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My first Graduation/Job
« on: November 19, 2019, 03:19:24 PM »
A few unusual things happened during my sim's school term. I joined a dorm which had 2 pre-made sims and they became part of my household. I wanted to move to a different dorm, but I botched the move and transfer and ended up with no money. On the following Monday, I was hit with 3111 simoleon bill. I managed to pay it off, but money was tight for the next 2 weeks.

Graduation day is similar to how it worked in Sims 3. You get the notice you are graduating. Eventually, you are prompted to go to the sports stadium for the ceremony. You go into a rabbit hole and come out with a portrait. It is only later in the day that you actually receive your diploma. At the end of the day, you are finally prompted to move out. There were a few moments where I wondered, "what the heck do I do now". I wish it was better explained because I remember that things were buggy during Sims 3 graduations. Just relax and enjoy the last day because you will eventually get your degree.

One cautionary note. I chose the new aspiration - Academic. My last task was to get a job using my degree. That aspiration has to be active in order to get credit for that. The first time I accepted a job, another apiration was active and I didn't get credit for it. Fortunately I had saved my game and I was able to replay that sequence. But that is one you really don't want to miss, unless you like changing jobs.

As I noted earlier, I didn't have much money at the end. You have to move out when your term is up, so my only option was to move to an empty lot and rough it for a while. This was cushioned when the game gave me 2 of every reward from the Scientist career, plus a couple of rewards that I am not sure why they were in my inventory. But it was still less that what I needed for even the cheapest house. And while I started out at level 7 of the Scientist career, I still need a bunch of breakthroughs before a lot of the serums and inventions are available. So there is still work to do even after you graduate.

While it's nice to get the career boost and I had several skills at high levels (Handiness and Research at 7, Robotics and Rocket Science at 6), I was already an Adult when I graduated. While I enjoyed the University aspect, I'm not sure it gets you a lot farther ahead than just pursuing a job track from the beginning.

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Re: My first Graduation/Job
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2019, 07:07:23 PM »
There are three Maxis made sims in two of the Uni lots so if you move your sim into those the Maxis sims will be come part of your household. When that happens you can enable 'testingcheats on' then shift click the sims and choose "remove from household". Those pre-placed sims are there, according to the devs, for people who just want to dive in and play. Personally I think this is a terrible idea as so many people are finding the sudden inclusion of strange sims into their household a problem.

**Edited to add, my sims were also hit with a bill. One for $6782, luckily one of my sims was a painter and so had been slowly accumulating wealth over the last 2 semesters with selling paintings, but it's really confusing as I had though that the student loan or just paying uni fees at the start of each semester covered the cost of staying in dorms. Very confusing about that aspect of the pack. Not sure if it is a bug as it occurred just after I loaded into my game after the last exams had been taken in semester 3 so technically my sims had completed their degrees but due to how the term works still had 2 days to go to classes despite having no school work to do. tbh the entire last semester was very buggy and weird.

***Double Edit: Dorms bills Bug Report:
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