Author Topic: Maxis Monthly Live Stream April 2019 Freelancer Career  (Read 415 times)

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Maxis Monthly Live Stream April 2019 Freelancer Career
« on: April 09, 2019, 03:00:00 AM »
Here's the tweet from SimGuruLyndsay and the link to the sims twitch channel is embedded in her tweet below:

"Join us for our April Maxis Monthly tomorrow, April 9th at 11 AM PT to chat about The Sims! … We will show off some new goodies coming in a patch this month and sharing some details about the next few months in The Sims 4. Hope to see you there!"

We know from SimGuruNick that there are a lot of bug fixes coming in the next patch too.

"I’ve been doing TS4 QA LiveOps since pre-Base Game, and I can honestly say this upcoming patch is our biggest bug-fixing-patch in recent memory. So many top issues are fixed. @SimGuruMrE and his team fixed so many things, it’s unreal. If you’re into bug fixes, get psyched!"

Replay link to live stream:

Carl has a summary video:

EA's Blog Post:

Note: This post has been locked as it's for informational purposes.
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