, in my opinion.

This is the house, by the way. Not sure if itís too relevant, but itís the first house Iíve ever lived in, so I felt like sharing it. Obviously Iím not going to be putting my address on this blog. The deep web might feel safe and secure, but I have no way of knowing whoís reading this. The government might already be on to me, and I canít risk giving away my location. But Itís been one disappointing apartment after another my entire life, so having a real house is kind of cool. Heck, having a family will be cool. I grew up in the foster care system, so I never really knew what that was like.

Bet you thought the life of a conspiracy theorist was exciting, huh? Yeah, yeah, I know you call me a conspiracy theorist. I know you think Iím insane, but Iím not. Itís all real. Anyway, this is Darling. She was one of Mikoís roommates, and now sheís mine, too. Sheís just a teenager, so I went ahead and Ďadoptedí her. Donít think that means Iím not still suspicious of her, though. I just know I need to raise my parenting skill before I start the next generation, and she was happy to get help with her homework. I donít really remember a lot of what theyíre teaching in school these days, so I donít know how much help I was. Ugh, it wasnít even math! Math I can do in my sleep. Canít hack without understanding the code, and canít understand the code without math. Stupid English essays, thatís what she was doing. I always hated that subject.

Oh, how could I forget our other new resident? This is Akira, not sure if youíve heard about him or not. He really likes the garden, I think, or maybe he just wanted some alone time to adjust to everything thatís changed in his life. I hope he likes the garden, I worked really hard on it, actually. Not that I care what he thinks! I mean, I do care, because I care what everyone thinks. Especially when theyíre thinking about meóthis are dangerous times now, and I have to remain vigilant.

Darling had a little difficulty with the chairs, since she isnít used to them, but with a little guidance she was able to find a comfortable position. I really thought about just going down to my lair office to work, but I Akira went to all the trouble of making the first meal that I couldnít really say no to sitting down to eat.

It was kind of sweet that he made dinner, donít you think? I donít know. I shouldnít read too much into it, probably. Itís not like he was doing it for me, or anything. If he was, he was only doing it to butter me up so I wouldnít suspect him. Well. That wonít work on me! Even if his eyes are kind of dreamy.

After dinner, I still didnít go down to work, although I really wanted to study the list CT2872 gave me. But I remembered one of the very important things on my listómy first aspiration! Iím not one to take the easy route, I guess, which is why youíre seeing that cutie running out the door. Yeah, Iím adopting a dog. Two, actually.

This is Yuka. I fell in love with her the moment I picked her up, sheís such a sweetheart. She licked my face and that was it for me, there was no way I was ever going to send her back. Especially because I know what itís like to be waiting for someone to pick you. Waiting to be adopted. I couldnít do that to her.

Rover, on the other hand, is a huge troublemaker. I let Akira pick the other dog, because he got really excited when I mentioned it at dinner. This is Rover, Akira named him, too. And yeah, he immediately started playing in the trash, and then just stared at me when I told him to cut it out. I think Iím going to have my hands full with him. Thatís okay, though. Heís got a goofy smile that melts my heart, and I love him all the same.

All right, I might have to give the guy a few points. Apparently Miko filled him in on whatís happeningóI really wish sheíd asked me first, I donít know who I can trust yetóand so he immediately started learning to cook. When I asked him why, he said he was just trying to do his part to help, that someone would need to know how to cook ambrosia, and he wanted to take a little of the stress off my plate. Thatís, umÖthatís really nice. Iím not sure how to feel about it, to be honest. Is he playing some game here, or is he being sincere? Iíll have to wait and see.

To her credit, Darling is no slouch, either. After dinner, she went straight into the upstairs officeóthe one thatís for everyoneóand got to work learning how to carve. Weíre going to need a lot of camping mascots if we want to expand this house to fit eight generations anytime soon. I think she might have heard me talking about being suspicious of her to Miko, because she seemed really eager to start helping. I donít know. Maybe she just likes me, since I helped her with her homeworkÖno, that canít be it. Sheís working an angle here, Iím sure of it, I just canít figure out what it is yet.

Miko is, of course, the only one I really trust in the house. Sheís really on top of things, and has jumped in head on, with no hesitation. I knew she was a ride or die friend, but I donít think I really understood exactly what that meant. Itís not just any friend that would try to save the world with you, especially when she already knows she wonít be around to see the end of this.

See? Sheís even learning how to paint, just because I made an offhand comment about wanting to have portraits made of every generation, even though it doesnít actually matter. Itís not like itís a rule or anything. I just thought itíd be a nice touch, to document everything in one place with our collections. I really am so grateful for Miko. Sheís amazing.

Remember Rover being a bit of trouble? Yeah, well, he got sick really fast, without even fighting a squirrel or anything.

Donít think Iím a jerk for eating after that, itís not like I sat down to breakfast after I found out. I was already eating when I saw him moping about, and I stopped immediately. He may be Akiraís dog, but Iím not going to let anything bad happen to him.

So, we headed to the vet clinic immediately that morning. Heís moving a little slow, poor thing, but the vet was sweet enough to walk him into the building. Is that sweet, or is that suspicious? I canít tell a lot of the time, to tell the truth.

I was a little worried when Rover got up on the table. The vet didnít take too well to my hovercam being in the room, and she tried to make me turn it off. I refused, of course, so donít worry about that. I told her that if she wasnít comfortable being documented while she worked on Rover, then I wasnít comfortable having her work on him! I told you she was suspicious. She grumbled a lot, but she finally gave in, and we were able to focus on Rover again. Poor boy, I hate to think of what he was going through while we were just standing there arguing about the hovercam.

After we finished with Rover, I decided to go to the park across the street to meet some animals and get to work on my aspiration. Iím going to need to be friends with quite a lot of them by the end of this thing, so I thought it was important to get a head start on that. This guy was really sweet, right up until he disappeared just before we were about to become friends! Thatís pretty rude, if you ask me. At least I donít have to be suspicious of animals, though. Well, maybe cats. They always seem to be up to something.

Just so you know, I am not a stalker. You might have noticed there are some shots without me in them, but thatís just for the sake of total documentation. Akira, Miko, and Darling are a part of this now, which means their stories are a part of it, too. I have cams set up in the house so we wonít miss even the smallest strange occurrence.

Yeah, okay, this isnít strange. Except! Akira and Darling are both being really nice, and Iíve mentioned Iím suspicious of both of them, so itís entirely plausible theyíre in on something together. Or Akira was just being nice and helping Darling with her homework. I donít know, seems fishy to me.

I told you someone was following me. The cams didnít get a good look at his face, but what are the chances someone would show up dressed all in black and peer through the windows without saying a word? No way. Iím sorry, but I donít buy that.

As soon as he was gone, I popped out into the observatory to get some stargazing in. I donít know how far this conspiracy goes. I donít know if aliens are involved. It might just be the government working on this, but I think I have to keep tabs on everything. I could swear Iíve seen an alien before, but I havenít confirmed anything yet. You can bet Iím going to build a rocket to find out, though. No stone will go unturned so long as Iím on the case.

Well, Iím going to sign off for now. Cross your fingers for meóI donít want to disappear.

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Having a paranoid founder might be fun! Hope she has a nice basement to hide in, and I think the dogs are a good idea. No one can be paranoid about a dog (except maybe big dogs that live down the street from you and bark whenever you approach).
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Having a paranoid founder might be fun! Hope she has a nice basement to hide in, and I think the dogs are a good idea. No one can be paranoid about a dog (except maybe big dogs that live down the street from you and bark whenever you approach).

It's a ton of fun so far! Maybe just because I love playing with new traits, and I also love basements, so I can get a passive happy moodlet all the time since I keep her in the basement, haha.

Chapter 2: The New Normal

Where were we? Ah, right, the night our scary visitor came by. Donít worry, he didnít get in, and he didnít come back. Iíll have to look into that and find out what he was doing here. I didnít catch a whiff of anything exciting in the observatory, so I came in to give Yuka some love and check in with Miko.

Sheís really great. I couldnít ask for a better friend. Sheís been painting up a storm, and has even become a minor celebrity! I was shocked, but apparently sheís really found her calling with painting. She keeps talking about how sheís evoking feelings in others through this new medium and really making a difference. People are paying attention to what she has to say now, which is really cool.

We have to be careful, though. Too much attention could be a bad thing.

Darling has kept her nose to the grindstone even still. I told her she could take a break, but she doesnít seem to want to. All she does is her homework, go to school, and woodwork. Iíd feel sorry for her if it wasnít what sheíd chosen to do. Sheís a bit quiet, but what little she has said has been in relation to the cause. She wants to do everything she can to help take down this conspiracy Iím working on.

At least, thatís what she says. Iím not sure I trust her stillÖ

The next day, I finally dragged myself out of the house to go meet some people. See, Iím trying to complete Friend of the World as fast as I can so I can buy connectionsóitís not my aspiration, but it is a free one, and itís much faster than the two I have. What can I say, though? I love dogs, I love learning and new experiences, so the two Iíve got are good picks for me.

Youíd be surprised by what a paparazzi has to say. No one really talks to them, for one, so theyíre really easy to get going. For two, apparently this woman has heard about people actingÖwell, strangely, in Strangerville. She said they walk really weird and they talk funny, but that was all she knew.

Itís enough, for now. Iím going to have to do some more digging into this. One of my tasks is to put a temporary stop to the activity in Strangerville, so at least Iíve got a head start on finding out what I need to be doing.[/i]

After the paparazzi, I met these twoÖguys. Theyíre weird, but so am I? I donít know. It could be the makings of a good friendship, but I swear I saw them whispering on my way out, and I donít know what about. They think weíre friends, anyway, but I donít trust them.

I donít trust anyone, not really. Except for Miko.

Lucky girl, isnít she? Getting kisses from Rover. Iím a little jealous, Iíll admit it. I was gone from the house all day and I came back to find them piled on top of her, giving her all the affection that should rightly be mine. Iím just kidding, thereís plenty to share, but still. Iím their dog mom, arenít I? Show some loyalty.

Oh, Yukaís in heat, too. Sheís been bouncing around the house, exuding hearts literally everywhere, and she wonít leave Rover alone for two seconds, I swear. But no puppies in this house, no matter how heartbreaking it is to tell her no when she makes that sweet face. I could have sworn she was spayed, but I guess Iíll have to take her back to the vet and find out there.

Yeah, so, this was awkward. I stumbled into the kitchen for a midnight snack to find Akira cooking. Heís been working really hard to max cooking and gourmet cooking, and he was really sweet and offered to make me something since I was up and hungry.

ÖI grabbed some chips and ran back down to the basement, which is all mine, by the way. No one else is allowed down there, so I think he might have called after me, but Iím not sure because I was almost in my office by the time I heard anything. And I was too chicken to come back and find out.

Donít laugh at me. I donít hang out with a lot of cute guys, so Iím not used to it. Iím sure in a few days Iíll have forgotten all about his dreamy eyes and can focus on whatís important again. For now, I think Iím just going to avoid him.

I headed back out on the town after my snack to make some more friends, and boy did I regret that at first. I think this girl knows something, or knows someone who knows something. She was staring at me very strangely and asked a lot of questions about me being Ďnewíówe were in San Myshuno, I am not new thereóand where I was staying and what I was doing. I mean, I guess those could be regular questions a person asks when theyíre trying to make a friend, but doesnít it seem a little suspicious?

I got a bad vibe off her, though, so I got the heck out of there!

Eliza is my kind of girl, though. I maxed charisma while I was talking to her, so that was really cool, and she didnít mind listening to me talk about computers for hours. I think sheís just a bit of a social butterfly and likes to be included in things? Iím not sure. She was very nice, and I didnít feel like there was anything off about her. Iíll put her on the guest list for my partyís, anyway, and see how that goes.

Oh come on, you saw this coming, right? Miko and I were really already best friends, we just made it official. Really, there was no other choice for who to be my best friend. I mean, she moved out of her apartment to come live with me in Newcrest and try to solve a master mind conspiracy theory. She isnít your average, run of the mill friend, and I wonít hear another word about it. I love that girl.

Yawn, am I right? Math may be a favorite of mine, but chess is decidedly not. Thereís not enough control in the game for me, thereís just a bit too much left up to chance. Iíd much rather be out in the conservatory to build my logic, because Iíll need it for my requirements, but it was so cold out there that there was no way I wouldnít freeze myself to death if I went out. Oh, hey, you can see a little more of my office, too! Donít mind all the loose papers scattered about, thoseÖare not important. Yeah. Moving on.

Miko continues to amaze me. Even though she was feeling really bad, she still took the time to give Rover a bath. Did I tell you he ran away? It was awful. Iím trying to make sure to give him a solid hour of attention every day from now on, so he doesnít feel neglected. He really is a sweet boy, even if he is constantly getting into trouble.[/i]

Okay, I couldnít help but snatch this image once I saw it on the hovercamís hard drive. Isnít he just ridiculous? Building a snowman, of all things. Heís been working so hard, cooking all day long, that he needed to take a little break. I just think itís kind of cute.

In a totally platonic way, of course.

And at last, I stroll purposefully into my basement office to get some work done. Phew, I feel like I havenít been able to sit down and really dig into this conspiracy yet. Things have been so hectic, trying to get this list of things done. I need to take another look at the list, too, and make sure Iím doing everything right.

Sorry, I canít show you my screen for this. Iíll give you the low down on what I dug up, but that kind of window isnít exactly supposed to be public knowledge. I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out who I really am, and you might have noticed I havenít posted my normal handle on here. Thatís because Iím using a throwaway account to post this.

Anyway, so hereís what I found out. It took a lot of digging for not much of a payoff, mostly I just confirmed what the paparazzi lady told me. Some people have caught videos of the people walking around in Strangerville, and I donít know what to call them other than zombies. I mean, theyíre probably not zombiesÖbut government experiments and freaky people? Sounds like zombies to me.

I donít know how Iím going to take down an infection like that all on my own. Well, I guess I wonít be on my own. I will for the first part, though. When I first walk into Strangerville, Iíll be entirely alone.

All right, maybe I was wrong about Darling. We had a nice chat while she was working on her homework, about everything thatís going on. Apparently sheís felt a little adrift lately, as sheís only just a teenager and starting to figure out who she really is, and sheís been lacking a purpose. I guess thisÖwhatever you want to call it, itís giving her a purpose. I understand that. Itís how I got into hacking in the first place.

Akira maxed cooking and gourmet cooking, of course. The guyís really awesome, as much as I want to try and find a fault with him. Heís great with the dogs, he helps Darling out with her homework all the time, and according to Miko heís a great person to talk to. I wouldnít really know, because like I said, Iíve been avoiding him.

Well, mostly avoiding him. Weíll get to that in a minute.

This is what really broke me lately. This is the moment where I discovered that Yuka canít be my companion. I justÖweíre absolutely mad for each other, the best owner and dog pair you could ever find, but the option isnít there at all. I hadnít been able to tell her to stop doing things like drinking puddles or barking before, but I justÖI tried to ignore it, you know? I couldnít ignore this, though. Iím going to try and find a way to fix this, but Iím scared Yuka will never be my companion.

Rover does know how to make me feel better. Heh. He became my companion no problem at all. And yep, you can see Yuka lapping at the puddles even now. Roverís learning what not to do really well, he doesnít always listen the first time but heís getting it when Iím patient and work with him on it. Heís a sweet boy, he really is.

Right, so, avoiding Akira. It didnít go as well as I planned. He caught me coming out of the kitchen, I donít know if he was waiting for me or not, but he said we needed to talk. Sounds scary, right? I about panicked on the spot, and I really did look at the doors for a second to see if there was an escape available. I tell you, the thoughts running through my head just thenÖwell, they sounded paranoid even to me, so that should tell you something.

The gist of it is, basically he was worried I was uncomfortable with him in the house. I couldnít tell him his dreamy eyes were making it difficult for me to focus on the task at hand, though, so I said everything was fine. I donít think he believed meÖand the look he gave me was anything but innocent at the end of the night, when I got up to leave.

Oh, dear. Iím going to have to watch myself carefully. I mean, yeah, I need to bring in the next generation, and Akira definitely is a great guy with good looks, and he already knows about the conspiracy and is ready and able to help.

Um. Thatís a lot of pros, and I canít remember a single con. Help, I might be falling for a really good guy! This is going to end badly, I just know it.

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Quote from: TheD3m33z
OK, here is the pro: You like him. A lot, and it's really cute.
The con: To love is to accept that one day your heart will be broken, that kinda sucks.
The additional con: To love is to have a way that they can get to you.
Addition pro: humanity needs to be ready to repopulate itself when it all goes down.

I spent way too long thinking about a fake username for myself. This is a fun start! (We all see that beret and think "yeah, Miko should paint," don't we?)

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Iím not sure if youíre still playing this dynasty as itís been a while since an update, but I hope you are as I really enjoyed reading what youíve done so far. I really like the format of the founder making a blog, and sheís a really fun character.

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Me too!  You're a really good writer and I'm enjoying the story very much.  Hope it carries on.
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Aw, thank you for your comments, it means a lot to me <3 I'm currently dealing with some medical issues, but hopefully I'll be able to jump back into this soon!