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Re: An Apocalypse - Story Notes
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Thanks! I don't remember how long I've worked on this family. I just found them and decided to continue it. You can take as long or as short a time as you want. It just depends on how much you want to do it. I have some glitches (totally locking and freezing up) and decided to take a little break from that. I'm trying to build another house for them on a different property. If that doesn't work, I'll have to move them to another town. I did clear Naturalist though. Once you get used to this it's not really that bad, but if you don't have medical lifted right away, get used to smelly, dirty sims, lol. Also, you can't send teens to school until Education is lifted. Until you have Military and Journalism lifted, you have to roll for the jobs. The easy way doing that is on the blog (she has them listed 3 at a time and you can choose which one you want from the three that the die roll gives you). For an extra challenge, I usually list the careers individually and take whatever the die gives me. Fortunately, there are alternative methods of lifting the restrictions. I really love the resort method of lifting Politics b/c I hate charisma skilling for the political careers and I also don't like the fund raiser parties required. The easiest start of this challenge is doing the university first and then the apocalypse hits just before y our sim leaves college. In the mean time at college, you can wrack up as much money as you want so you can build and fit your house out w/everything you need. After you're done, you have to reduce the money and then the mob  takes everything once a week. When you first start the challenge, you have to keep the rules in the background and go back and forth between the game and the rules. Marian on this site has a version of this called Restoring Similisation. It's a bit easier than this version.